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  1. How to reduce Windows 8 system?

    Thanks man, much apreciated!
  2. How to reduce Windows 8 system?

    This sounds awesome. Can you provide us with a full folder/files structure from the WIM in your final ISO? You can use the lst archive mode in total commander that will create an archive with all the folder structure and files, but not the actual files: http://www.ghisler.com/plugins.htm - DirDisk or DirDisk Extended plugin must be installed in Total Commander. I think many of us would appreciate it Thanks,
  3. Thanks, applying right now, will come back to update if it works! *UPDATE: this works. Install finished with no errors. Tried first method: apply and capture from gimagex Thanks again aviv00!
  4. Thanks aviv00. Can you please detail a little what do you mean by "apply the image and then capture"? or just point me to the right tutorial to do that. Thank you again.
  5. Hey aviv00, unfortunately for the leaked official build of Win7 incl SP1, method 5 is not working anymore. Using the last session files for RT7Lite and vLite, I am getting an error when vlite is rebuilding the image, same error you see here: Press ok --> finalizes. But I cannot install windows with this image.. too bad seemed to be the best method! EDIT: sorry just saw the new config files for SP1 in your first post!! going to try those right now Just to confirm it doesn't work with SP1 configs either. Gonna keep trying.