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  1. I have completed an unattended setup, using nLite. Everything works fine apart from one thing: after the GUI setup is complete, the system restarts but then stops and does not reboot into windows. If I reset the computer, it then reboots and the installation finishes OK. This is not a yhardware problem, as it reboots fine after theb text setup phase, and if I do an unattended installation from my original windows disc, I get no problems. The only thing I have noticed is that at the end of the GUI setup, the setup goes from 9mins to complete in a few seconds, but is does seem to complete OK!! (Is my computer going too fast!? The whole installation process only takes about ten minutes since I stripped out all the unnecessary stuff with nLite.) Anyone got an idea of what is going on? Is there a way of me seeing what is happening at this stage during the installation? I know that this is only a minor annoyance but it is stopping me from making the installation completely unattended.
  2. I use the following to update my monitor: "devcon update "D:\drivers\sony\sonylcd.inf" "Monitor\SNY0280" This line is in my cleanup.cmd file, and the devcon.exe file is in the system32 folder. Works a treat!
  3. For me putting the folder name in quotes works when using spaces: start /wait path\"folder name"\filename.exe
  4. IMON is working for me on a silent install. I run setup from "runonce" in silent mode, then import the reg file. Regards Tyke
  5. Try this, works for me: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AMON] "Start"=dword:00000002 Regards Tyke
  6. You can force the installation using devcon, making sure that DEVCON is in your windows32 directory first: I run this in my cleanup batch file whcih runs after the runonce batch file: "devcon update "c:\program files\sony\sonylcd.inf" "Monitor\SNY0280"" Works every time.
  7. Just install the reg file first, then do the install. Works fine Tyke

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