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  1. Well, now that I know that the wavs are uncompressed I can stop worrying about losing quality. I would like a straight rip to speex but I may never get that and refusing to rip my CDs until speex is supported natively could make my investment in CDs foolhardy. Only problem is that EAC doesn't work for me, or at least it didn't last time I tried it. I've reinstalled Windows since then so I'll give it a shot, last time it recognized my DVD player but the associated driver just plain didn't work right.
  2. People mistakenly assume that WAV files are lossless. They aren't always, they can be compressed and I won't want to go through an interim compression step. I want to rip straight to Speex. And while that is a really neat tip it doesn't really accomplish what I want. I want to be able to tag files with multiple types of metadata (author, medium, genre) and access them through their metadata. So I can do to open a file, and chose from all the games produced by Capcom, or all the graphic files of Street Fighter characters, or all the MIDI files to Squaresoft RPGs and see them all on one screen, reguardless of what directory they were saved under. Categorizing files and folders in Explorer doesn't go far enough.
  3. Yeah, I've heard about that function in Vista too, but I'm looking for something that'll sort files according to the meta-data/tags *I* add, and between directories. I haven't used it but it was my understanding that the Vista stacking created "virtual subdirectories" for files all under a single parent. That, and I don't have Vista. As for ripping to wav and then converting to speex, that extra step adds just enough complication and potential loss of quality that I'd rather avoid it.
  4. I already have media players I'm happy with (although I do need to find something that'll rip into ogg speex- but I think I saw a good recommendation in a computer magazine so I might be all set with that). I'm just looking for a shell.
  5. I've had it with trying to fit my increasingly eclectic media files into a hierarchical folder structure. There's just too many different things I want to keep track of (author/genre/type/subject/title), turning each thing into a folder name results in baroque folder structures. I want to switch to a metadata-based management system, but I also want to use something that's standardized and compatible with all my other programs; I mean I need to find documents through Word, and my image files through Photoshop, and everything through my file managers. So what I'm asking is, is there anything that's standardized, backward-compatible and free?
  6. Bad news. My backup was not as complete as I thought it was. ;_; Looks like I'll have to start over from scratch. From now on I test all my backups as soon as I make them. At least I can test out that slipstream thing you guys recommended. Thanks for all your help.
  7. That sounds complicated, error prone and time consuming. I think I would be better off restoring from my backup. ::restores from backup:: Ok, now I have C:\Windows back in the condition it was 6 months ago... should be working fine. But my clean install of XP (C:\win_XP) is still the Windows that boots. What do I need to do to make C:\Windows the directory that boots up?
  8. I got tired of waiting for a reply so I decided to try an experiment. I copied the setting directories mentioned upthread and pasted them into a clean install of Windows. The monitor blacked out when I booted it up. It looks like my settings are part of the problem. It goes w/out saying I can't copy my settings over without killing XP. At this point I think I should just restore from the backup, and if that doesn't work reinstall my programs one program at a time.
  9. I realized I have have one more activation left so if I want I CAN reinstall. Um, one question though. How do I 'find my data'? I can't poke through the registry entry by entry... there 10 thousand entries or more. If I can't import the registry whole cloth I'd be better off reverting to an old backup and/or reinstalling my programs.
  10. Just a guess but maybe it's used when installing XP and/or repairing from Recovery console?
  11. I have a HP computer but w/ a Pentium 4 processor. No AMD for me. In case you're really curious about my hardware I'm attaching my system info to this post. Volatus, thanks for the info! I will try copying my settings over once I've finished backing up my system partition, and report back with the results. wynand_building_info.html
  12. Doh, I should have mentioned this in the original post. I tried repairing XP and that solved one problem (the perpetual "loading windows" screen) but when Windows loaded my screen went black, maybe because of corrupted drivers (and this was happening when I attempted to boo into Safe Mode too). Because of this and other minor problems I'd been having I decided to give up on fixing XP and went to reinstall XP Pro. When I reinstalled I did so on the same partition but in a new folder, so my old Windows directory should still be intact. I have multiple hard drives. All my data is on one drive, all my programs and operating system is on another and my backups on a third. I'll follow your advice and backup my existing programs partition and then reformat. Never heard of this slipstream thing before but I looked it up on the web and it seems doable; I'm willing to try it as long as Microsoft allows me to do another install of XP. If I recall correctly that there's a three install limit on using the XP Pro product key... I won't be able to install reinstall XP again so no slipstreaming for me. The big question, the one I posted about... is how do I absorb my settings from my old XP into my new XP? The Program Files directory has stayed the same but I need the registry and any other files/settings my programs stored in the old Windows.
  13. For me changing the folder names is just an asthetic thing. I know there is no good reason to do it, but I don't let that stop me.
  14. OK to make matters worse, Microsoft Update downloads but cannot install the 90+ incremental updates for Windows XP. Any help with this problem would also be appreciated. Maybe I need to install SP2 first? <---- complete guess
  15. Service Pack 3 killed my XP. I reinstalled a virgin copy of XP, and it killed that too. So I'm pretty sure I have hardware that is SP3 allergic (and it's not the attached USB devices like one page suggested, I unplugged them and XP continued in its unending 'marching squares' phase- it has to be something else). I now have a clean install of XP that I will definately not be installing SP3 on, and I have a dead XP with 200GB of programs and settings I'd like to copy over. Is there an easy way to copy over all my old programs and settings? (I may regret asking this.) If not, is there a hard way?
  16. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't you boot into a non-Windows OS (that can work with a ntfs disk, if Windows is on ntfs of course), rename the Windows directory, and create a hard_link with the name of the old directory? And everything should be OK? I want to do that with my Program Files directory. Stupid space. But I need to install an OS that can read ntfs first.
  17. For the next couple hours you can download and install RemoteObserver for free:
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