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  1. Chris122990

    vLite causes Bluescreen

    Okay, I'm running XP Professional SP3 and I'm trying to create a vLited Vista disc. It will copy the files from the DVD to my hard drive, but as soon as I hit the "next" button, I instantly bluescreen with an error about ntfs.sys. Anyone have any idea why this happens and/or how to fix it?
  2. Chris122990

    A note about the TCP/IP Priority Setting

    This is something I just found out. For those of you planning on using the TCP/IP Priority Tweak in an attempt to decrease lag in online games: DON'T Most modern multiplayer games send too much data for the tweak to be effective, and as in my case, can even hurt more than it would help. For example, I might show up with a 45 ms ping before joining a server in CSS, and it might rise to 55 ms when I'm actually playing, but the way it behaves is more like having a 300 ms ping, with constant disconnects and the "jump" effect. I think nuhi should add this note to the next nlite release.
  3. Chris122990

    nLite, hate it or love it?

    I love it! I think it's just about the most useful tool in existence for a system builder such as myself. The only thing I would want to add is an option to insert your own custom OEM information, instead of just what nLite will put in there.
  4. Chris122990

    OPK and nLite

    Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to nLite an XP install, and then use the OPK on it. The main reason I want to do this is so that I can put my company info in the System Properties box, as I am a system builder. If there is any way to do this without the OPK, I am willing to hear that as well.