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  1. Hello Minus 30 can I see how you did your unattend.xml file that allows you to join the domain. Thanks
  2. Sysprepping Windows 7

    Hey jrotiroti or anyone. do you know where I can get step by step instructions on how to create unattend.xml. The ones on Micrsoft Website was to difficult to follow. I have Symantec Ghost 2.5 to use to copy my image to deploy. Do you know if I can use a sysprep.inf file for Windows 7
  3. In the vernalex driver scan tool I forgot to add the line C:\windows\inf after I added that line to the regestriy through the vernalex driver scan tool my ghost image booted up fine on the Dell Optiplex 760. My sysprep didn't have the Sysprep MassStorage section. Can anyone tell me if there is a negeative impact if I leave it out?
  4. where do I get the mass-storage driver for each dell Optiplex computer system I'm ghosting to. Is it part of the intel chipsets?
  5. has anyone used the Sysprep Driver Scanner tool from Vernalex for Windows XP Pro deployment with ghost. How does it helpl with creating a Master Ghost image on different desktop computers? Went to Vernalex website but was it ok to leave other OS drivers like Win98,Win2000,Dos drivers besides the Window XP drivers while using the Sysprep Driver program.
  6. I have the same project to create a Master Ghost image for Optiplex computers. My image worked on a Dell Optiplex SX 280, Optiplex 620, Optiplex 755. But when I used the image on the Optiplex 760 it would get to the Windows XP Pro screen and keeps on rebooting non stop. Here is what I did I made a base Windows XP image on a Optiplex 755 without any drivers. Then I created a drivers folder on the root of the C:\driver with subfolders with the model numbers and sub folders NIC,Chipset,Audio,Video for each model. I downloaed and extracted the drivers. In my drivers folder I had DOS,Win98,Win2000 and Vista driver folders for each hardware device. I removed the DOS,Win98,Win2000 and Vista and left the Windows XP drivers only using the spdrvscn.exe program. Wonder if I could of just left all the drivers folder if that made a difference. Used the spdrvscn.exe http://www.vernalex.com/tools/spdrvscn/index.shtml. Used the GUI interface to add the drivers to the registery. Then used sysprep and sealed the image with Ghost 2.5 suite. Here is my sysprep.inf file ;SetupMgrTag [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword="win885" EncryptedAdminPassword=NO OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=4 OemSkipWelcome=1 [userData] ProductID=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX8-XXX99-RWPBH FullName="Information Systems" OrgName="ESA" ComputerName=* [identification] JoinDomain=sea_quest.com DomainAdmin=administrator DomainAdminPassword=XXXXX [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes [unattended] TargetPath=\WINDOWS OemSkipEula=Yes [branding] BrandIEUsingUnattended=Yes [Proxy] Proxy_Enable=0 Use_Same_Proxy=0 [TapiLocation] AreaCode=415 [sysprepcleanup] Anyone have any suggestion to how would I make my image of Windows XP to work with different Dell Optiplex systems.
  7. Created Autoexec.bat file has been created with Ghost commands. Have 4 paritations on a laptop with Windows XP Pro. Want to be able to restore a ghost image from one paritation to another. I am able to back up the image FIRST_INTALL.GHO and able to back up SOFTWARE_DRIVERS.gho to the 3 paritation and I able able to view the 2 different ghost images. But when I try to restore the SOFTWARE_DRIVERS.gho image back to the second paritation it keeps on restoring the FIRST_INTALL.GHO image instead. here are the commands. The first command backup command and restore works. Backup command gdisk 1 /-Hide /P:4 call ghost.exe -clone,mode=pdump,src=1:2,dst=1:3\FIRST_INSTALL.gho -sure Restore Command gdisk 1 /-Hide /P:4 call ghost.exe -clone,mode=pload,src=1:3\FIRST_INSTALL.gho:1,dst=1:2 -sure The backup ghost command works but the restore command is having the problem Restore command gdisk 1 /-Hide /P:4 call ghost.exe -clone,mode=pload,src=1:3\SOFTWARE_DRIVERS.gho:1,dst=1:2 -sure Backup Command gdisk 1 /-Hide /P:4 call ghost.exe -clone,mode=pdump,src=1:2,dst=1:3\SOFTWARE_DRIVERS.gho -sure Need help with this from anyone thank you
  8. For the ghost menu is there a way to change it to just use these features Restore Windows 1st Install Backup Windows 1st Install Restore Windows 1st Install + Software + Drivers Backup Windows 1st Install + Software + Drivers As I understand it if use the Backup Windows 1st Install it creates one ghost image named FIRST_INSTALL.GHO If I use the Backup Windows 1st Install+Software+Drivers it create another ghost image named SOFTWARE_DRIVERS.GHO So I use the Restore Backup Windows 1st Install+Software+Drivers it should restore the 2nd ghost image I tried this and it still keeps on trying to restore the image named FIRST_INSTALL.GHO instead of SOFTWARE DRIVERS.GHO Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?
  9. is there a way I can edit the Winnt.sif file. I already built the laptop with using the ghost hidden partation. Is there a way to edit the Winnt.sif file and how do I edit the file to point the Documents and Settings to a different partation. I tried using using sysprep and include the line ProfilesDir=Y:\Documents and Settings in the [GuiUNattended] section but I get the error message setup.exe application error. The instruction at 0x764436e74 referenced memory at 0x95ce28e8 the memory could not be read click ok to terminate the program and click cancel to debug the program.
  10. is there a way to redirect the Documents and Settings folder in Windows XP that contains the user profile to the another partition not the hidden ghost partition this way way I ask the user to restore there laptop they won't loose their user profile.