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  1. hello all, im working on a school project using java i need to code a java program that can browse through directories (like the 'dir' command in the command prompt), and then output selected file names and paths into a text file. I know how to output to a text file, but to browse through directories and to somehow get the file names and paths is a mystery to me even after searching around for a while on google. I would really appreciate any help anyone could give me thanks alot
  2. helo everyone. ive tried reinstalling firefox. it is defiinitely an external process. scanning under safe mode didnt help. hijack this didnt help (ive tried it before as laready mentioned) sleepnmojo, what is the next thing i should check up? now that it is understood that it is an external process?
  3. that woudlnt work i think because it seems to be an external process that starts the pages. the fix i mentioned before didnt work, my problem is still there. ill try reinstall and see what happens
  4. ok guys, as mentioned in original post ive scanned using all the big anti spyware programs but thanks for the tip on plugins, i checked the extensions and all the extensions are normal, but when i checked the plugins folder i found "Icenet" corporation dlls and even a netpumper plugin dll. From previous knowledge i know that netpumper plugin is spyware. so this may have been the problem, the only way is to wait and see. thanks for the help everyone edit: forgot to mention, id already checked the processes list one by one, nothing suspicious on it
  5. Hello fellow anti spyware soldiers my firefox 1.0.4 has been infected by something! every 2 minutes one of my open tabs redirects itself to either : smileycentral, dirty hippo, spotsearch, or hotpussysingles. its SO annoying and i cant find out what the spyware is! i have ewido, spybot, adaware, counterspy, hijack this, spyware blaster, spyware guard, NONE of them pick it up, even with realtime protection on . Ive scanned my computer with all of these softwares and removed some other misc spyware, but this problem doesnt seem to go away! help me defeat these evail invaders!
  6. thanks everybody for the fast response, jdoe both of your ideas didnt work, i had tried putting that " mark before and it didnt help jaclaz is right though , its as if command interpreter thinks that one of the parameters is a file name. Ill try your idea jaclaz tommorow ASAP thanks alot all!
  7. hi everyone, i need some help making a batch file in win xp pro sp1 the following code is in the batch file, basically it is starting freeenc.exe which is an encoder , and the text that comes after freeenc.exe is supposed to be the switches that i want to use with freenc, and yes they are the right switches for the program. The problem is when i run this, windows gives me a File Not Found error this is my first time writing a batch file, im pretty sure i got the syntax wrong or something like that,...please anyone help? start /wait "C:\Program Files\DIKO\FreeEnc\FreeEnc.exe /i "C:\finals\scripts\11.avs" /o "C:\finals\mpvs\11.mpv" /2 /b 2000 /aspectratio 4:3 /gopsize 18 /maxbitrate 4000 /priority 5 /dc 8 /mpeg2 /scene /extreme /maxbframes 2 /kvcd /auto /close
  8. emm yes i know about that but that doesnt have the option for showing folders in list view check it out ull see what i mean...
  9. hi all, ive been trying to apply the list folder view to a particular folder and all subfolders but i cant find a way to do it... for example i want to be able to make c:\downloads\ show up in list view and all the dirs beneath that to have list view as well anybody know how this is possible? thanks!
  10. shadowfla

    XPdeploy 0.1b

    hey wraith man, i have a few questions would it be possible to have this run at the beginning of the installation? in that way you wouldnt have to come in halfway thru the installation to select which programs u want to install.... say it comes at the start of the installation, and then depending on what boxes are ticked, it generates an xml file that xplode can use to install? would that be possible? this way you wouldnt ahve to select halfway thru the installation
  11. so, any news on making the tool work from win2k?
  12. wtf, see what i mean! why is N-E-O-W-I-N (remove dashes) replaced by <<spam>> in my post? thats probably why u guys are hatin on the tool any explanation for a newbie to this forum? why is n-e-o-w-i-n replaced by <<spam>>? and u guys should at least look at it before assuming all that
  13. guys guys , that is NOT what i meant!! nuhi , i meant that i am reducing the size of my xp source, but ur tool doesnt work on win2k os, i have to use it on another computer, try and make the tool work so that u can use it on w2k , to reduce the size of xp source! on win2k it stops at the part for building file list, and it doesnt continue i tried on another os and it works fine somebody else also said that it doesnt work on w2k any way to fix it nuhi? thx!
  14. first of all, whoever said that u cant add custom programs, u just edit the custom progfiles db in the directory and u can add ur own programs, easy as pie second of all, download the ultralite edition and its just hotfixes and critical updates third, the patches arent old fourth ALANOLL u have no idea, u can easily just edit out the things u dont want to be installed, u can see all of the program files being installed, if u dont want them u can delete them off the core.lst, and then delete the installation file, which saves space fifth, somebody said u have to redownload the whole thing again? HA! there are updates that are like only 5 mb so u dont have to sixth, to the guy on the top of this thread with the yellow smily avatar, u can edit which files u want to install! and u can remove things u dont want to install! seventh, i posted this here for people who dont want to waste time setting up svcpack.inf and all them other methods since i already have done that im gonna be usin xplode instead but if i handt i see nO REASON why this shouldnt be used, yall are hatin on it cos its too 'easy' or cos its '<<spam>>' and 'we hate <<spam>>' , u forget there are alot of people who are lookin for something just like this so ya
  15. u guys need to add a few thingS! Cselect, a very useful XPlode configuration tool should be on there and also the tool that some guy made (sorry forgot the name) to reduce the size of ms office installs and i agree nlite should go on there, its been tested, it works , except for win2k doesnt work so you cudl just mention that?
  16. you guys dont have to use svcpack.inf , or other random waste of time methods ....do this! download autopatcher xp, and use its silent install switches from [guirunonce] to silently install ALL updates to windows xp!! it installs : Microsoft Windows XP Pre-SP2 Patches - Critical Updates (36) Q319233 Keypad "=" Key May Not Work on NEC PC98 USB Keyboard Q322011 You Cannot Preview a Fax in the Fax Console Q323183 Availability of Windows XP Service Pack 1 Support for Bluetooth Wireless Devices Q324230 A Domain Driver-Signing Policy Is Not Applied Q326119 Event Viewer May Show IrEvents Error 8205 If the Irmon Service Is Stopped Q328070 Netmeeting Does Not Disconnect When You Use It Through a Windows XP Firewall Q328237 Some Programs Do Not Work As Expected When Large Files Are Opened Q329457 Computer Seems to Hang When You Log On Q329692 Explorer.exe May Generate an Application Error When You Close a Folder Q329909 IEEE 1394 Storage Device Detection Does Not Work When the System Resumes Standby or Hibernation Q330512 The Processor Performance State Is Not Restored to the Maximum State If the CPU Runs at 100 Percent Q810032 Panasonic DV Camera May Not Enumerate Q810217 Unchecked buffer in workstation service Q811114 Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Services (May 2003) Q811789 QFE: Surprise Removal of 1394 Device Can Cause Bluescreen Error Q812415 Problems When Your Computer with Multiple ATA Drives Enters the S1 Power State Q815411 Heap Algorithm Update for Atypically Large Heap Requests Q817027 Windows XP Kernel Update Q820128 Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) Kernel Rollup Hotfix Package Q823182 Vulnerability in Authenticode Verification Could Allow Remote Code Execution Q823291 File List in the Windows Explorer Folder Is Not Refreshed After You Create, Move, or Delete Files Q824105 Flaw in NetBIOS Could Lead to Information Disclosure Q824141 Buffer Overrun in the ListBox and in the ComboBox Control Could Allow Code Execution Q825119 Buffer Overrun in Windows Help and Support Center Could Lead to System Compromise Q826939 Update Rollup 1 Package Q826942 Wireless Update Rollup Package for Windows XP is Available Q826959 Computer Stops Responding (Hangs) When You Try to Bring It out of Standby or out of Hibernation by Using a USB Device Q828028 An ASN .1 Vulnerability Could Allow Code Execution Q828035 Buffer Overrun in Messenger Service Could Allow Code Execution Q828940 Wireless Client Cannot Reconnect to a Wireless Access Point Q829637 Programs That Run Correctly with Windows 2000 Do Not Run Correctly with Window XP Q830903 A file in a network folder opens as read-only or returns an error message that the file type cannot be recognized Q831651 "The roaming profile cannot be found" error message occurs when you log on to your network from a Windows XP-based computer Q833407 A critical update is available to remove unacceptable symbols from the Bookshelf Symbol 7 font Q834372 Computer's DNS name appears with a trailing period (.) in the DNS name box in Windows XP Q836528 A Tool is Available to Remove the MyDoom and Doomjuice Worm Varients Microsoft Windows XP Pre-SP2 Patches - Recommended Updates (29) Q327405 Windows XP Documentation Update Can Help You Understand How to Make Your Computer More Secure (Home) Q327405 Windows XP Documentation Update Can Help You Understand How to Make Your Computer More Secure (Pro) Q327979 Game Stops Responding (Hangs) or Quits Unexpectedly When Introductory Video Clip Is Played Q330836 Shortcuts to Mapped Drives on Windows 95 or Windows 98 May Not Work in Windows XP Q810243 DirectShow Playback Support for Files Recorded with Windows XP Media Center Edition Q810272 Windows Hardware Compatibility Audio Test Causes Computer to Stop Responding Q813862 Updates On-Screen Keyboard Q814995 Some Application Compatibility Fixes Stop Working After You Install the 328310 Update Q816736 CD-RW Drive Does Not Eject Blank Media Q816979 Installation of KB 329115 Hotfix May Leave Temporary Folder Q816982 Installation of KB 329390 Hotfix May Leave a Temporary Folder Q817589 TV Tuner Stops Responding Q817778 Advanced Networking Pack for Windows XP Q820291 New "Set Program Access and Defaults" Start Menu Icon and Help Content Are Available for Windows XP Q821588 Error Message If You Use Backup in Windows XP to Restore a Tape Made in Windows Server 2003. Q822603 Availability of the Windows XP SP1 USB 1.1 and 2.0 Update Q823354 Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager for Windows XP Q831240 HighMat CD Burning Update Q833330 Blaster Virus Removal Patch Q833998 Shop for Music Online Link Q834709 Bitmaps are colored incorrectly on mirrored displays in Windows XP Q835318 - Print server becomes sluggish or has too many named pipe connections from Windows XP-based computers Group Policy Management Console Update (Includes Q326469) Microsoft Data Access Components Update Microsoft Visual Basic Libraries (VB6 SP6) Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 Remote Desktop Connection 5.2 Update SafeDisc Windows XP Fix Update for Windows Error Reporting Microsoft Internet Explorer Patches (6) Q813503 Dynamically Adding and Removing an IFRAME with Filters Causes Internet Explorer to Crash Q824463 Scaled Images Are Not Sized Correctly and Leave Gaps Between the Images Q826940 Internet Explorer Unexpectedly Quits When You Use It to View a Web Page that Contains VML Q827057 Internet Explorer Unexpectedly Close When You Leave the Pointer on the Text in the DHTML Editor Q831167 Wininet retries POST requests with a blank header Q832894 Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer (February, 2004) Microsoft Outlook Express Patches (2) Q330994 Cumulative Patch for Outlook Express (April, 2003) Q820369 MAPIAddress and MAPIResolveName Do Not Return Names for Distribution Lists When Outlook Express Is Your Default E-Mail Client Optional Windows Components (73) Bootvis Tool (version 1.3.37) Copy Profile Tool Euro Conversion Tool European Windows XP Font Conversions MSN Messenger 6.1.0211 Remove Windows Messenger 4.7 Windows Messenger 5.0.0482 Microsoft Virtual Machine (Build 3809.0) Microsoft Virtual Machine (Update to Build 3810.0) Microsoft Virtual Machine Patch (Q329077) Microsoft Virtual Machine Diagnostics Microsoft Virtual Machine Removal Tool Sun Java 1.4.2_04 Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 1.2 Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 Update (Q832483) Microsoft DirectX 9.0b Q825116 - NTSC-J, PAL, or SECAM-Formatted TV Tuner No Longer Works Correctly After Upgrade to DirectX 9.0b Q830363 - Your video appears in the preview window for only a few seconds in your video capture program Q831937 - Digital Video Decoder and Multiplexer Hotfix for DirectX 9.0, 9.0a, and 9.0b Managed DirectX Update Microsoft DirectX 9.0b Control Panel Shortcut Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 Replication File Update Microsoft Port Reporter Service Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Update (KB824629) Microsoft Rights Add-On for Internet Explorer Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer Microsoft Windows XP PowerToys Background Switcher Powertoy Calculator PowerToy Command Window Here PowerToy Desktop Manager PowerToy Desktop Wallpaper Changer PowerToy Highlighter PowerToy HTML Generator PowerToy Image Resizer PowerToy Internet Explorer Find Bar PowerToy ISO Recorder PowerToy Magnifier PowerToy Microsoft Font Properties Extension Powertoy Microsoft Internet Explorer Image Zoom Powertoy Shell Audio Player Powertoy Target Context Menu PowerToy Task Switcher PowerToy TimerShot PowerToy Tweakomatic PowerToy TweakUI 2.10 TweakUI 2.10 Control Panel Shortcut Video ScreenSaver PowerToy Windows Media Player 9 PowerToy Microsoft XML 3.0 SP4 Critical Update for MSXML 3.0 SP4 - Q832414 Microsoft XML 4.0 SP2 Critical Update for MSXML 4.0 SP2 - Q832414 User Profile Hive Cleanup Service Windows Media Player 9 Windows Media Player 9 Update (Build 3075) Windows Media Player 9 CD Codec Pack (Official) Windows Media Player 9 Video Codec Pack (Official) Windows Media Player 9 DVD Decoder Pack (Un-Official) Windows Media Player 9 MP3 Encoding Ability (Un-Official) FIX: Windows Media Player 9 Series May Not Be Able to Connect Through an Authenticated Proxy 2.0 Proxy Server FIX: Java Runtime Does Not Initialize the Windows Media Player 9 OCX Control in Netscape Navigator FIX: Hardware-Created ASF Files Stop Playing in Media Player 9 Series Windows Media Player 9 Update (Build 3093) Windows Media Player 9 Tweak MP PowerToy Windows Movie Maker 2.0 Windows Rights Management Client 1.0 Rights Management Add-On for Internet Explorer Windows XP 24-bit Sounds Bonus Features (35) 3D Windows XP ScreenSaver Adaptec ASPI Layer for Windows XP Bliss ScreenSaver CopyProfile Tool Delete ASP.NET User Account created by .NET Framework 1.1 Delete New Windows XP Wallpapers Delete Old Win9x Style Wallpapers Delete Windows Default ScreenSavers Desktop Icon Restore Tool Device Manager Shortcut to All Programs Menu Eight Addition Windows Type Wallpapers Euro Fonts Update Google Toolbar Hive Cleanup tool IE Spy-Ad Install Internet Explorer Spellcheck Tool Install Microsoft Windows Uptime Tool Ink Redist Macromedia Flash Player Macromedia Shockwave Player (10.0.262) Microsoft American Flag ScreenSaver Microsoft Valentine's Day ScreenSaver Microsoft Virtual CD Tool MSN Messenger Plus! 2.54 MSN Messenger Plus! Handwriting Tool Ink Redistributable <<spam>> ScreenSaver (XP Logon Hack) New Zealand Bliss Wallpaper from Microsoft PortReporter Tool PowerMenu Replace 8-Bit Shutdown and Logoff Icons with 32-Bit Icons on Windows Classic Theme Startup CPL Startup Monitor UxTheme.dll Patcher Windows Media Player Classic version Registry Tweaks (60) Add Administrative Tools to Control Panel Add ControlUserPasswords2 To the Control Panel Add Encrypt to Right Click Menu Add "Icon Cache Size" to Folder Options Menu Add Notepad to "Open With" Option on all files with unknown Extension Add "Open In New Window" to Right-Click Menu Add Recent Documents to the Classic Menu Add Self Registration to DLLs and OCX Add 'Services' to the right-click menu of 'My Computer' Add "Switch User" to the Start Menu Allow renaming of Recycle Bin Alphabetically arrange the Start Menu Automatically turns on ClearType Control Panel Default to Classic View Disable Automatic Restart in case of a BSOD Disable Auto-Refresh of Icons Disable AVI Previewing Disable Bad DNS Caching in IE Disable Balloon Tips Disable Compression of Files during cleanup Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard Disable Error Reporting Disable Imapi CD-Burning Service Disable Internet Explorer's "Just In Time" Debugger Disable Language Bar. Disable Low Disk Space Warning Disable Messenger Service Disable Remote Registry Service Disable Shared Documents Disable "Shortcut To" on Shortcuts Disable SSPD and UPNP Services Disable System Beep Disable Unread Mail Showing on Welcome Screen Disable "Web Service" to find file extensions Disable Welcome Screen (Force Classic Logon) Disable Windows Built-In Zip File Support Disable Windows Time Service Disable Windows Tour Bubble Enable Boot Optimization Enable CD Autorun (if disabled) Enable ClearType on the Welcome Screen Enable "Copy To" and "Move To" menus for all files and folders Enable "Old Style Search" like on Windows 2000 Enable "Open With" on Right-Click Menu Enlarge Folder View Size to 8000. Increases Icon Cache Size to 12 MB Increase max simultaneous downloads in Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Will not Reuse Windows Place My Computer, My Docs, Etc on Desktop Prevent Effects Options From Being Greyed Out Remove "Common Tasks" from Desktop Remove Recent Documents from Start Menu Remove Shortcut Arrow on all Shortcuts Set "My Computer" as the First Icon, instead of "My Documents" Speed Up Internet Explorer Speed Up Locked up programs. Speed up Menu Boxes (Set to 0). Speed Up Network Browsing. Speed Up the way Zip files function in XP Turn On NumLock Key ALL OF THIS FROM ONE EXECUTABLE CALLED FROM GUIRUNONCE! stop wasting time!! go there now! www.autopatcher.com
  17. yo nuhi could yu please find a way to make this work on Windows 2000? thx for the good work m8
  18. shadowfla

    XPdeploy 0.1b

    hey man u could checkout the CSelect tool somebody ( i think kman?) made in the xplode forum...it might help, since it does sorta the same thing, but without the fancy graphics cool idea man
  19. hey man nuhi great tool i tried using it on my win xp professinal sp1a integrated files and it decompressed all drivers, cos when i go into the folder where winxp is, i see a massive 300mb drivers folder, but the problem is i think it hangs halfway, i dont think its recompressing them or something like that?
  20. DOPE!!! develop this fast mate, i ll need this shizel for my IT project!
  21. ermmm ..........ok........ lol, nah just kidding mate good work, ill be needin those!
  22. dopeness,, anyone know a tool that can make ascii text that shows up as proper nfo type text?

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