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  1. Yo Whatup boi! Welcome baby and have fun here..Ya know what the deal is xD Sorry Welcome my friend !
  2. Sorry for being not able to fulfill your wishes , but NO , I won't trust you on your word and self-declared experience. When I'll see some data I may. Of course, as long it is your personal opinion on the matter, I will hold it in the greatest consideration. , but still at the moment it sounds to me more like a: kind of innuendo. jaclaz You know, I don't care if you don't "trust"me. I don't think i'm important in your life. But, I'm a pc user since I was 5. So please, do not tell me those cr**@
  3. Java is not the same thing as JavaScript! +1 met je
  4. Care to share some data? Are there more recent tests? http://nontroppo.org/timer/kestrel_tests/ http://celtickane.com/webdesign/jsspeedarchive.php Or are you talking of "pure" javascript speed? http://ejohn.org/blog/javascript-performance-rundown/ http://w-shadow.com/blog/2008/09/03/google...-js-speed-test/ It seems like latest 10 Alpha is much faster in them too: http://www.download.com/8301-2007_4-10113913-12.html However, I guess that the small differences in tests cannot really be appreciated in "real life" use, and choosing one over the other should be made over a "personal feeling" rather than on benchmark data.... jaclaz No , I mean in every things. Take the exemple of loading a Flash Component! To see the flash controls, you must click on the Animation! This is crapy. FIREFOX POWA, PLUS...I have some experience in Browser..Opera is 50% slow than IE and FIrefox..trust me. And to finish, see the title of your Download.com document ! Just the title xD
  5. Oh God, Opera is now 9.6. It's a fantastic browser , however very slow comparing to Firefox and Google Chrome ! Has some nasty things like the IE ("bug") 'Click to active this control' BTW, I prefer Firefox
  6. left click on my task bar doesn't do anything. Really ?
  7. OK, the problem he told us is that he uses Virtual Drivers. Not Real drivers...
  8. Ah ha, tweak the browser to not close tab quickly. I mean, if he closes a Windows...it will but after maybe 20 sec. XD Ah...people XD Or even better. Just talk with him :| Ah HA...much harder
  9. Let us know the program you use, because mine is very simple , Just a left clic to the task bar, > Disable Autorun. PS use a true software as... MagicDisc. Very free
  10. Yep, like me hé hé Welcome | Bienvenue | Bienvenido |Thats it
  11. Shan_blender


    Hello JJH, welcome here dude
  12. Ah ok, sorry bout' that, yes you can
  13. No no no no, on some pcs it works. Dunno why on mine it dosen't
  14. Hello there, how are u today ? I'm not bad but got a problem. When I run Photoshop and or Delphi (2009) The Aero theme is available only with the application itself but when I creat a new document in Photoshop or Delphi, the Windows dosen't get the aero aymore :S please help me Yours Shan Have a nice day ALL
  15. First of all; you can at any time remove the SP1 from your CBuild Windows, but only in Windows . Second, ou can't and won't remove the SP1 from a custom B. Because the Sp1 is in the B as a "normal" Windows
  16. OKay, here's the fully working link thx again for your interest Merci http://www.3doors.110mb.com/win.html What I love with this Setup, is that the custom XP I made got the Royal blue theme. So the theme is the same as the installer i like that. Shan
  17. Hello all, I wanna show U my brandnew Setup Billboard image Every think's working...woawwwww Here's the link of the large image. THX a lot for ur tuts http://www.3doors.110mb.com/images/fond2.png
  18. Basically, You can't install IE7 With Nlite directly, but you can add an Add-On, with Nlite. Just go to http://www.winaddons.com/ and search for IE7. Be sure to install te last service Pack to run the IE installer. Be careful with IT! Add the Add-on as any other add-on and Continue with nlite ;D OK, Brb
  19. Hello Yall, My name's Shan and I'm really excited to participate into this forum I'm 16, from France and glad to See u here Let's get started...

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