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  1. I've confirmed that b2e.dll is, in fact, created in the Temp folder during install if WinPE Builder.
  2. Under AVG Free v8, the install of WinPE Builder errors out and AVG then detects the B2e.dll file in the Temp folder as TrojanHorse BackDoor.SmallX.VX
  3. Woohoo! Nailed it. My settings in Windows were correct, but my settings in Nero Burning ROM were off. After that tip-off from cdob and a little experimentation, I figured out that I had to set Nero to burn in the ISO 9660+Joliet "File System" and the ASCII "Character set (ISO)" on Nero's "ISO" tab. Otherwise, either the dollar signs in the $OEM$ directory name were changed to underscores, the spaces in file/directory names were changed to underscores, or the Joliet file system was omitted completely. It works now and works well. And it wasn't Microsoft's fault...shocking! So cdob, thank you ve
  4. Interestingly, I just tested a number of Nero configurations for CDs containing folder names with dollar signs ("$") and filenames with spaces. At the root of the CD I used a file called Office 2003 Updates.txt. I then created an $OEM$ folder and added the same file. Here's my results: These tests were conducted on Nero Burning ROM version Data Mode was set on Mode 1 for all tests. File Name Length (ISO) was always set on Max. of 31 chars (Level 2) when the box was ungreyed. Any ungreyed "Relax Restrictions" checkboxes were checked. File System: ISO 9660 only Character Set
  5. To cdob, To make the CD I used the following steps: I used ISOBuster to extract the Microsoft Corporation.img file. I then used Nero Burning Rom version with the following settings to burn the XP files to a CD: On the Boot tab of Nero Burning ROM: -"Image File" is pointed to the Microsoft Corporation.img file -Under Expert Settings, Emulation is set to No Emulation, Load Segement of Sectors is set to 07C0, and Number of Loaded Sectors is set to 4 On the ISO tab of Nero Burning ROM: -Data Mode is set to Mode 1 -File System is set to ISO 9660: 1999 since this is the only one that woul
  6. nLite adds a lot more than what you're showing. I used CDCheck to do a comparison between the XP source files and XP with the slipstreamed nLite driver; nLite changed a whole host of source files as well as installing a custom executable helper file. Microsoft's method is simple, but unfortunately it's also broken (as usual). I guess at this point I shouldn't really be surprised by that, coming from Microsoft and all. These machines are being loaded for government certification and compliance. I can't let any non-official Microsoft process run on them, especially one I'm not aware of and ca
  7. Will look tonight when I get home and report back.
  8. Actually, my method is the Microsoft prescribed method (see Microsoft's Deploy.chm) and is the simplest of all the methods described on these boards. The reason I don't want to use nLite is that this is a business build that I will be 100% responsible for and I need to know all the changes made to the installation folders; nLite makes undocumented changes which I can't have with such an important build.
  9. I was hoping someone on this board could help me with slipstreaming Intel's latest Matrix Storage driver into an unattended XP install CD. I am looking to slipstream the files as TEXTMODE drivers, which should make the task easier. Unfortunately, all efforts to do this so far have resulted in failure. First, before I tried anything, I slipstreamed SP3 into XP, copied my WINNT.SIF file to the I386 directory of the CD, and created a bootable XP unattended install disk that works like a charm. So I know the basic disk works. Second, I modified this base XP install CD as such: -At the root of t
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