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  1. Remove sxs Folder

    I managed to reduce the WinSxS foldersize to under 200 mb on W8. Everything is working except Updates and NetFX 2.0, 3.5 install.
  2. Is it possible to set the size of pagefile.sys in Autounattend.xml? I added these lines in Autounattend.xml, but I get errors everytime in windows Setup: <PageFile> <Path>C:\Pagefile.sys</Path> <Size>256</Size> </PageFile> and this one: <OSConfiguration> <PageFile Path="C:\pagefile.sys" InitialSize="256" MaximumSize="512" /> </OSConfiguration> Maybe someone can post a example of Autounattend.xml with the above lines? Thanks!
  3. Oh, sorry for misunderstanding. @nice_guy: Wait for new build and In new build just select Advanced option and uncheck Windows Aero Themes from Multimedia and Services. I tested it and I will send you the inf via PM....check the screenshots Bensam, Is this with x64 or x86? and what is the size of pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys?
  4. Yes there is Check this
  5. Zumoc I have good news for you. Check my post #500 on Dead0's topic. I have reduced the Winsxs folder to ~200 files on x64 with everything working!
  6. I cannot save my settings. And the Lastsession.ini files does not modify If I change my settings.
  7. bensam56, what is the windows folder size and iso size of the above sample?
  8. I kept the following in my Vlite preset: [Protection] windows\system32\browcli.dll windows\sysWow64\browcli.dll windows\system32\Magnification.dll windows\sysWow64\Magnification.dll windows\system32\msdrm.dll windows\sysWow64\msdrm.dll windows\system32\msoert2.dll windows\sysWow64\msoert2.dll windows\system32\SystemPropertiesRemote.exe windows\sysWow64\SystemPropertiesRemote.exe windows\system32\tbs.dll windows\sysWow64\tbs.dll windows\system32\wer.dll windows\sysWow64\wer.dll windows\system32\werconcpl.dll windows\sysWow64\werconcpl.dll windows\system32\wercplsupport.dll windows\sysWow64\wercplsupport.dll windows\system32\werdiagcontroller.dll windows\sysWow64\werdiagcontroller.dll windows\system32\winipsec.dll windows\sysWow64\winipsec.dll windows\system32\wmdrmsdk.dll windows\SysWow64\wmdrmsdk.dll
  9. all updates worked after installing kb947821.