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  1. Utility to tweak Windows XP

    Is there a program/utility which tweaks Windows XP settings AFTER Windows has been installed the way similar to nLite's Tweaks section (i.e. 'Boot and Shutdown', 'Desktop', 'Windows Explorer', 'My Computer', 'Performance', 'Start Menu', etc? I know that it can probably be done by manually editing Registry, but I am looking for more "user friendly" approach. Thanks!
  2. "Switch User" at Windows Log Off/Shut Down

    Let me provide more details. I nLited my Win XP SP3 with quite a few removals and modifications according to the tutorial http://www.i64x.com/eeexp.php. I further modified that setup by enabling Nlite’s compatibility option “Fast User Switching” and, in Nlite’s components/Services, I kept “Secondary Logon”, “Terminal Services” and “Shell Services”. Now, when I start Windows and use Administrative Tools/Services, I see services “Secondary Logon” and “Terminal Services” shown as “Started“. Service “Fast User Switching Compatibility” is present, but is not started and shown as “Manual”. If, using Administrative Tools, I change it to “Automatic”, it makes no difference. Also, if I start this service (using Administrative Tools), it also makes no difference, either. Normally, in typical Windows XP installation, one has “Log Off “ and “Turn Off Computer” buttons at Windows Start menu. And, when one clicks the “Log Off “ button, he/she is presented with “Log Off Windows” window and there are 2 buttons: “Switch User” and “Log Off”. In my installation, at Windows Start menu, I only have “Turn Off Computer” button and I do not have “Log Off “ button. Would it have anything to do with the fact that my installation has Windows classic (Win 2000-like) look and classic logon prompt? Further, if in “User Accounts/Select logon and logoff options”, I enable “Use the Welcome Screen” and “Use Fast User switching”, then do get Welcome Screen, but no Fast User switching. Moreover, I then only have “Turn Off” button and no “Log Off” button. Please help me get Fast User Switching back. And one more question: Once Windows is installed, how I can force a service, say, “Fast User Switching Compatibility” at Windows start up?
  3. Which option(s) should not be stripped out at nLite ini-file, so that I can have “Switch User” choice at Windows Log Off/Shut Down? Otherwise, how can such feature be activated after Windows has been installed? I used a nice tutorial http://www.i64x.com/eeexp.php and everything works fine, but I want that more than one user can be logged in to Windows simultaneously and can switch without logging out
  4. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    If I want to share my nLite settings with someone else or, conversely, to use someone’s else settings in my project, all is needed – to pass the <Last Session.ini> file. Correct? I am using Win XP-32 SP2. Thanks.
  5. Drive Letter Assignment

    I am installing Windows XP to Acer Aspire 2920 laptop. Aspire 2920 has a card-reader and a webcam. During installation, Windows assigns the letter “C:” to the card-reader, the letter “D:” to webcam, and the letter “E:” to the Windows home drive. How can I force Windows to install itself to the drive C: and push the card-reader and webcam letter? Unfortunately, I can not disable the card-reader and the webcam in BIOS (there is no such option in the Aspire 2920 BIOS) Is it possible to modify Windows XP install (with- or without nLite) so that all USB devices will be disabled during the install, but all the USB drivers will be installed. I will activate the USB devices after installation. This way Windows will not assign letters to USB card reader and USB web cam durung the installation, so the letter C will be asigned to Windows drive (hdd).