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  1. He doesn't have a server "as of yet" but how would I go about setting up a VPN connection and will it work in conjunction with terminal services? And how to people access the VPN Could you help me with a link to a tut or tell me yourself? Thanks
  2. You may be able to use a proxy, I'm not entirely sure though
  3. Hello, For a assessment I have been asked to give a customer a number of choices on a certain quote, he owns a company with 3 other people and he has two laptops and a ADSL connection, he wants to access work from home like sage and the standard office apps and have access to all his files.. He would like to keep it to the minimum in cost wise. I was thinking : LogMeIn VNC Can you do that online?? Terminal Server.. Just another option. (NOT BUDGET REATED) He doesn't have a server but was thinking what we would need in terms of software and hardware.. Do you guys have any other options I could tell him and the prices it will cost?? Thank You!!
  4. [uPDATE] I have managed to connect the citrix server. Is they any way where instead of logging in and you having the option to login via citrix. What program can you use to login only via citrix, I have seen this in my school. So you cannot login normally or locally.]
  5. does SBS have domain controller and AD? if so then make a OU and put all the users you want to use terminal services in there and then create a GPO and somewhere in there, a option allow users to login via terminal services. enable that and then try Hope this helps dont shout if its a n00by answer , i never used SBS only entp
  6. I have looked at some guides on installing MPS and I think I have installed it correctly, all I want to do now is be able to go on a client and be able to login via citrix. I cannot find no guides for this. Any help? I tried the client but I have tried the server name and it says it wont connect.
  7. I tried, I cant make or find a silent install of IE7 and I add the package in the GPO and when the user loads up it doesn't load up IE it just appears in the add/remove programs menu giving you the option to add. But the policies I have don't allow that
  8. ive tried that, it just comes up having you to go into add and remove and click add and this isn't ideal. If there is another setting to do it another way please explain
  9. Because I'm a domain admin and I need to deploy IE7 so when a user logs on it will install.
  10. This talks about the full installation from the CD, all I want is when a new update comes out I can add it to that file you shown me and update the installer, in %system% cant you have \\SRV-01\FILES\IE7.exe? Thanks
  11. Ok Ill do some research, you have helped me very good for your first posts, can the installers be on a network share? If so how? Or is this method have to have the installers on each client machine? Cheers
  12. Where is the $oem$ folder Cheers.
  13. So you just add that to a CMD file on the server and run it? or on the client? and does this run IE7 in silent mode?? And where do you have to put the IE file?? Thanks Bondi
  14. In my school they have a system where you login and when you go to the internet you are asked for your user name and password, according to your credentials it will give you certain permissions i.e what websites you can access. Do you know what programs do this? and if they do ones that can link to AD for logins? Cheers
  15. Does anybody have a silent install of IE7 and a script to start it up once on user login? I have tried IEAK but im still confused on how to make a silent copy, and I need the script with it to ''run once'' and how to implement it. Will anybody have 10-15 mins to spare helping me? Thanks
  16. Could you please explain step by step on how to do this? as delprof was an idea but needs user input on a client i.e yes or no to removing profiles. Cheers
  17. I added vuze to a new GPO I have made, the GPO is inside a new OU with one user, when I login to that user it comes up vuze in add/remove programs but when I click add I get the error message ''This installation is forbidden by system policy. contact your system administrator'' I did it as assign, it says installed and a add button, it obviously isn't installed as going to program files so add was the only option.. Any Ideas? LOL
  18. Access rights to what files? I just want it so the computers and heaped with profiles. Its for a project for my course, any other recommendation would be good but could you explain more as I am 15, takes a minute:) Thanks
  19. Thank you, makes me feel at home
  20. Hello, I have a server with ''Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition'' and I want a script where if someone logs off on a client machine it will delete there profile on the local machine. It must have no user input to do this, and must apply to one OU. Any ideas on where to find one and how to go about doing this? Thanks Bondi
  21. Ive heard this about native mode and mixed mode how to you set it up in mixed mode? Thanks for advice
  22. Hello my name is Antony A.K.A Bondi I am on the mission to do a unnatended install and this is prob the best forum for it, after that I will use this forum for other things as I come into dilemma's every day As a 15 year old I hopefully want to learn more things.
  23. So there is not a way for unattended yet? well with WDS? For my project I need to make a ''unnattended'' XP Pro SP2 install with no user input apart from username and password to server. Would RIS do it? Is RIS on 2000 server? I tried doing it a funny way I typed risetup.exe on the WDS server and it asked me for a XP Pro SP2 CD and it copied files and worked but when you edit it with nlite it wont copy the files on the client machine. Thanks Bondi
  24. Hello There! I am new to this forum and I was hoping you bunch could shed some light on my problem, I have server 2003 enterprise edition and I want to make a .wim image of XP Pro SP2 it needs to be unnattended. can anybody give me a link to a easy step by step guide or could someone go through the step by steps with me? Im only 15 and this would help alot if I was to complete this for my course. Thanks Bondi EDIT : Been on google but goes oftopic too much!

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