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  1. I have something I like to add that I noticed some strangeness to my install of Adobe C33. I have it fully automated and it works fine. I ran the batch file and had it use the start /wait line with the correct parameters you can find on the Adobe Knowledge Base. (I believe someone posted it here) 3 out of the 5 times it was successful. But 2 times the installer stopped. I was wondering if the screen saver kicking on during the install, if that would kill the cmd task or not. Does anyone know? Adobe CS3 is the largest automated install I have, I have MS OFFICE 2k3,FireFox Beta 3, ITunes and Quicktime install first, then Adobe CS3 last because it the largest one to install. I think that if you try to run the installer and you open up IE7, that kills the Adobe MSI, but not sure. But would a screen saver kill the task? Are there any dependencies on DLL files that CS3 is appending to? Hope someone can help with this.
  2. I would first ask if you are loading your previous sessions? I know I had driver issues every time I would load the past session. I would delete my sessions and then start from scratch. When you make an auto login, make sure you have the parameters autologin at least once (1), if it's set to 0, then you could have problems. I never had SP3 problems at all as of yet. My Windows XP PRO CD has SP3, and IE7 integrated with it. I also included software packages such as Adobe CS3, FireFox Beta 3, ITunes, Quicktime and Office XP 2003 with SP3. It's about 3.2GB on the DVD I managed to finally get it right after a ton of tries. The only strange thing I've seen when upgrading to SP3 is that after slipstreaming, I run the CD in the windows setup, when in DOS you can see Windows Copy over to the Hard Drive, I get this strange error about 30% of the way through that says "can not copy CLOCK.AVI or file is corrupt." I eventually hit escape and it proceeded to finish. After the install, I looked at my old copy of WinXp with SP2, CLOCK.AVI was in the I386 folder, but when I looked at my folder with WinXP SP3, it was not in the I386 folder. So somewhere in the slipsteam, something happened to CLOCK.AVI. I have not tried to manually put it back and load a machine yet, but I plan on trying today. This is the only problem I've had. HTH.
  3. Hello, I am new to this forum and I just wanted to say hello. I work for the University of Michigan as a Desktop Support Tech and have been there for about 6 years now. I am currently trying to learn more about software packaging. I started out on the nLite website and created and tested some unattended installations to make life easier at home. I managed to create a batch file to install MSOffice silently by using the [GUIRUNONCE] in the WINNT.SIF file. MSOffice was easy enough, but I am stumbling on getting other programs to install unattended and I am finding out about all the different types of installers that are out there. At work, there is a repackaging group that uses Wise Packaging, but I don't have access to that type of software. I tried another multiset software and it seems to create it's own MST file, but for some reason, it will not step through the install. I can get FireFox to start but it does not finish. So I am looking for help on how to create my own custom unattended install for all kinds of software. It will make life easier at home and it would be great to learn at this point in my career because I am looking for a change. Look forward to getting more help here.
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