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  1. Help How do i remove IE7?

    i re-installed windows, thanx to crappy IE. firefox is way better.
  2. Install Path in setup.iss

    @MCT it is TWEAKI...for power users
  3. it has been working fine with other forums. and over here we have a very helpful community. if at all, the author could post the size in bytes or CRC checksum to make sure the content wasnt changed by the time it reaches the end-user. pirated content in other forums has been availing stable uptime in yahoo so i dont think that the freely available content which we would be sharing should pose to be a problem to anyone. we cant say unless we try, can we?
  4. quite a lot of times we see some softwares which dont support silent switches and need to be repackaged as some of our members have already done. the authors post the packages to help others but the links die soon and the forum is filled with requests of the same. some of the reasons might account to hosting space being expensive or being unavailable due to some reason or the other. one free solution i suggest is uploading sofware in a yahoo email account(which allows 10MB attachments now) and then posting the username and password in a sticky and maintain such similar stickies. users can just email the application to their email accounts themselves and then download at a convenient time. (ps. i have seen it working in other forums and its proven to be quite helpful)
  5. Install Path in setup.iss

    got it working in two appz: ECHO Installing Tweaki...for Power Users ECHO Please Wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Applications\Tweaki\setup.exe /s /f1"%systemdrive%\Install\Applications\Tweaki\setup.iss" ECHO Installing Bigfix 1.7 ECHO Please Wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Bigfix\setup.exe /s /f1"%systemdrive%\install\Applications\Bigfix\setup.iss" (earlier i tried copying setup.iss to c:\ but with multiple softwares using the same switch, it started getting messy. instead, i tried this and it worked!)
  6. this always works for me in win2k. hopefully it will work for you in winXP too. (i use this command to install windows 2000 from a folder called win2K in partition D) winnt.exe /u:d:\win2k\i386\winnt.sif /s:d:\win2k\i386 btw .. ur [Componants] should be [Components].
  7. Threads Of Interest

    another fast approaching candidate for the threads of interest. chk it out. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=10631
  8. Hotfixes Sticky Required

    i have seen the winxp hotfixes sticky. its the win2k which baffles me. take a look here - http://www.pubforum.net/w2kpostsp4.htm - 157 in total its enough to demoralize any newbie but i guess ur right .. i will go back to xpcreate list and hope for the best.
  9. microsoft releases updates & hotfixes so frequently that its very difficult to keep track when to skip that earlier hotfix. can somebody maintain a sticky about the what hotfixes & updates to install and in what series to install? im a noob in these matters like many others. its so frustrating to try dozens of solutions out and still find it not working. puh-leeeez. gimme a sticky somebody. (win2k if possible)
  10. @Bilou_Gateux thanx man .. ie presented the biggest problem in my unattended cd. this makes my project much easier.
  11. @greenmachine hi GM .. i really like your method of packaging ie6 and have created an xpcreate win2kpro unattended cd with your method and it installed perfectly(except for a sp3res.dll which failed to copy but dont bother me afterwards). im trying to make a cd manually but since you mentioned this, im a bit confused. could you tell me if i have to create a special RunOnceEx file or just using IE6GO & IE6SP1 in my svcpack.inf file the way mentioned above would work?
  12. okie .. i get the hint .. im convinced! all moderators and super members do it the manual way. guess i have to go back to the old ways too if i dont want corrupt images. darn, these magiciso & ultraiso guys market their products so well. they really had me going for a moment.
  13. Request for a batch file creation tool.

    yeah .. something like the dialogue in the movie MASK when jim carrey says: Somebody .. Stop me! gotta admit .. the idea got me excited as well. if you wouldnt have mentioned it, maybe i wouldve.
  14. thanx Alanoll .. its nice info. btw .. what i really meant that the whole xpcreate process took me over an hour to finish on my machine. and i had made an error in the winnt.sif file thus, i was relieved when i was able to edit the iso and replace the winnt.sif file without going over the whole process again coming back to the point, it looks like i made a stone age post and everyone seems to know about magiciso and ultraiso .. so mods, kindly remove this topic when it deems fit. thanx all.
  15. the point i wanted to stress upon is that using MagicISO to edit the bootable cd is very fast & easy rather than extracting the contents of the iso, making changes and making it bootable again manually(which was how i did it earlier using the bink.nu method). i guess people here already know that & im the last one to find out but now since you mentioned, i will now try out UltraISO.