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  1. nLite, hate it or love it?

    when i have more time, ill post an easy script for that... i custom brand all my oem installs...
  2. Receiving remote desktop connections on XP broken

    Well you definitely sound like you know your stuff. Being as this has happened before with nLite, I'm sure it's possibly related. However, just to be sure, I'd take the easy route and rule out some more basics. I'd try to TS to the target machine from within the network, from say a laptop and see if that works. If it does, we can obviously rule out nLite. If it doesn't, then I would ensure that RPC is running. That is the only TS dependency that I am aware of. If you don't have a seperate machine to test TS from within and you don't have a static IP, you can either use your dynamic IP for short term testing or setup DDNS on the target router. You can then TS in remotely and test that way. Just make sure you setup port forwarding in your target router for 3389 to the static IP of the target unit.
  3. [Resolved]Possible nLite Bug?

    Wow this forum is like Melrose Place. You're either married to efrain or your wife has some splainin to do bout how he got her theme! If you are married to efrain, then that might explain the pink start button
  4. [Resolved]Possible nLite Bug?

    HEY NOW!!! I made that theme. Do you have one of those bumber stickers that says "My other computer is a Tangerine Imac"?
  5. [Resolved]Possible nLite Bug?

    LOL!!!on the details tab drop down box Device Instance ld big textbox ACPI\GENIUNEINTEL_-_X86_FAMILY_6_MODEL_15\_0 thanks for fast reply That sounds like Chipset drivers. On the other machine it most likely is a different driver, but the same "Unknown Device" status may have thrown you off. edit: in some cases when you get an unknown device you can right click the "Unknown Device" and select uninstall. Next time you reboot it sometimes recognizes the device and magically finds the drivers for it. Kind of a strange XP quirk. It could also be some obscure driver like HECI or something, but most likely chipset. Hope this helps!
  6. [Resolved]Possible nLite Bug?

    I would be more worried about the PINK Start button!
  7. Receiving remote desktop connections on XP broken

    Are you sure about the obvious issues outside of nLite? Are you sure it's not a firewall issue? DNS issue? You sure you don't have McAffee, Norton or even Windows Firewall on your target PC? Can you ping the target PC by hostname? Ping it by IP? Which version of RDP are you using? Are you trying to connect to the desktop from within that network our from outside? If outside, does the target PC have a static IP? Port forwarding setup to that IP in your firewall? If inside the network have you tried connecting via IP and via Hostname?
  8. Usernames

    Where does nLite store the usernames created by the GUI? I looked in txtsetup.sif and winnt.sif but couldn't locate them. It seems that the names I create accumulate from build to build. I like to import the settings from the previous builds to save time as opposed to creating a new project, but when I remove a user from the GUI and then create a new user, that install of XP has both users. Even if I rename an existing user, the old name still shows up as a user account in Windows. I can manually delete them from within Windows or even through a script, but I'd rather not have to. Thanks
  9. nlite not creating image

    define "not working"... is it greyed out? does it "click"... does anything happen when you click the "Make ISO" button? Does it start the process and freeze, or not even start the process? Under "Mode" do you have "Create Image"? ISO Engine = default? Boot Sector = default? upload a screenshot of your screen with teh Make ISO button or give us more info...
  10. nLite crashes

  11. How to 'auto exit' from Run once script

    There is a command "Exit". However, it may not work. If you tried it and it did not work, here is the issue. In normal Windows operations a parent process must remain active until its child processes have completed their exectution. The odds are that one of the .exe's you are calling is remains running or fails to return execution to command.com. If either or both remain running, then you can try this. %systemdrive%\install\foobar.bat create a batch file called foobar.bat and place it in the install folder... foobar.bat should read: start NETFXAIO.EXE start jre6u4.exe cls exit
  12. asistance

    have you considered the possibility that nLite does not SUCK, but in fact you just lack the basic knowledge to burn an ISO? Maybe you should google "creating an iso for dummies" before you come on here flaming a free program that works perfectly for thousands of others who DO possess the basic knowledge to burn a DVD ISO.... I have no issues buring the nLite ISO to DVD and nLite is probably the best free program I have come across in decades. AWESOME JOB NUHI!
  13. successful sp3 integration, but why so GUI?

    Or you could read the last post! Repartition=Yes will format the first available drive without prompting you to select a partition. However, you need to also remove FileSystem=* which will prompt you to enter a partition type. Without FileSystem=*, NTFS will automatically be selected.
  14. successful sp3 integration, but why so GUI?

    It's your product key. There are too many x's.... OR... It could be that your missing [unattended] Repartition="Yes" And you absolutely have to lose this line: FileSystem=* That command tells Windows to prompt you to chose a file system during the text phase of the install. If you are using $OEM$ folders, you also have to change OemPreinstall="No" to OemPreinstall="Yes"
  15. is there an optiom for display "quick launch" toolbar?

    kels, awesome, hats off to you... you can also create a profile on an xp machine including quicklaunch, wallpaper, desktop icons, pretty much anything you want and copy the profile to $OEM$>$Docs>All Users... this gives you much more power than just quick launch..