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  1. My sysprep.inf: I'm running sysprep with: c:\sysprep\sysprep -mini -reseal
  2. Hi, I'm trying to move XP created in virtual enviroment to physical machine. I was reading on V2P conversion on vmware site http://www.vmware.com/support/v2p/index.html and couldn't get my virtual image to work on HP PC. I am doing sysprep with my custom sysprep.inf for mini setup but that doesn't seem to make any difference. The PC boots goes to safe and other modes prompt, after any selection PC restarts and same prompt again. Can you please tell me if there's a guide on V2P or something? Thanks
  3. Hey thanks for reply, I tried below: C:\>type h:\file c:\windows C:\>For /F %%A in (h:\file) DO cd %%A %%A was unexpected at this time. no joy... Can you help please?
  4. Hi, thanks for response. Let's say I've got a file called myfile with 1 line written in it: c:\windows Is there any way of calling dos cd comman and pass that line from the file so result would be cd c:\windows ? Thanks for your help
  5. I've got a vbs script which reads argument and takes it as a variable i.e. myscript.vbs /var:1 my script reads this as StrMyvar = Wscript.Arguments.Named("var") Is there any way of passing value to var from file in Linux it would look like this myscript /var:`cat /path/to/file` what is the equivalent of this in DOS?
  6. Hi, I wonder if somebody could help me with RLE format please. I'm trying to change my bios POST picture from HP to a custom one, I have downloaded the current image which only has 4 colours and I wonder if there's any way of setting number of colours to 16? See file attached Thanks very much for your help! test.bmp
  7. Hi, Is there any other way of editing startup/shutdown script policy instead of gpedit.msc? If somebody could please point me to the right direction of doing this via registry or vbs, i'd much appreciate it! cheers
  8. Thanks a lot, I'm not sure why did that work this time (maybe some changes were made after I booted to d: by removing c:) but I had the value you suggested set to 1 before and it didn't work. well anyway thanks a lot you made my day (:
  9. Hi, I'm having trouble configuring primary and backup OS boots on windows 2003 server ####setup#### Here's boot.ini from c: drive and boot.ini from d: drive This is disk management once booted to Windows Server 2003, Standard ####running#### I'm getting first screen saying: Please select operating system to start: Windows Server 2003, Standard Backup Windows Server 2003, Standard I choose backup and I get the error saying: However if I remove the C: disk I'm able to boot from D: has anybody got any ideas what I do wrong?

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