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  1. here is the for silent install and after making exe file of silent install i used this procedure ADDON METHOD Copy and paste [between the lines] into Notepad __________________ [general] builddate=2006/11/25 description= language= title= version= website= [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] example.exe ____________________ Change example.exe with the actual switch-less installer name you are using Save this file as Entries_exampleAddon.ini Put the emample.exe into a folder named SVCPACK use rar or 7zip to package the ini file and the svcpack folder together with the same name as the ini file but nlite is not accepting the file for nero i dont know why i do same procedure for msn, itunes and winamp.. successfully added to my xp cd .. but in case of nero the error is as follows Unsupported File K:\Nero.7z can't able to understand.. one thing i want to confirum my procedure .. for making silent install 1st i have to install the main exe file into a folder .. then zip it using 7zip. in ultra mode, and put it into a folder.. after it i have to copy a file named as 7zS.sfx and then write the config file as i upload it .. after it i used this command copy /b 7zs.sfx + config.txt + (whatever the archive name).7z (Installer_Name).exe and one exe file is created that is silent instell kindly tell me is that procedure is right ? plz mention here my mistakes .. config.7z
  2. i have downloaded the file now i want to make an add-on of it ... should i create directly cab file of it ? or doing complete process for making silent install ? or its allready an a silent install file ?
  3. excuse me guyes ... i have a problem .. i make 7zip files according the procedure define earlier ..than make it cab file .. but as the windows in last stage there is a msg "7.zip The System Cannot fine the file" can any one help me ?
  4. i checked ur link hmmm but i want ask about its switch .. if u use nlite add-on software for making cab file what switch will use for kaspersky
  5. from where i get this file PEiD.exe plz provide the link
  6. Not Found The requested URL /codomain/peid was not found on this server http://peid.tk/ the files is not found ...
  7. its for vista ... i need add-on itune 7.62 for xp
  8. need help for msn switch i have msn 8.1 and also switch for Kasper sky also want to install its key.
  9. i want to make kaspersky add-on includding its key, can any one help me ? and i also want to ask about swtiches, as i want to make msn messenger add-on from where i got it's switch
  10. i want to add my Creative Audigy 2 drivers in my xp cd, how can i do this ?
  11. hmmm ya i saw it now .. thnx

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