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  1. Vlite 1.2 final has an issue when integrating drivers after SP1 is slipstreamed into Vista Ultimate x64 . Vlite seems to corrupt both AMD AHCI & Realtek LAN drivers during installation of Vista Ultimate x64 too .
  2. Yes, please get rid of that utterly useless waik as it is trash software! It's NOT compatible with Win2K3 Server & Win Vista x64 too.
  3. Nope i can't use that one. I'm using WinXP Pro x64 and not the x86 version.
  4. I have a question, is IE7 already in SP3 or not?
  5. By any change did you remove OOBE? That's needed you know.
  6. Nuhi's Beta 2 patch worked a charm and it would have been better to use WMP11 slipstreamer before nLite so that WMP11 x64 (inc. hotfixes) are fully integrated into my WinXPx64 disk and now all is ok! Not one single error with my WinXPx64 installation disk either! :thumbup
  7. I have discovered the WMP11 slipstreamer only installed the 32-bit version of WMP11 and not the 64-bit version. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions have to be installed and that explains why there were no hotfixes for WMP11 x64. I had to install them both (WMP11 x64 & hotfixes) manually in-order to fix an error with WinXP x64. Otherwise nLite 1.4.5 Beta 2 worked a treat!
  8. What I did first was to create a new WinXP x64 SP2 DVD (with IE7 + WMP11 + WMP11 updates) and at the same time i turned it into an unattended boot disk as well. That one worked a treat. After that, I rebooted my PC and used nLite to copy my new updated DVD to my HDD, i then added WinXP x64 hotfixes plus some other addons and then modded WinXP. Burned it to DVD and now all is ok.
  9. I have also found our, please do not integrate WMP11 x64 into your nlited WinXP x64 installer disk as windows setup does not like it. I must say after finding that one out Nlite 1.4.5 beta 2 did a brilliant job. BTW. Its also not recommend to add any IE7 patches to the installer as the install hates those too.
  10. Edit: It looks like the problem is caused by IE7 integrating. I have re-slipstreamed SP2 back into my WinXPx64_enLite folder and have removed IE7 from the updates section and now all is ok.
  11. Beta 2 has an issue when adding extra WinXP themes and i have also noticed the it does not add IE7 too. The old 1.4 beta did but 1.4.5 beta 2 do not.
  12. The only two issues i have with beta 2 is Windows Time and daylight saving. Windows Time does not see the net and daylight saving (using MS' latest patch) is completely wrong for New Zealand.

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