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  1. Up and running. But 1-year to attach 1000's of applications to run in XP.

  2. TEST of v9.0.4 complete. ( Perfect ! ) No " kernel32 Patch failure " on BOOTup. Uberskin_XP-256x192.jpg ( 45.16 kb) Uberskin_XP-1024x768.jpg ( 406.6 kb ) Link: Uberskin_XP-1024x768.jpg
  3. Will TEST v9.0.4 version for [ no more ] "kernel32 patch failure" on BOOTup. All other performance is PERFECT . THANKS !
  4. Tihiy , . . . In RP8.dll ( OriginalFilename rp9.dll ) version 9.0.2 or now version 9.0.3 -- the call to UBERHACK.EXE which returns the results of " resource salvation " patch and the results of the " kernel32 patch " Can You allow a User setting to ' TURN OFF ' the " kernel32 patch failed " - on BOOTup ? I managed to modify RPSetup.exe to allow install of RP9 over top of uberskin-v8.3.8.exe AND RP4_b2700.zip . ----------------------------------------------------------------- I had to re-install Win98SE " clean " after a complete crash of Win98SE ( back in September 2008 ) . I needed the features of RP4 that I didn't have in Win98SE " clean " . ----------------------------------------------------------------- Uberskin v8.3.8 worked GREAT . My only ( important ) program that would crash on exit -- and corrupt it's database files was ' CA- Simply Money ' . With RP9 & Uberskin , ' CA-Simply Money ' opens , closes , and saves its' database perfectly ! I wish to keep using ( and testing ) RP9 & Uberskin . Thank You if there is a way to DISABLE the RP9 " kernel32 patch failed " popup .
  5. THANK YOU ( Great Work ) Tihiy . Yes [Drugwash] - (32-bit) Icon setting is an INDEPENDENT Windows registry setting , that might already be set to 32-bit icon color before installation. ------------------------------------------------------------------- REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics] "Shell Icon BPP"="32" "Shell Icon Size"="32" "Shell Small Icon Size"="32" "IconBackground"="8" ------------------------------------------------------------------- These are my personal preference settings . "Shell Small Icon Size"="32" : is not a sticky setting . If Windows theme is changed , it is erased from the registry and all the " small icons" fall to a smaller size - like 16 pixels . I keep the "small icons" regfix on my STARTmenu so that I can merge it to set my small icons back to 32 pixel size. The installer might be sensing the "Shell Icon BPP" registry setting.
  6. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.AnimationControllerGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{1A239250-B650-4B63-B4CF-7FCC4DC07DC6} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.ApplicationGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{8097D7E9-DB9E-4AEF-9B28-61D82A1DF784} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.CameraInfoGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{645EEE5A-BD51-4C05-A6AF-6F2CF8950AAB} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.FeatureCollectionGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{9059C329-4661-49B2-9984-8753C45DB7B9} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.FeatureGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{CBD4FB70-F00B-4963-B249-4B056E6A981A} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.PointOnTerrainGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{1796A329-04C1-4C07-B28E-E4A807935C06} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.SearchControllerGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{A4F65992-5738-475B-9C16-CF102BCDE153} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.TimeGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{1AEDB68D-18A7-4CA9-B41B-3CE7E59FAB24} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.TimeIntervalGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{1AEDB68D-18A7-4CA9-B41B-3CE7E59FAB24} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.TourControllerGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{77C4C807-E257-43AD-BB3F-7CA88760BD29} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GoogleEarth.ViewExtentsGE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{D93BF052-FC68-4DB6-A4F8-A4DC9BEEB1C0} Keyhole.KHViewExtents.1 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{63E6BE14-A742-4EEA-8AF3-0EC39F10F850} Keyhole.KHViewInfo.1 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{A2D4475B-C9AA-48E2-A029-1DB829DACF7B} Keyhole.KHInterface.1 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{AFD07A5E-3E20-4D77-825C-2F6D1A50BE5B} Keyhole.KHFeature.1 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{B153D707-447A-4538-913E-6146B3FDEE02}
  7. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{7E7898C9-8E34-4314-9670-771BC5343D0E} Keyhole HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{46A99B9C-4AC8-4EE9-AF7D-D02816CEC314} GoogleEarth HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.eta (Default) Google Earth.etafile Content Type----->"application/vnd.google-earth.eta" HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.kml (Default) Google Earth.kmlfile Content Type----->application/vnd.google-earth.kml+xml HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.kmz (Default) Google Earth.kmzfile Content Type----->application/vnd.google-earth.kmz
  8. The Google Earth COM interface is registered as part of the Google Earth installation process. But since the install of GoogleEarthForW98-v4.0.2416.zip was a NON-standard install < unzip , place in directory, and RUN > the COM interface was ' NOT registered ' . (Ref) http://earth.google.com/comapi/ ************************************************ If, for some reason, you need to register the Google Earth COM API again, execute GoogleEarth.exe with "/RegServer" as a command line argument. For instance, assuming GoogleEarth.exe is located in C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth, use the following command line to register Google Earth's COM API: "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\googleearth.exe" /RegServer To unregister the Google Earth COM API, use the following command: "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\googleearth.exe" /UnregServer ************************************************ When I used [RUN] from the Win98SE StartMenu and added the command "C:\ <path to Google Earth EXEfile > \googleearth.exe" /RegServer I found a whole new set of Google Earth entries in the Win98SE registry , beside the existing entries for Google Earth.etafile Google Earth.kmlfile Google Earth.kmzfile
  9. Thanks for input RJARRRPCGP , . . . the overheating possibility could have been HULU TV stream related . In this system re-install journey , _I'm learning that for Google Earth to LOGIN to its' server , _You cannot DISABLE ( active scripting ) for Internet Explorer.
  10. Have moved steadily along to take advantage of this learning opportunity , while ( re-attaching / re-installing ) 6 years worth of applications. Same method was used for the Google Earth install * which is back up and running. Due to this <crash> , It's nice to see the 3D solar system program 'Celestia' through the Primary Nvidia adapter ( In all its' splendor). A result of the newer "super-tiles" method , using HIres textures subdirectories --(5 levels) makes its' rendering very similar to Google Earth ( zooming in ) level0 - 2 tiles level1 - 8 tiles level2 - 32 tiles level3 - 128 tiles level4 - 512 tiles level5 - 2048 tiles
  11. The problem had to to created on the previous 'cleanup' and 'shutdown' ( the night before) . Could not have been: Run SFC ( system file checker) Run Scandisk ( Windows version) Copy Windows , Program Files, Online, Software directories ___ to 2nd and 3rd hard drive. Could be A BUG in the (newest) version of SpyBot - ' search & Destroy ' version 1.6 ( which modifies the Windows registry -- to delete entries ) I did not install the 1.5x versions ( due to the talk on the SpyBot forum) For a while the author's server could not be accessed. And there were NO responses to e-mail (from the author). Many discussions on the forum were about crashed systems after installing ( 1.5x versions) .
  12. *** Didn't get a chance to experiment with UpDated scripting. Major Win98SE CRASH ( about a week ago ) .
  13. ---------------[Entry #____6] Seeking an answer to ****_KMZ files will not open in Google Earth_**** * Also, I cannot save a KMZ file from my installation of Google earth . ( may be a separate issue -- as to "How To save as kmz" As there is an ability to use 'Google Maps' to open KMZ files and OVERLAY in Google Maps . . .(online) I have been using 'Google Maps' as a tool to help configure IExplorer v6 for the proper security settings, so that it ( IE6) performs all the "scripting", "ActiveX" that is required to see a kmz file overlay on Google Earth's cousin ( Google Maps ) . I had the security settings "so tight" at first to : no scripting, no ActiveX components, no javascript, etc. As well as separately using the Norton Script Disabler/Enabler application NoScript.exe (NoScript MFC Application) I used the 'Google Maps' site's error prompts to enable what was needed ( in sequence). Till finally , their user uploaded KMZ files were being displayed within my IExplorer 6 browser window. 'Google Maps' was doing all of the KMZ file decompression by way of their server responding to the webpage that I was viewing .
  14. ---------------[Entry #____5] SOLUTION: low texture resolution problem -- (blurring when zoomed in) . Post # 6 (from TOP) by Bernhard the way the Operating System ( in his case Windows Vista ) reports the amount of RAM memory available. " Google Earth seems to have a problem with 0x100000000 bytes of memory being reported and reverts to a memory saving low resolution texture mode." Bernhard is offering a solution to a problem caused by Microsoft Vista's "Service Pack 1" . His suggestion ( limiting Windows amount of RAM use ) (Win98SE version of his suggestion here) Start msconfig.exe On the 'General' TAB the 'Advanced ' button [tick] the 'Limit memory to [xxx]MB ---Accept the Windows value there ( 999 or less ) [click] (OK) [click] (Apply) ---Allow Windows to reboot. --------------------------------------------------------- System.ini [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=40000 This creates an entry in the System.ini ( under 40000 ) ----------------------------------------------------------------- I have placed the NEW . . . Limit memory option and all related revisions into my ---------------[Entry #____1] post at the start of this TOPIC To the TOP
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