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  1. I have a lot of important data on my original hard disk, and I wanna transfer it to my new disks on RAID0. Does Somebody know how to do that?
  2. Feature names NeroStartSmartB035464E NeroBurningRomBCAFF604 NeroHome2FF8B816 NeroVision57D52359 NeroShowTimeD773A6E2 NeroRecode6035F00C NeroMediaHome53BEFA20 NeroBackItUpCB9D5429 NeroCoverDesigner7CE8D626 NeroPhotoSnapED1EAF52 NeroWaveEditorFA3A3F7B NeroSoundTrax716FE146 InCDC9AC4AC7 NeroBurnRights72CC518F NeroImageDriveE38B9E06 NeroCDDVDSpeed82602EE0 NeroDriveSpeed7DFFCC12 NeroInfoToolE72D824A NeroFastCDDVDBurningPluginC5AB9CFD You can use ADDSOURCE besides ADDLOCAL.
  3. How to disable the .wmv association with winamp? After installing winamp 5.21, I found that wmv files were associated with winamp automatically, how to get rid of it and use WMP 10 instead? Here's my ini file [SETUP] Xlibrary=1 Xintex=1 Xmodernskin=1 Xogg=1 Xaac=1 Xmp3enc=1 Xmp4=1 Xsonic=1 Xcddb=1 Xnsv=1 Xvisual=1 Xextra=1 Xregopt=1 Xtray=1 XStartmenu=0
  4. try this start "" "%systemdrive%\Install\copytodvd\setup.exe" /VERYSILENT /SP-
  5. Eight times out of ten this issue would occur, but the occasions were not always the same, it was just unstable. I will try another display plugin and tell you whether it works or not later.
  6. @Wraith The werid issue that xplode will quit itself mystically appeared again, could you please check the log file and xml file for me. thx so much.
  7. I have just found these: To set IE as default %systemroot%\system32\shmgrate.exe OCInstallReinstallIE To set Firefox as default firefox.exe -silent -nosplash -setDefaultBrowser Thanks anyway!
  8. So odd an issue.The only cause i can think of is the Firewall. Have you tried turning off the firewall and pinging each other ? Or you can try typing ip address in the explorer address bar directly to access the others, sometimes this method works, of course, all of your lan users' ip address must be in the same network segment. If none of these helps, i am really not able to give any suggestion. Maybe some other reasons cause this, such as router config, hardware issue etc.
  9. According to what you say, it seems both your PC and your friend's have been correctly configured the same way, coz the OS is installed from the same CD. For Lan access configuration, no more than these steps. 1. Enable file and printer sharing,both for network adapter and firewall. 2. Enable computer browser service. 3. Turn on guest account and activate it (use net user guest /active: yes) 4. Allow guest to access each other by editing group policy. 5. Use the same workgroup. 6. Turn on NetBIOS. If it still doesn't work, turn off firewall and try. Make sure others' PC have been configured the way above.
  10. Maybe half the value..not tested. {VOLUME_MUTE} 2000/XP Only: Mute the volume {VOLUME_DOWN} 2000/XP Only: Reduce the volume {VOLUME_UP} 2000/XP Only: Increase the volume SoundSetWaveVolume Sets the system wave volume by percent. Parameters percent :percentage number between 0 and 100 Return Value Success: None. Failure: Sets @error to 1 if percent is invalid. Remarks This controls the Wave volume, not the master volume control. Also, a value of Zero does not set mute status. Example: SoundSetWaveVolume(50)
  11. line in? I don't think it could..I mean no user interfaces
  12. Are you sure others' PC have been configured correctly the way you mention above? Have you enabled NetBIOS for the net adapter of others' PC? One more thing, "enabling guest account" is not the same as "activating guest account". I came across this issue before, i could see others but others could not see me, i used the method mentioned above and it worked.
  13. Have you already set guest account to active? Have you removed guest account from "deny access to this computer from the network" under "user rights assignment" ? If not, see this post for the resolvent. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=65280&hl=
  14. try nircmd, a command line tool, http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html If you wanna maximum both normal sound volume and wave, it is recommended you use autoit, two statements will do the job ;Maximum System Sound Volume send("{VOLUME_UP 30}") SoundSetWaveVolume(100)
  15. 1. remove OE from start menu, then go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartPage] export "FavoritesResolve" and "Favorites" value for your future use. 2. I don't quite get what you mean.
  16. try this wmp10setup.exe /Q:A /R:N /C:"setup_wm.exe /DisallowSystemRestore /Q:A /R:N"
  17. Currently i have a weird issue while using XPlode 4.3.51210.1523. Every time I use it to install apps, either @T12 or from RunOnceEx, XPlode will quit halfway the install process. I mean, it quits itself mystically, without giving any prompt, then the windows install goes on. And i find no error reports in the log file, like something terminating XPlode by force during the install process. What's odd is this phenomena does not seem to appear at a specific install of app. With the same CD, i tried intalling dozens of times, sometimes XPlode quitted at the 14% of apps install process, sometimes 20%, sometimes 74%...sometimes it installs without any problem, but sucks much of the time. Yesterday i spent 11 hours sitting before PC and installing windows from time to time, after 9 times of try, finally got it work with luck. If every time it takes 10+ hours to install a windows, it will really drive me mad and UA install really becomes meaningless. Does anyone have the same issue as mine? And how to solve it? Please please please give me an advice. Any constructive replies will be appreciated! Edit: I have tried using XPlode 1.2, without any problem. just the 4.3.51210.1523 cause this issue.
  18. @RogueSpear It does work, thanks for your great help!
  19. What registry entries should be removed? Could you please show me a guide? I'm very interested in that.
  20. You want RunOnceEx.xml? Nothing is especial. Here's mine, just for reference.
  21. I install .Net Framework 1.1 at T12, then .Net Framework 2.0 and office 2k3 at RunOnceEx. Everything goes well.
  22. OK, i think i have found out the reason.To use a language other than English(the default one), you should specify the language dependent MST file, coz all lang strings are there. Here's the similar command line i use to call nero.msi msiexec.exe /norestart /qb /i "Nero.msi" FAMILYNAME="Nero 7" TRANSFORMS="nero.mst" UILANGUAGEID="1033" STARTPARAM="CallFromExe" DONOTRUNSETUPX="1" MSISOURCEFILE="Nero.msi" SERIALNUM_USERVAL="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" USERNAME="xxx" COMPANYNAME="xxx" INSTALLDIR="x:\xxx\xxx" ALLUSERS="2" NERO_SCOUT="FALSE" The nero.mst is the one modified from the original 1033.mst, so maybe it's why the issue occurs. The /Lang= switch just changes the HKLM\Software\Ahead\Shared\Language value, and it seems only change the UI lang of start smart. Mannually modifying the 26 MST files by myself is a heavy job , so for the people who want to use other language, just follow the "Nero 7 Only the Basic" guide, and 1.Make relevant changes to the MST file according to your language, then place it at the root of the install point. 2. Place the 307C0B60.cab which can be grabbed from the original install source in a folder named "cab", and place the "cab" folder at the root of the install point, this will make the shortcuts work properly. Make sure the 307C0B60.cab contains a file called AdvrCntr2D6E0B790.dll, if not, find the right one that contains it. 3. Also grab the setup folder from the original isntall source and place it at the root of install point. 4. Use the above command line to launch the setup, make changes accordingly. Do reply if you still have problem. Explanation: original install source: the one grabbed from temp folder, containing tons of cab file install point: the one created by using /a switch from nero.msi
  23. It can't be.. I have tested in vmware twice and real pc twice too, it just works perfectly,both at T12 and RunOnceEx. No Shortcuts or product key issue found as well as uninstallation .So what language version of OS do you run? Coz the original package is an English one, /LANG= switch just change the UI lang of Nero apps. Have you guys used the "Nero 7 Only the Basic" method to install a copy of Nero 7 before? If so, maybe it is why your problem occurs, coz I came across the shortcuts and uninstall issues too after following the guide. For the install to work normally based on that guide, you still need to make a litter modification, there should be a cab file placed in the cab folder, rather than deleting them all. you can double click the installer, after extracting, go to temp folder and retrieve the source files, then you should see the difference. Try a fresh install to see if it works or not, do post a reply if you still have that issue. I will write a guide later on how to further customize the installer, coz I have a weird issue while doing the apps install using Xplode 4.3 and i am struggling with it right now. Xplode aborts midway during the T12 install and i find no error report in the log file, and the xml file is in well format after using XMLspy to check it, so odd.

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