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  1. It is actually very simple: If an active system partition already exists in the system when you are installing Windows 7, the installer will NOT create a 200MB system partition. If there is no active system partition when you are installing Windows 7, it WILL create a 200MHz system partition. You can use another OS or GParted to create and format a new partition on the hard drive you want to install Windows 7 on and set it as active. Then, boot to the Windows 7 install DVD and install into that partition and it will not create the 200MB partition.
  2. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I stand corrected.
  3. Service Packs are cumulative. So, if you slipstream XP SP3 into a pre-SP1 XP cd, you will end up with a SP3 CD. No need to slipstream SP1 or SP2. I don't see why Vista would be any different in that respect.
  4. yes this is the way to have repair back. This also happened under XP when you have a winnt.sif file on your CD I do not think so. I believe there is a radio button on nlite that let's you keep the repair option.
  5. Sorry if I dont understand your reasons... But if you want to run a repair, why not just run the original Vista disc(or a copy)? If you can make an unattended dvd you obviously have access to one. Unattended dvds are for installing Vista without having to babysit it. It's not that easy to "repair" vista unattended because repair options are limited and require user decisions that computers are incapable of making. I use VLite to remove unnecessary junk from the installation. I still install it the same way as before (with babysitting). And I don't mind that. Now, if I want to take my DVD wit
  6. Please provide more detail. Are you saying this is a way to modify the VLited DVD so that it has the repair option? Or are you offering an alternative method for performing a repair?
  7. It works, Thanks! I wonder why Vista does not need it.
  8. No, I do not have it installed. But, I do not have it installed on Vista either, which works fine. My hotmail accounts are very old. If I am not mistaken, the old accounts work fine without the connector.
  9. Every time I start Outlook and click on Send/Receive, it asks for the username and password for my hotmail accounts only. The window that pops up already has the password typed in as I have selected it to remember the password. I click OK and the window pops up again. I have to click OK 3 or 4 times and it updates the account and does the same thing for every hotmail account. I have Outlook 2007 on the same machine on Vista and it never does this. Send and Receive runs without popping up any windows to ask for passwords. Is this a bug in Windows 7, or a setting in Windows 7 I need to fix
  10. You may want to try "Windows Easy Transfer". Only select the Outlook application though. Otherwise, it will save everything even things you may not want to transfer.
  11. Use "Save My Settings Wizard" from the Office start menu. It is a good idea to backup your .pst file as well since I am not 100% sure that the wizard will do it or not.
  12. It is exactly the same as Office 2003. The files you need to save are in C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA.
  13. After you activate, 2 new files are saved in C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA. One has a .dat extension and the other has a .bpc extension. Copy and save the two or three small files. The next time you install Office on the same hardware (preferably with the same volume ID on the system drive), just paste the files into that same folder and Office will be active again and will not require activation.
  14. Hello, Newbie here! I have Vista Ultimate installed on the first partition. I have a second partition (e:) that I have moved Music, Pictures, Links, Searches, and all the other personal folders using the "Location" tab. I would also like to move the contents of the AppData folder. But, moving "Local" or "Roaming" causes problems. My objective is that if I do a re-install, I don't want to lose all my documents and settings. It also makes managing backups easier if everything important that gets backed up regularly is on one drive. I have read that it (moving Local and Roaming) can be done usi
  15. If I boot the original Vista DVD, it gives me the option of repair. If I boot the Vlited DVD, it does not. Is there a way to avoid losing the repair option? I did a search and did not find the answer. I am sorry if I missed it. please point me to the link if it has already been answered. Thanks
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