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  1. Thanx HOLLOW! Ok next question. If I have created switchless installers for all of my programs am I correct in assuming I do not need to add switches to the RunOnceEx.cmd file?
  2. First let me thank you for your replies. Second let me tell you that I think my brain is going to explode. I have been going through the guide that -X- has provided and I am making my way through. I have gone through the beginners section and feel comfortable with slipstreaming service packs and updates. Now I am on to the Intermediate section and I find myself scratching my head alot. I have found that the guide recomends batch files and RunOnceEx but it looks like nLite is doing most of the work through svcpack.inf I am wondering is there a benefit to using one over the other? or are there just three ways of doing the same thing? I'm sure I will have a lot of questions as I go through the guide and I hope you all will bear with me. As always I will search the forum before posting any questions here. Also should I be posting further questions as a new topic or just a reply to this one. Thanx everyone!
  3. Hi everyone I am trying to find out if it is possible to do what nlite does without nlite. I am not trying to avoid giving credit where credit is due. I will be the first to admit that nlite is the most powerful unattended tool I have ever seen or used, however it is for Personal Use Only and I need to create install discs that I can do with what I please and that is why I am wondering if there is even any possible way to do what nlite does without a programming background.
  4. Not the Colorful OEM Disc from dell this is a genuine MS OEM Halogram disc. no nlite, or slipstreams. SP2
  5. Ok here is my problem I am trying to do a reinstall of XP Professional on a Dell Tower. It gets all the way through the install process but once completed it requires me to activate before the first login. I cant activate over the internet due to lack of drivers so I click on activate over the phone and I get no installation id which makes it very hard to activate according to MS if anyone has some insight to this problem it would be much appreciated. I am going to try another disc. I will post what happens. Thanks Everyone
  6. I will try to get this going for you. I have not found a link to the windows install files for GAP or Help. Do you have a link for these? Let me know.
  7. I have been looking and have not found a release of AVG 8.5, and it seems others are looking for it as well so I made one and tested it last night. It does not install the avg toolbar and it keeps enabled the scheduled scan and the auto updates. Anyways here you go. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?wwg5aym4moi Mirror: http://depositfiles.com/files/7ub9g2h15 MD5: B0BBCE76FA71F4F65655A8091BD1690C Size: 63.7 MiB Languages: en
  8. Sorry about the wrong post location I wasn't sure if application installs was were this belonged or if it belonged here, and I didn't want to double post. And definitely thanks for the hosting information!
  9. I am currently working on an AVG 8.5 nlite silent installer and I dont know how to go about hosting it somewhere that will allow a large amount of downloads as this seems to be a very popular request. Any help would be appreciated. I am also updating several other addons I would like to post. Thanks cmonkedo
  10. Never mind. I found that you just have to select "recurse subdirectories" which will then add the folder. duh!
  11. Cannot cabpack both svcpack folder and entries_.ini file into one .cab file it only copies the entries_.ini file into the .cab file how do I include sub directories with cab pack?
  12. Ok I have just tried the sp3 install and this did not fix the issue. I was wondering if the order in which I place the silent installs for the programs I want matters or if this could mess any installs up ie. windows installer? I will continue my crusade to fix this issue rather than chalking it up to the screw it pile and just making a new disc. Oh yeah I will continue to use this topic as a neat way to talk to myself.
  13. ok johnhc I attached the .ini to the original post. Oh and thanks for the amazingly fast response. One thing I am currently trying is to repeat the issue and then apply sp3 just to see if this is a possible fix to my screw up. I dont want to do this but in the interim I can still avoid having to install all my software and win updates after a full attended install. I will keep you posted.
  14. *UPDATED* attached last session.ini Hello everyone, I have just updated my nlite install and now when I run through the setup and get to the desktop I cannot install any other software. I receive an error that the windows installer service could not be reached. I have done some reading and have tried the msicuu2 utility but that will not install either. I also do not have a remove option in add/remove programs, and the spunist.exe folder for installer 3.1 is missing. I did some digging and the windows installer service is not listed in the services.msc I can install windows installer 4.5 but the issue remains. I am installing a lot of other updates and quite a few programs during the unattended install but the only things that are different are some windows updates. I dont know if other windows updates could cause this. But there is no errors during the unattended install. By the way it is xp home. Thanks for all your help! LAST_SESSION.INI
  15. Can anyone help me with creating a bootable xp recovery partition. Here is my ideal scenario... I create an nlite xp iso, copy that iso to the recovery partition at some point before windows boots I am prompted to press some key to begin recovery, at this point it loads the .iso I follow the usual steps in my nlited os install and away I go. I am sorry if this belongs some place else I searched several different forums and did not see anything regarding this type of situation. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. QUALITY RESPONSE! That is the truest thing spoken about Win ME. I know it crashes often but some customers still love it. who knows what runs through peoples minds. thx for the response.
  17. I know the rules so pls read carfully I am wondering if anyone knows where you can still buy windows me discs. I do not want the liscense just the Microsoft OEM full bootable cd. if anyone knows the mysterious location of one of these discs. its like trying to find a unicorn.
  18. Nod32 is stating this file as well as its download site contains a trojan variant. me very confused??? I have read that this is a false pos with avg where people say to use a better antivir software I have found nod32 to be at least one of the top 5. help pls.
  19. This is awsome I am a huge fan nod32. Do you know of anyway to run gui nod32 3.x from flash drive? Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Does the anytime upgrade dvd contain all of the full versions of vista and can i use this disc to create vlite discs?
  21. Can anyone explain to me how to find the switches for a program on my own? obviously besides searching these forums or checking online, I would like to know how to do this manually.

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