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  1. What Firewall do you Use/Recommend?

    I use Comodo Firewall, its a very good Firewall ;D Greetings VOLCOMFTW
  2. Sysprep again...

    But What i put in sysprep.inf? Need help :S Greetings VOLCOMFTWTHE1
  3. Sysprep again...

    *Bump* Please help... it's a school project :S Greetings VOLCOMFTWTHE1
  4. Sysprep again...

    Hello, everyone OK? Well my question (already created a topic on this subject, but now I want the IDE to SATA ...) I think it more or less know how to Sysprep this .... But just to know IDE Drivers .... I am told, is to also to SATA drivers ... How? Research has enough on the matter and not found =(... I really need to help ... Sorry to bother you Greetings VOLCOMFTWTHE1
  5. Sysprep =P

    Hi Already now I apologize for not know very well how to explain ... but I am still learning about the topic of sysprep ... and I learned, is a tool that ... strip briefly in the hardware installation of XP. I got everything: D. ... Thank you ... But I still have additional questions and to ask it to some people who understand something about it ... But I have to do is sysprep drivers for IDE and IDE move to SATA ... Where can I find on the subject? Greetings volcomftwthe1
  6. Sysprep =P

    I want... to... well i dont know very well but i want to do a xp instalacion in 5 minutes before 40 minutes.... understand? Greetings =)
  7. Hi Mates :D

    Thanks ;D Happy Holidays to you to Greetings
  8. Sysprep =P

    ahm.. people i cant understand :S Anyone can... Explain plz? :\ Greetings =)
  9. Guild Wars

    Me play D Er Vi Sh Reaper Greetings ;D
  10. Sysprep =P

    Thanks MyRinx ;D and thanks who want's to help and comment Greetings ;D
  11. Sysprep =P

    No... I want to know how to have a sysprep for IDE drivers and SATA drivers.. And how install it :\ Greetings
  12. Sysprep =P

    Hi people I need Help with this... program ... with sysprep for IDE drivers and SATA drivers... Anyone knows... a tutorial or something? I really need some help ... anyone? Greetings
  13. Hi Mates :D

    Hi Mates They gave me this site to learn things about XP and here I am Greetings Volcomftwthe1