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  1. GIMAGEX ne veut pas mount le .wim et Windows AIK ne veut plus ouvrir le .wim ....
  2. English Post: Hi everybody, First, sorry for my bad english, someone send me a tutorial for modified the "install.wim" but i cant "mount" the image because is telling me the file is not accessible (file not found) but i can see the version on "select" same if the file is present, anybody can say what wrong?? I NEED HELP PLEASE Do you have any other method for "mount" and "unmount" the .wim file...
  3. Wahhhhhhh MERCI je vais regarder ca taurrais pas msn l'ami? et imagex cest quoi?
  4. i have open the wim whit WSIM and create a catalogue but whats the next step???
  5. its ok for mount the wim file in waik but i dont know wats the next step...
  6. I have a errors when open .wim with WAIK:
  7. Hi everyone, i subscribed to this forum, to find people that could help me realize sont stages in the conception of my vista version. Here Are the elements i dont know how to fix. #1 Delete all originals wallpapers and replace them with the ondes i choose. thats are available at the end of the instalation. #2 Change all backgorund images, when installing the vista, and modified the color of the text. #3 If possible, change the bootscreen from the original vista, to something better, you know any plave to download some? #4 Choose the widgets of my choice, that will be started when the pc first boots ( is it possible?). #5 If its possible, add some music when installing vista. #6 If possible, change the text when installing ( copying files, ect... ). Im a french guy. so my english is limited if u have a tutorial that would help me, links, hints, or any other thing that might help me... thanks Something that looks like this : http://www.msfn.org/board/Problem-please-help-t118000.html

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