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  1. Glad to be of help Gonna be a problem if you have system files in there though Dunno how to get around that.
  2. you can use the /d switch attrib /d /s +s c:\foldername\*.* this will make all folders and files under c:\foldername +s you can follow up with a attrib -s c:\foldername\*.* /s this will remove s on only the files inside it dunno if this was helpful at all since you probably dont want to mess with the files
  3. Two Question About CMD/Batch

    @echo off regsvr32 /s %SystemRoot%\system32\File.dll move c:\filename %SystemRoot%\system32 If I understood you correctly
  4. Quick google gave me this: 2. Disable auto restart for automatic updates in Group Policy. Go to Start > Run > type gpedit.msc and click OK. Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update. Double click “No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installation”. Select Enabled and click OK. from http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2008/0...windows-update/ google is your friend
  5. Hi I've noticed that sysprep resets the settings for virtual memory. Anyone know of a way to run sysprep without resetting this? Takes some time to after each sysprep changing the virtual memory and then reboot.
  6. You can change the key in Windows. When he asks for product activation, select by phone method and press the "change my product key" button.
  7. Sysprep =P

    You wont be able to install XP in 5 minutes. What you can do is make one regular installation of Windows XP and then make an image of this installation with Symantec Ghost or something similar. The next time you need a windows installation on a similar machine (it has to be an "identical" machine, same chipset drivers etc.) you can copy your ghost image and then run the program sysprep. This will reset windows security identifiers and windows license key to in essence make it a fresh install.
  8. Sysprep =P

    What do you want to do with IDE and SATA drivers? Sysprep is a tool for preparing a Windows installation for end user, resetting the windows key, machine id an such.
  9. Hi I was wondering, does anybody know of a way to change language settings from command line or some program which does this? I am currently running either norwegian, swedish or english windows and want to easily change "Standards and formats", "location", "input language" and "language for non-uniciode programs" from a batch file.
  10. Just ordered one of these http://kextech.en.alibaba.com/product/5020...0_lan_card.html now. Should be interesting, will be really nice if this works.
  11. Thanks again for all your help. Ill try to get hold of one of these usb network devices. Problem is Im located in Norway You have any experience from the site you linked? http://www.telcominstrument.com/p_302_27_6...n-ethernet.html Should be safe to order from them perhaps.
  12. Hmm You know how this trouble manifests? Just tried to connect a USB hub with a mouse and a USB stick and I had no trouble booting with this. Can I assume this would work with other USB devices then? Not sure how to set it up on the ethernet side.
  13. Thanks for replies. Using two USBs could actually work, good idea if theres no dos-compatible PXE usb device. Can probably hook both up in a 1->2 usb splitter and pretend its one device
  14. I may be messing up the terminology Thught you needed PXE support to avoid needing a disk or something to boot from a network device. Anyways, you understood me correctly, Ive been looking at that exact usb network adapter and also sent them a mail asking wether they support a dos driver for it. We're ghosting lots of machines every day and its started getting a bit chaotic setting up dos drivers for all the various network cards and also even loads of the same drivers with different device and bus nr. etc Would be really great to just insert the usb network adapter and ghost away. Havent found anything on the net myself so I think maybe your right in that theres no dos drivers for usb network adapters Thx for your answer though.
  15. Hi This is perhaps not the right forum for this question but I guess someone here may know about this. I am looking for a USB network adapter with support for PXE boot which works in MS DOS. Anyone know about anything like this?