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  1. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, setup additional fonts are requires in winpe. Add "winpe-fontsupport-zh-cn.cab " to windows Pe will solve your problem.
  2. I said I did that in my first post. I'm asking you not only to add it to library, but to set it as default, using this method now, it's working for me, please share, what's not working.
  3. It's easy to boot 3 or even 4 OS, but why? At any given time you can only run 1 OS, why not use VM? I'm running windows 7, there's vm to test my deployment, and linux, don't see benefit of dual boot or tri boot. XP mode is accessible for windows 7 pro and ultimate, ensure that your CPU have VT support.
  4. @LordFett Go to documents library, it will say Includes: 2 location, click on 2 location, right click on the location you want to set as default, and set it, now everything go there by default . @showtimeftp For Windows 7 it's easy to move My document, thus don't mess with registry like good old XP. If you want to move profiles (c:\user), just make use of ntfs symbolic link (mklink), it can be done safely without touching registry. To repair your user profile problem, put in your windows 7 installation, mount sources\install.wim, use robocopy, copy user directory form your mount path to c drive, that will solve your problem. Wim itself is a compress file, like zip, rar, 7z is able to open it and extract files without mounting, however will the security, attribute, be copy is the question. If you try the 7z extraction method, please post your result.
  5. Why not, just install all the program, you need, sysprep it, wim it, replace install.wim, add in unattended script, create DVD, it's easier, and install faster.
  6. Regardless if you choose to upgrade or clean install form your upgrade pack, remember to do a disk image after successful upgrade, else you have to install vista and windows 7, if a reinstall is required. Disk image can be done using, third party application, or what's built in windows, access in control panel, system and restore, backup and restore, there's an option to create a system image.
  7. Unless you have programs, needed for day to day functions, with missing installer/key, I would suggest a clean install, having seen a failed 7 upgrade, leaving user with missing programs and data, myself with panic and hypertension, once bitten twice shy, now i would make a disk image before i do any upgrade. You had probably purchase windows 7 for the promises of speed improvement, if it's going to inherit junk that you have installed in vista, which slow down the computer, and defeat the purpose, thus take this opportunity to remove them, restoring your computer to its once glory state, a clean and fast machine.
  8. Btw you can capture sysprep image in wim, use it in you windows 7 installation disk, for deployment, system reserve partition will be present, and ability to add last minutes mass storage drivers. I would would suggest check OPK, to create recovery that large oem like hp, dell, have been offering, for value adding.
  9. If your goal is to install faster, sysprep, cloning only take 5 min, everything can be done under 20min, whereas a normal setup takes more than 20minl, and that's without drivers and essential program.

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