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  1. K-lite mega codec pack

    use the /saveinf=filename and /loadinf=filename to disable the progs you don't want and wmp classis, download it seperatly and do the same to the installer just a guess..
  2. Overnet Silent Install

    no-one in a right mind would put a switch in an installer that blocks something that they make profit on... try overnet lite
  3. Universal Silent Switch Finder 0.1

    Cheers this will save me a lot of time...
  4. the switch is /s, only looking for a way to include all serials... there are 6 serials needed (one for the program itself and 5 for various plugins)
  5. abbyy fine reader

    I'm wondering about this one, it says I'm not using the right switches, then suggests /s for silent install, but that one brings up the same screen I figure I need to edit the setup.ini but I'm not sure how, any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Terra edit: Oh right I've got version 7 edit2: solved this one, first extract the files then use the msi file with a /qn switch
  6. news bin pro?

    now thats a usefull tool, thanks for the help, I hope it works...
  7. news bin pro?

    sorry to start off by requesting an application switch anyways I'm looking for unattended install switch for NewsBin pro 4.31, I'm completely clueless on how to figure out the unattended switches, so any help on that would be greatly appreciated too. thanks in advance, Terra
  8. hello

    got here thanks to a dutch magazine I struggling to create a personal xp boot cd with some tools on it.. looks like a great site