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  1. MultiBoot from USB

    Jaclaz, thanks for the details on direct/ memory mapping. little offtopic, sorry for intruding roeyhaim. Jaclaz, not sure about others, but I was expecting that you would be able to help answering my query here <http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8787> on 'Halt' command in Grub4DOS. Nobody replied hence thought it is very trivial or no-one else has experienced this problem. Closed the topic however if you can help? Thanks, Pokemon
  2. MultiBoot from USB

    Try to defrag the iso file that is returning 'Error 60' with 'WinContig' (http://wincontig.mdtzone.it/index_EN.htm) and report if this is working. It may help you partially atleast to resolve the error 60 issue. Regards, Pokemon
  3. Yes it can. ) Can you pls elaborate?
  4. Idea

    searched a lot to find a program which matches WPI capabilities but could not find any..... And if you do not know then please do not reply....ignore...
  5. Idea

    Never heard of WIHU though. Just curious,,,, Midboy/Kel, is there any othere shareware or freeware that functions as efficient as WPI? I am quite happy with WPI the way it got evolved over time But interested to know if there is any other software that can deliver similar functions as WPI does. Thanks, Pokemon
  6. Hi, I am new to Vista unattended though I understand (little bit, thanks to Martin's FireGeier guide) the Vista installation processes in high level. I am listing down that I am trying achieve; 1. Install Vista unattendedly along with WPI (using USB flash drive); calling wpi via firstlogon or synchronus command 2. All the applications should be availble to all user (future users who can be created after the install,not sure really whether it is possible?) I am attaching 2 autounattended xmls for your review if you can check whether these are correct or wrong? I have made it based on Martin's guide. Autounattended_Synch (Renamed it to differentiate between 2 diff xmls): Error: I am getting error while sysprep starts running in audit mode......and the installation is going into indefinite restart loop....saying some error like 'interactive logon process failed...blah blah'.......restart the installation process. Autounattended_Firstlogon: Though the installation went fine and WPI installed correctly I am getting minor issues; Error-1: Despite of passing the admin password in xml, the administrator password is not set. While logging in it does not ask for password. Error-2: While WPI is being called via firstlogon command, I am unable to see (And select the WPI configuration) WPI UI as 'preparing desktop' window is blocking the wpi ui (it is a minor issues as I could extend the WPI start wait time from 60 sec to 180 sec) is there any way to delay the firstlogon command? Error-3: 'Administrator' (Hidden Admin) account is enabled via autounattended.xml and before autologon the WPI is called and applications are installed but after creating a new user I could see some of apps are not available to the new users Any help would be really appreciated.. Thanks in advance, Pokemon Autounattend_Synch.xml Autounattend_firstlogon.xml
  7. Kel, thanks. I will try this but I suspect it may be quite messy as i need to take ownership for each and every file I wud like to copy. Is there any command line option while calling WPI.hta? It would be quite handy?
  8. Thx Kel, eye opener. Any idea whether it is possible to 'take ownership' of complete folder i.e 'Program files' etc using the above mentioned batch. I can do it manually using 'take ownership' reg key and shift+righclick combination however never automated it through batch file.
  9. Hi, I have installed vista in my comp and now wanted to run WPI stand alone. To avoid UAC, data protection, ownership problem I want to run WPI as an super admin (that is actually hidden unless we enable it). Is there any commandline option or argument hat tI can pass while calling WPI installer? Thanks in advance, Pokemon
  10. Problem copying file in VISTA

    i have tried with xcopy /H & /R but no success. And unable to locate the respective swich for robocopy command.
  11. Problem copying file in VISTA

    tried xcopy /Y without any success. and could not find swich for robocopy. Sorry rick...... And one more thing worth mentioning here. I am running wpi stand alone (means on existing vista installed on comp). I am administrator. Though while trying to manually copy the files to program directory it throws warning 'destination folder access denied'.......
  12. hi, i am unable to copy files to system folders (i.e. program files or windows/system32) during an installation. below are the commands I have tried but no success (Tried with UAC on and off but not helped) FILECOPY /Y "%wpipath%\Install\Office\test\test.dll" "%SystemDrive%\Program Files\test\" xcopy "%wpipath%\Install\Office\test\test.dll" "%SystemDrive%\Program Files\test\" I suspect I need to disable the system file/folder protection within vista prior to running wpi. but do not have clue how can i do this by registry tweak or so? But after disabling the system file folder protection (From controlpanel > folder option) it is still not working Your suggestion would be highly appreciated. thanks, Pokemon
  13. Thanks Mritter, I will test and confirm. Pokemon
  14. Thanks Kel for your advise, however it is not working. It made it worse, WPI is not opening at all. Mritter, thanks for your effort. Please update me once you are done with the fix. Regards, Pokemon