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  1. Please, the switches to install Nero Lite completely silent in spanish for WPI?, not to integrate with nLite. thanks
  2. hello, nero micro does the executable is 48.61 mb, but all that weighs installed? Thank you
  3. I also I give up, the installer works well if I install it manually, but in the WPI is not working properly After extraction the bar reaches 100% and closed the window installer WPI without knowing whether the program is installed and I do not understand why. Thanks for your time and your tools x-Shadow-x Greetings.
  4. Thank you, I will try again tomorrow and tell you how I was. greetings
  5. I get error in the installation, I think it is to remove the language, maybe it's because my English is not good and I do not follow instructions properly. if anyone I can do it only with nero burning and nero express in Spanish I appreciate it. greetings and thanks aranmalo
  6. I removed all except nero burning and Express. Also, i removed all languages except spanish, according to instructions of the first post, but the folder is 402 MB. Why?. I want a nero Lite spanish very small, same like x-Shadow-x but I did not do it. I keep the instructions but does not go out, any suggestions? thanks
  7. the Update the new Fixed NAR-LR. and the new instructions ,this is in the first post?
  8. as is used the NAR Language Remover? because d'nont delete the languages.

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