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  1. @JFX - thanks for creating this tool, and hope it keeps getting updated in the future as well, awesome tool! Just please, is this forum allows, edit the post #1 and mention that the link is "always latest" or something, luckily thread is only 4 pages long, so I did not look for the info too long Way shorter than downloading and installing whole toolkit +1 beer from me!
  2. newest games crash after vlite...

    Sooo.. I'm preparing to create vLited Vista (Enterprise, x64, SP1 already in ISO, straight from MS Software Assurance download) and I'm planning to cut it all the way, as I'm only interested in running DX 10 games, and only in offline mode. So is this the complete list of things that could potentialy stop some games from running? Or do I have to keep some other things as well? Keeping following parts of system: - Secondary Logon - Multimedia Class Scheduler - Game Explorer - Windows SAT (Performance Index/Windows Expirience Index) - Windows Media Codecs - Application Experience - Parental Controls AND - trying with UAC & DEP enabled/disabled (if problems still exist after install) Like I've said, this will be game-only installation, so I'll be removing EVERYTHING with vLite except these few things. If you've got anything else to add - please do! Thanks P.S. System is C2D E4400, P35 mbo, with HD4870 graphics. Nothing extra..