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  1. Hey all, pichi is the guy that I have been talking with over the last few weeks. I would say he is now the main guy on this. He has successfully unlocked his drive from BUSY mode and is now doing most of the research on the commands. Thanks, G
  2. You may need to go to Schmartboard's website to see if they distribute down under. http://www.schmartboard.com/index.asp?page...region&dr=5
  3. Just to be clear here, we don't have a full solution yet. We are 1/2 way I would say. Anyways; here is your start for what you need to connect to the drive. Here is the method that I used, which is the easier method. You need: 1 DB9 Serial cable (1 Male/1 Female ends) 1 Schmartboard Populated RS-232 Adapter Available here: http://shop1.frys.com/product/4717389 (I found mine at a local electronics shop) 1 bag of SchmartBoard 920-0005-01 3" Jumpers Available here: http://shop1.frys.com/product/4717419 (I also found these at my local electronic supply shop) 1 Torx T6x2-1/2 screw driver (torx screw size for the PCB board) The tricky part is getting 5V's to the RS-232 module. I accomplished this by rigging it up from a regular power supply adapter molex connector. The red wire is 5Volts and I used the black wire beside the red for a ground to the Schmartboard. As you can see on the RS-232 Module - there are 6 clearly labeled pins in the upper right. We only need 4. (3 technically, but I prefer to use a ground). You need to connect the jumper wires from the Schmartboard: RD--->TX of the drive TD--->RX of the drive At this point you can power the drive up. This is what it looks like hooked up:
  4. Don't worry all, I am still around. Working on some pics/instructions today. I just PM'ed everyone that messaged me on the Seagate site and told them to come here. G

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