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  1. You should have made a boot file in your root dir 4 characters in upper case to whatever you want and has to be the same name as your boot folder like so. "PRO1.DAT" "PRO1" XP boot folder The reason you get the error message can't find NTLDR is you haven't specified correctly in your root boot DAT file your boot folder location or not at all. Its looking for I386 dir so if you have not changed this and named correctly you will get it. Look below and edit your DAT file i use winhex and at the end of the file change I386 to PRO1 you only have room to use 4 characters or you will corrupt the file. PRO1.DAT edit this and search for I386 its at end of file and change to PRO1 and name your XP boot folder PRO1 too. In your case your boot file is booting up and hanging and cant find your boot folder. Make sure you use uppercase for the root boot .DAT file also. You can make as many boot folders and DAT boot files as you want making sure they all point to there right directorys. If you get constant reboot and no error message NTLDR then you have not edited setupldr.bin in your boot folder 4 times and replace I386 to PRO1 following the example above.
  2. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=19634 I have posted an answer above but... it also might be VMWARE is running out of memory running an os in another os takes up lots of resources even on a mighty 3.0ghz 512mb pc. Close as much junk programs down as you can in memory or reboot your pc before running. I used vmware as alot swear by it being slightly faster than virtual pc but i use virtual pc never had a problem with it. You have 2 choices when you use gosh's slimming method it will create "$WIN_NT$.~BT" and "$WIN_NT$.~LS". You will always need BT one as thats your boot folder but the LS is your install folder and you can use this OR you can use your original XP folder it will still work but then the point of the method is to save space and speed up install so rename "$WIN_NT$.~LS" to XPPRO or whatever and edit your txtsetup.sif in your now renamed XPPRO folder and find sourcepath and edit it to point to XPPRO or whatever you renamed it.
  3. no i dont add ms java vm thru another file and i truly have sp1a Edit: yes it is weird, checking my updates i have noticed 2 updates of 286k so realising its not the full updates but the express installers so may of affected the final result. This is easy to miss as jono's update downloader did just that not get the full updates but the odd express install. Oh Alanoll nice work with the Updates2.cmd. Is it upto date as of today?
  4. Well i integrate sp1a into xpcreate and windows update telling me i need that update.
  5. Run XPCREATE first then run NLite afterwards. Peeps have had problems intergrating Q816093 304930 Microsoft VM Update into xp sp1 if you copy this file msjavwu.exe to SVC-HF2 you shouldnt have any problems. Its not mentioned on XPCREATE website.
  6. Use the search and you will find solutions
  7. I've managed to get Linux Knoppix booting off AIO. Knoppix is a bootable linux to run off a cd. This is what i did. Update 27 May 04 Moving the isolinux folder to your AIO boot folder causes loading of the knoppix boot screen while loading an other os. So this is now corrected. Thanks to FBi_ Instructions Goto http://www.knoppix.org/ to get it. Edit your iso(try winrar or ultraiso) and extract the knoppix folder to your AIO folder and then extract the isolinux folder to AIO also. Example C:\AIO\knoppix C:\AIO\isolinux No hexing of files to do...shock..gasp All you now left to do in your menu script to run linux is the command bcdw /isolinux/isolinux.bin Always use bcdw not memdisk I didnt mention the -j1 switch in cdimage but this is what i use everytime. the necessary switches are:- -l label "ALLWINDOWS" -t 08/23/2001,09:00:00 -h hidden files & dirs -j1 both joliet and iso-9660 compatible filenames together. -b "loader.bin" -o optimize storage -m ignore maximum image size I love to use cdimageGUI saves alot of time and can experiment with different options. If im experimenting with one os to get it to work i just make an AIO folder with just that os. This saves enourmous time burning the image to test instead of trying to make an iso 4gig big and finding out it dosent work. I just have boot folder files and a dat and whatever else is needed for that os so when i have got it running perfect i add it to the dvd aio folder with the rest. Enjoy
  8. You are missing the files README.HTM WIN51 WIN51IS winbom.ini LICENSE.TXT in your root folder
  9. Yes i know all that. Just adding registry tweaks was no big deal doing it from 1 program all in 1 place enhances the program. Not hard to do
  10. @Sgt_Strider Thats a good question if you update to wmp 9 with XPCREATE whats the point if you going to rip it out with nLite. I think you answered your own question. Due to the success of nLite i can use it as a standard install now with all ripped out. I have been trying to use nLite on a AIO dvd without success so far. I want to make several xp boot dirs pointing to one main nLite xp dir. I create a boot dir(edited setupldr.bin+DAT) copy winnt.sif and txtsetup.sif(edited sourcepath to point to nLite dir) from nLite to the boot folder. It bombs out during setup. I detect i can't do this with nLite somethings at work I rather not have 5 seperate nLite 250-270mb dirs but just 1 and 5 (6mb each) boot folders pointing to that 1 saving space. So then i can have seperate installs autopartition,manual partition,oem etc. Some nice further touches into nLite would be hehe. Nothing like being greedy. Disable All Ballon Tips Remove Shared Documents Remove Documents & Fav folders from Start Menu Optional turn off Recycle Bin Improve Core System Performance Replace IE Homepage Disable Sounds Reduce Time Hung Applications Add Command Prompt Option to Every Folder
  11. I used XPCreate to update all critical updates into xp sp1 which resulted in 610mb I then run nLite removing all same components as mentioned in the first post and resulted in i386 dir being 270mb. Bigger of course this time because of updates included. An increase of 100mb. Installed iso and installed without a hitch. All selected components removed. Used gosh's method of slimming down further it didnt make it any smaller. This must be due to the updates needed.
  12. @GreenMachine slimming down the workload again i c hehe just kidding
  13. @Alanoll thats a tiny price considering what it can do. Now you are really splitting hairs. Thats not the issue here. It works enuff said!
  14. Holy mackeral Holy cow Holy Jesus! First time test on service pack 1 xp i removed all components except for the following. Internet Explorer Outlook Express IFS MS Agent Manual Installation winnt32 Experimental The result.....removed 343mb and i386 dir was now 166mb wow! and built iso no problem. In my root dir there was still dotnetfx.exe dir and files net framework which was 35mb so i delete this as i dont need. Having this gui is easier to remove components and no lots of bat files to run 1 at a time using jdoebeck's method. I dont know if you use the same method to remove files from inf. At first glance it seems more choice of components to remove with nlite. Came to install all fine until 33 min mark installing devices and up popped setup cannot copy the following file s3legacy.sys and also s3legacy.dll which im sure is part of the s3 graphic chipset driver so i cancel and it resumes installing. No more errors popup EDIT: The above s3 error has now been fixed. Boot into windows all components are gone as chosen. Tested using VirtualPc 2004 Great Stuff !! Great Work !! Great Result!! from this 1st release
  15. Which do i do first jdeboeck slimming down or use XPCREATE first or after?
  16. Perfect Result! I have $OEM$ and moved the I386\winnt.sif all to root and it works.
  17. I place winnt.sif in FILESCD\$OEM$\I386 just like you said on your site and found out it dosent work so i opened up the iso and put it in the i386 dir and made a new iso and that still didnt work. So from the posts i gather it work from FILESCD\I386. So i will try that. Take my hat off to you for the work you have done!! compiling these unattends and AIO take along time as it is and it be nice to be given the right info, regards to your workload the wrong info will raise more questions and more workload. Can someone tell me why did jono rename all the files why not just leave them as the original filenames, dosent give you confidence when he jokes about trojans.
  18. i think you will find your links pointing to pro1.dat are wrong or similar Hexedit and check setupldr.bin point to pro1.dat.
  19. goto http://www.911cd.net/forums/index.php?&act=ST&f=11&t=6529 for it
  20. Is it possible to load UltimateBootcd 2.2 ubcd as a image using bcdw ? the iso is 100mb. ok so i scrap this idea and copy all images dir to my aio folder and edit my menu to point to all ultimate boot images. alot easier.
  22. I had the winbom.ini error in virtual pc 2004 i had network setup as none in vp changed to 1 network and it worked fine. I had no os installed and i could only read a: and cdrom: no hard drvives so does there have to be an os on for it to read the hard drives?
  23. I have created a multi aio using flyakites excellent guide. I did fine everything boots except server 2003 which hangs at the start and says "Setup is inspecting your hardware configiuration" full lock. I have to reset. I try also running it from cdshell command prompt with chain /3STD.DAT and same lockup happens. Any Ideas?
  24. Ok i've added 2k,98,nt,xp and cdimage works as soon as i copy more files and use cdimage it runs and bombs out quick. There seems to be a file amount limitation or invalid files. I think i need to add more cdimage settings. Please help. EDIT: Ok i've found the problem cdimage dosent like creating an iso on the same drive as the files so i created to another partition and also using cdimage gui 3 which solves the solution. I stopped using ultraiso as it corrupts the image too much, looking back to old messages alot think the same, so cdimage is king and the best compression.

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