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  1. does someone know a good win32 file viewer in wich i can view files lie "logonui.exe" thank you CyberPro
  2. i downloaded xp mce sp3 oem edited d appearance to windows 7 edited shell32.dll nd many more... ----------------------------------------------- also tell me how to integrate windows se7en features to unattended xp...
  3. i made customized xp named "CyberXP Ultimate" but when installing it gets stuck when 13 mins are left.. and i also want to add windows 7 features to it like circle dock and the new calculator & notepad pls help..
  4. yea it is warez.. it is the oem version..
  5. i downloaded a fresh copy of xp mce sp3 [july 2008] still getting the same error...
  6. i have 9 versions of xp in 1 cd i tried to extract MCE directly from it and got this error
  7. this is the error nLite gives me when i try to extract Windows XP MC 2005 please help..
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