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  1. I'm a dumb It was so easy. Thank you very much!!!
  2. Hello! At first let me say: XPize is awesome. I'll donate. I have installed XPize 4.2 replacing MS Sans Dlg pointer with Tahoma. Now the CPU temperature icon of NHC (Notebook Hardware Control) is wider then else. Enclosed you will find a screenshot as an attachment showing my dilemma. Uninstallation and reinstallation of XPize with this option unchecked did not help. Hope someone know what I can do. Or does any bodyknow how to increase the distance between the tray icons? I tried it with StyleBuilder, but there is no possibility to set the tray icon distance. Best wishes from bird flu country Germany!
  3. Hi Ironside! Sounds good. I think with the next major release of Oupost Pro (3.1) I will change the default installation directory back to %PROGRAMFILES\Agnitum\Outpost Firewall. Best wishes! Hi ironside! I don't know if it is possible. Also, I don't know how to disable the Welcome Screen at first start. I know it has something to do with history.en=XXXXXX/XXXXXX Where X there are hex values. I think they represent encrypted time codes. If somebody has an idea, please contact me. Best wishes! Hi WotC! Very curious. I tested the parameter functions very well. There were no error messages or something like similiar? It is quite important, that a previous installation of Outpost has been uninstalled cleanly. Did you tried an installation on a clean Windows? (VMware, etc). Let me know if you have additional info about this problem. Best wishes! Hi gelome! Please follow the steps suggested in the dialog box in your screenshot. This message indicates mostly when a previous Outpost Pro hasn't been uninstalled cleanly (no reboot has been done, etc.) and try again. Let me know if you was successful. Best wishes!
  4. hi ironside! Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem with System Tray you have. On my PC the SysTray icon is shown both when Outpost starts automatically or when I start it manually. I suggest you to try the original installer by Agnitum and check if the "problem" still occurs. If yes, it is something else, if not - I will retest my installer. Best wishes, honey.pot
  5. Hi ironside! Which system tray icon do you mean? Normally when Outpost ist started it is visible in system tray shown the mode in which Outpost is running. It is possible that you have enabled the Stealth Mode? I think in this case the system tray disabled (but I'm not sure). You can change the installation directory using the /DIR switch, e.g. setup.exe /DIR="C:\Outpost" Hope this helps. Best wishes, honey.pot
  6. Thank you Guys! I appreciate your feedback! @WotC Okay, I will try to describe how I did this installer (and why). 'Cause my English is quite worse I'm sorry if something that I write sounds nasty A time ago I tried AutoIt-Scripts for Outpost Pro, cause there where nothing else making a silent installation for Outpost Pro. The problem was that the AutoIt-Scripts had always troubles during the installation of Outpost when the Configuration Wizard has been started. Always in this moment the AutoIt-Scripts exited. So I was never satisfied with these scripts. Actually the scripts were not the problem, but the behaviour of Outpost Installer. With relese 3 of Outpost I had again the task to make a AutoIt-Script. After a couple of hours I could not solve the problem with the Configuration Wizard of Outpost, which was started directly after the installation. But till this time I had no idea, why. Fortunately with release 3 Agnitum uses Inno Setup. Being a happy guy I tried out the silent install switches. But the problem with the Configuration Wizard remained. Okay - I was at the end of my tether. I decided to use the brute force method. There is a little tool called innounp. With this tool you can extract a Inno Setup installer archive. Unfortunately innounp only extracts the files and a part of the .ISS script. Because I had nothing to do with Inno Setup till this moment I had to work round. After an analyze of the compiled code section of the installer I found a method called InvokeConfigWizard - that was the answer to the problem with Config Wizard. The setup routine called after the installation via DLL call this method of Outpost Thus I started to work with Inno Setup and Pascal Scripting. It took several days of intensive work (especially coding with Pascal) to get the results, you know - I had no experience with Inno Setup and Pascal. After many trial and errors and countless compilations I was finally happy and I wanted to share my work with you. So, that is the story behind the Oupost Pro 3 Advanced Installer
  7. Sorry for the extra trouble. Now you will find the file under: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4ffsd5 too. Regards, honey.pot
  8. Hello! You guys helped me much with unattended windows and application installations. After having always troubles with AutoIt-Scripts (especially with the "Config Wizard") for Outpost Pro I made a real installer for this tool. I did my best - so this I my try to contribution to the community. Hope you will like it. Suggestions and criticism are welcome. I have baptized it "Advanced Installer" 'cause this installer knows some additional switches. The customizations of this installer are: - No auto configuration is done during the install process. - The shortcut of "Agnitum Update" will not be created in the Start Menu. - The Registry Key of "Outpost Feedback" will not be created in Run-Section of the Registry, so this tool is not started automatically when Windows starts. - Improved uninstaller section (Start -> System Control -> Software). There are some new switches controlling the behaviour of the installer. The new switches are: - /KEY: You can give the installer the license key if you have one, e.g. /KEY="licensekey". Default is no key. - /SHORTCUT: With this switch you can specify the name of the shourtcur for Outpost Pro, e.g. /SHORTCUT="Firewall". Default is "Outpost Firewall Pro". - /NOAUTOUPDATE: This switch turns off the auto update feature of Outpost Pro. Default is "AutoUpdate enabled". - /ICSM, /ICONINCOMMONSTARTMENU: Creates only the shortcut to Outpost Pro in Common Start Menu. Default is "Create folder in Common Start Menu Programs". The modified switches are: - /LANG: Specifies the default language for Outpost Pro, e.g. /LANG="de". Default is "en". The default switches are: - /GROUP: Specifies the program group name, e.g. /GROUP="Outpost". Default is "Agnitum". If GROUP is defined it will overwrite /ICSM. - /NOICONS: Create no shortcuts and or group folder in the startmenu. If NOICONS is defined it will overwrite /ICSM, /GROUP and /SHORTCUT. - /NORESTART: Should be used for this installer in combination with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT. - /SILENT: Installer runs silently. Only progress bar is shown. - /VERYSILENT: Installer runs silently. No feedback is given. - /SP-: Not necessary for this installer, because the start up dialog is turned of by default. You will find the Advanced Installer of Outpost Pro 3 on RapidShare under this link: http://rapidshare.de/files/5832272/Outpost...taller.exe.html Best wishes from Germany, honey.pot

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