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  1. Hi, There is always an Update that is missing and I dont know how to. I even did installed Unofficial SP4 in a copy of "Windows" directory "WinNT" and this does not installs.
  2. I'm coding for phpBB2 and 3, and for a CMS that work with both, so if I can be any help just ask.
  3. Hi, Looks like someone stoled the win2k or nt sp4 source code from a friend who worked @ MS. Then he tryed to recompile the source and asked for help on a public forum. Someone pointed that he need the tollkit and Windows 2000 SDK. Of cource he download the XP SDK or someting else plus he edited a bunch of makefile-s to fit his directory stucture. Later he deleted all modified files, ziped the folder(s) and added the incompleate source code to torents in 2006 and is still there...
  4. Maybe, but I still think that we need a domain with a forum and a download manager both with internal (team only) and public sections. Then we can open a topic for every win98 file in the internal section and start the review.
  5. It's better if a domain will be provided for this project and not a shared forum. Plus we may need permission for Microsoft if we will share the source code with all coders in internal development forum. I can undestend that Win98 is not supported anymore but everytime we recompile the files with VC9 and new res files we add new features that come from a supported OS.
  6. Latest version of Windows (08 Server) was released @ microsoft.com site and can be downloaded for free then you most purcase a licence and activate online in 128 days. So, I think is not big deal now to make a development team and integrate latest service pack in 3 bootable iso (retail, oem and upgrade) with wich we can do same thing and don't include any volume key or keygen. Or? PS, See my thread so you can test my integration. I only fogot to upgrade some icons in all colors deep like the one for Volume Control.
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