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  1. x86

    BartPE to WinPE

    Just to give you guys an update. Work has been really crazy around here, so i'm working on it when ever I get some free time. It's gonna take longer, but hey what can I say.
  2. x86

    BartPE to WinPE

    Yeah, strike that... If everyone give me features to add, Its just going to take even longer to get a first release.
  3. x86

    BartPE to WinPE

    Theres not really a due date set, but its only taken me a month to get from 0 to around 90% so i guess you could go off of that. If anyone has any feature requests, let me know.
  4. x86

    BartPE to WinPE

    I am basically making an tool to allow various types of plugins to work with winpe and bartpe, before and/or after the build process. Also this tool will allow you to build a custom winpe from your xp cd, basically like bartpe but better The tool also give you the option of what software to include from the xp cd. I'm about 90% done, i just have a few UI and registry things to add. I've already sucessfully used bartpe plugins with winpe, built a nearly full version of xp with nothing other than my tool and a xp cd, and built a mock of bartpe. If you have any questions, feel free to email.
  5. You could make a nt boot flash and edit the boot.ini to boot from the cd-rom. or install grub on the flash and set it up to boot from cd-rom.
  6. Do you prefer mozilla? If not, why not use ie?
  7. x86

    PE build problem!

    If you are using a xp cd from a cdrom make sure the drive path does not have a \.
  8. Just to make sure i didn't get a pre-release.. search your cd for ramdisk.sys. Yeah i guess this is a bit off topic
  9. uhm.. i disagree im sitting here with one right now... you just have to enable the ramdrive. although i dont know if they would say that it is "Undocumented".
  10. You can get a ramdrive in PE pretty easily... along with a ton of other programs and drivers.
  11. x86

    BartPE to WinPE

    Actually if you wait a little bit, ill be done with my other program that allows BartPE plugins to work with WinPE.
  12. x86

    BartPE to WinPE

    Sure, let me clean up the code first. btw its in vb, and i doubt you will need to change anything, because its basically a plugin tool for MS winpe.
  13. x86

    BartPE to WinPE

    Well I wrote a program to process other inf files and build the results into extra.inf and config.inf then when you go to build the structure and the hives, everything is perfect. Other than doing it that way, i suppose you could just add all that stuff into the extra.inf manually. But, as you said... It would be huge. As for pointing to external inf files, you can do that in config.inf for the hives.. but i dont know of a method for extra.inf
  14. x86

    BartPE to WinPE

    Take a look at mkimg.cmd, config.inf and extra.inf, if you need more info let me know.
  15. Try setting it to 2 instead of 1. To disable cd burning: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] "NoCDBurning"=dword:00000001

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