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  1. I tried RyamVM's update package and it does correct the problem. I looked into my SVCPACK folder after I integrated RyanVM's update pack and noticed several (.cat) catalog files and only one .exe file. The .exe file is for KB951072. After I installed windows I went the add/remove programs in the control panel and checked show hotfixes and the only one that appeared was KB951072. Out of curiousity I chose a couple of update.exe files that I downloaded from MS that are the same as the catalog files that RyanVM's update pack supposedly integrated, to see if I would get a message that said hotfix or update already installed. Didn't get any messages. So that makes me wonder if the .cat files are useless without a matching .exe file as in the case with KB951072. What do you think?
  2. When I originally noticed this problem I had integrated it with nLite. The I tried your method of manually installing via copying KB951072.exe to i386/SVCPACK and editing the SVCPACK.INF file accordingly. The problem persisted. I will check the program you suggested and perhaps I will be able to create an executable to runonce at installation to correct problem. Thanks.
  3. The version of Windows XP Pro SP3 I have came straight from Microsoft with SP3 already integrated. As for KB951072 I did as you instructed. I did use nlite to integrate IE7 and WMP11 as well as the most recent updates. Do you know if there is a REG tweak that might work to correct this error when doing an unattended install?
  4. Followed your instructions to letter regarding fix KB951072 and I still get the Kabul time zone instead of the Mountain Standard Time I selected. Any more suggestions?
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