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  1. i can nicely say that removing Error Reporting service does NOT break install

    as post #1 says

    This list is old plz reference either my guide or dead0s guide as well both are very informative and up to date for the RTM version of windows 7 thank you :)

  2. Dead0 hi! Can you explain how to reduze the size install.wim in 565mb??? I try your last session and dwm.zip, but my install.wim size is 890 mb. Why? I don´t understand what i delete in temp winsxs to reduze space.


    Sorry for my poor english

    This thread is kinda closed but i was wondering the same thing dead0 !?! :thumbup

    if you try my latest x86 batch file in the other thread, you should be able to get the install wim to around 505mb! :P

    Which one specifically for x86 you have a few. Do you have one for 64 bit what size did you get the install.wim for that?

  3. hmmmm....just got my x86 b7260 install.wim down to 565mb?

    oops looks like i may have to keep manual install?

    Dead0 hi! Can you explain how to reduze the size install.wim in 565mb??? I try your last session and dwm.zip, but my install.wim size is 890 mb. Why? I don´t understand what i delete in temp winsxs to reduze space.


    Sorry for my poor english

    This thread is kinda closed but i was wondering the same thing dead0 !?! :thumbup

  4. I'm on Win7. I installed windows installation kit , but when I first ran vLite it didn't ask about the windows installation kit at all. Do I have to configure it somehow?

    Make sure you are using the Vista SP1 Server 2008 AIK and not the Windows 7 AIK. Yes when you initially run vLite for the first time it should try to install the WIM filter for you.

  5. one question:

    i used win7elite64.ini , one problem is that i can't turn on windows firewall. Which tweak relates to it? can somebody help me plz, thanks for much!

    make sure the base filtering engine service is set to automatic and start it if its not then try starting firewall :thumbup

  6. @Junior2613: if you already have a mount and get errors on the package-removal, I suggest you test again and let the removal batch do the mount

    @liquid0624: system32 is for the 64-bit files, SysWOW64 for the 32-bit files (open up a file in notepad and look for processor Architecture).

    My bad jeronimo i believe you are right on this not finding processor Architecture in that encrypted mess but looking at the size of browcli.dll in System32 is 57KB and the size of it in SysWOW64 is 40.5KB meaning the 64-bit versions are in System32 b/c the size of a 64-bit dll is always bigger nice work never new this though it was the other way around ;) great work once again my friend :thumbup I still don't know how you are getting you install.wim down to 800 MB though lowest i can get mine removing all packages you do and cleanup all the files you do as well except for the .net stuff i just removed the .net 3 package and i can only get mine to 1.15gb install.wim and a even 1.30gb for my ISO size.

  7. I think there are few problems in removal64.bat (I tried this one only),

    1. One can't go beyond the line in batch file

    start "WIM-prompt" cmd

    goto exit

    2. After copying imagex.etc and the saus*.ini, there is again redirection to exit

    I haven't gone beyond these lines.

    Thanks for pointing that out. I really haven't tested the x64 be because I'm writing this from my iPod. On top of that the only computer I have access to at the time I made that guide is a 800mhz intel celerom box running nLited XP on it! Guys, mod the batch files and the guide as much as you want and then upload it! It's for all of us to tweak!

  8. copy "%mount%\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll" "%mount%\Windows\system32"

    Hey Jeronimo was looking of your internet explorer removal BTW whole batch file is very nice like it lots any ways in this line why are you copying the 64-bit version of that dll into a 32-bit system Dir?

  9. ===== Post Nº1 =====


    GImageX and vLite = image 3 (Home Premium)

    Removal of IE DISM returns the error, these 2 packages:

    Microsoft-Windows-IE - Troubleshooters-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385

    Microsoft-Windows - InternetExplorer-Optional-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385

    Do not remove the IE ... :no:

    Or you manually delete after the copy of ieproxy.dll (liquid0624's cleanup)?

    Anyway what you do with the IE?

    ... netfx2 intact & no errors in event viewer ...

    Thanks for the information :lol: dead0, was tested 2 times with total of removal .Net also without success ... :angel

    I recommend leaving internet explorer at this time but the problem is u need the IE version number to remove the optional one not sure about the other for example you have this after the package name (~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385) when it should be (Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~8.0.7600.16385) that is probably why you are getting errors ;)

    ===== Post Nº2 =====

    Thank you, LIQUID0624 !!!! I've maked my first image iso that W7 64 fallowing your presets! Thank you very match!!

    You are quite welcome new stuff to come by the end of this weekend just gotta run some more tests but i am getting there.

  10. I also will be making a new thread and posting a guide oh how to use some tools that i have put together to remove packages using dism and cleanup files and folders by using waik tools. Then using vlite to minimize your install based on 3 versions i have put together. More on this later still testing a few things but almost ready to release these tools. Sausage Hack if you want to talk to me sign onto aim and i will look for you :thumbup

  11. Never mind about that problem... integrated some TCPIP patch, threw off the internet connection ability!

    Got my x64 image to about 950 Mb, can't wait to set up the RTM for real on my laptop. Is there any way to register ieproxy.dll pre-install? It may be possible to make a batch to do it, then use Windows 7 Toolkit to mount the registry so you can add it to RunOnce, anyone tried that?

    How did u get your image to 950mb did you use jeronimos batch and preset ?

  12. I am trying to integrate language pack into w7 professional and vLite gives me "files missing, integration aborted" message. What's going on? I thought the lp.cab was enough!

    You should ask Jeronimo that one is the language integration expert around here ;)

  13. Anyone any idea what is breaking the Media Center?

    When I start Media Center I get some disk activity then it stops and nothing ever loads. No errors in event log, no popups, nothing at all. Anyone has any idea what might break Media Center?

    I kept all dependancies vLite wants to keep for Media Center and Media Player, I've tried runnign eshell.exe from the command prompt, which also gives no errors. No services have been disabled or edited from the default. When I use this preset with Vista it works fine. Media Center must have some extra dependancies...

    The only things media center needs is TV Tuner Support and SQM to run properly :) It does not need remote assistance or ssdp and upnp services. How ever it does require the other dependencies if there is any can't think of them of the top of my head but i hope that helps you out Blerk. I had to figure this one out the hard way hope this simplifies your issue for you

  14. @Something Corporate: I only had this once when I used my external HD and it got disconnected along the proces, not sure what else can cause it. You are running it on a clean image, no vLite used on it yet to remove components?

    It's all running on internal hard drives, clean extraction.

    I guess I'll just have to remove gadgets in Vlite, but I know that still leaves the shortcut on the context menu...

    It's only those 3 packages, everything else works fine. They all stop at 85.7%

    7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_client_en-us_OEM_Ultimate-GRMCULXFREO_EN_DVD is the image.

    Get a RETAIL image u are using a OEM image the packages might be different. Make sure you verify the HASH values using hash tab.

  15. All three of those things are included. I misread Blackviper... I thought it might have had something to do with my internet.

    I misread Blackviper...? Please attach your preset to the post don't be a fool like the others :wacko:

  16. I've installed it 'for real' over a dozen times. It always joins the network immediately no matter what. Using your ultra preset it actually installs 10-15 minutes faster than with fewer things removed... I haven't figured out what speeds it up so much yet.

    I'm going to try it again putting Remote Access Auto Connection Manager back in.

    I highly doubt its that its most likely QoS or the LLTD and also don't remove file and print sharing

  17. I have installed several successful builds on VMWare last night and today and I thought I had a winner...

    ...but it still hangs on network connection when actually installed.

    I don't get it.

    Its a virtual machine its gonna be slower then actually formatting your systems drive and installing it for real :rolleyes:

  18. User Account Control (UAC)

    Run a legacy CPL elevated


    Could possibly be the issues i would think or a service tweak possibly. You are barely removing anything. Is there supposed to be a blue-tooth icon in the control panel? Also did you check device manager and make sure it installed a driver for your receiver.

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