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  1. You know I would have to agree with Drugwash on this just because of one thing. People downgraded from Vista or refused to buy Vista because they heard about how bad it was. Personally I don't think its that bad. That isn't the point I am trying to make. People wouldn't downgrade or refuse to buy it if other people said not to. So now everyone is talking about how great Win7 is. So in reality their opinions' will have a dramatic effect on the new OS.
  2. Before 1.Diehards like yourselves that just love win98 2. People that can't afford to go newer. That have questions to be answered 3. People that just got an old computer off of (insert relative or friend) . That have questions to be answered. After 1.Diehards are still here but when it is losing compatibility some people just don't want to put in the effort and just move on 2.They are still here but now they are part of the 3's and the old computer they just got has XP on it. So they don't need to ask questions in the win98 forum. You still have people here that can't afford to go newer or inherited a win98 computer but there are less and less everyday . To me we are entering our first cyclical OS stage Now Win98 (great old OS)........Win2k(the forgotten one)...........XP(Widely considered the most complete) Future XP (Great old OS)............Vista(the forgotten one)............Win7(widely considered the most complete) "I Hope Vista is forgotten" Not that I really do just wanted to get that response out of the way before someone else said it
  3. Have you ever tried to use K-Meleon browser? Its based on Seamonkey's Gecko engine but its written different. I have an old computer and its the only browser that I can use that doesn't lock up. Firefox and the like are nice but they eat ram which just makes your problems 10x worse. K-Meleon's addons are more performanced based then anything else. Here are a few that you can get but there are a bunch: Ad Block Plus Policy Manager(awesome btw ) NoScript GreaseMeleon Flash Block Also it has a Privacy Bar where you can turn off nearly everything that can be displayed on a page. Or hide the Privacy Bar and use the hotkeys to toggle that stuff off and on. Reeko
  4. NEW PROBLEM internet download limit is capped and dissconects after mo

    I haven't been around here long enough to know what I can link to or not but search for "BVRP Connection Manager Lite". Its a connection manager. To get my drivers installed right on my win2k I had to install the linksys connection program. It would die out but not as often as yours. I hated it so I got the BVRP program I haven't had no problems with it since. It says its for Win95 and on up. Hope you get it fixed
  5. My Computer Specs: Win2k SP4 395mhz<--------Most likely the problem 256mb ram<--------------upgrading to 384 this week ATI Rage Pro Video Card All drivers have been updated to win2k Here is my problem. I can't play streaming video that is wmv or flash on my desktop. It plays but it is either slow or the audio is ok and the video doesn't move for 5-10 seconds. Also wmv is choppy even if it is downloaded to my computer and I try to run it. This computer used to have XP on it. It also had the same problem. Its not my internet connection because it runs fine with my laptop. I have had XP nlited and it used little ram I know it is not a ram issue. I have done the same with win2k and can run as little as 12 process and use hardly any ram but it is still that way. I've tried codecs, every player imaginable but it still doesn't seem to work. I have heard and believe it is my processor speed . I am only holding out hope it is something else because I have read that some people in the same 300-400mhz range don't have the problem that I do. Like I stated above I am upgrading the ram. No real reason why but if I ever decide to put xp back on here it would be more responsive but as it stands win2k flies on here. So here are my questions: 1.Would upgrading the video card help? 2.Computer is 10 years old and originally designed for win98se. Would making a partition and downgrading it to win98se help the problem? 3.Is my real problem my processor? 4.Any other suggestions? Just wanted to add this at the bottom it is not a huge problem for me. If I want to see streaming video I can use the laptop. Its just the problem has been nagging me ever since I got this computer a long time ago. I am tired of searching for answers. So no I am asking. If you read it this far thank you
  6. Webroot Desktop Firewall 5.8: It works. I downloaded it, installed it and ran it a couple of days. Then went to read up on it some more and come to find out at other download sites that it said for XP/Vista only. I tested it out at sites that test your firewall and it works with no problems on Win2k. Even their official site said XP/Vista only but it works with win2k. Go figure BVRP Connection Manager Lite: I downloaded this because Win2k doesn't have the wireless connection features that XP has. I also got tired of the stuff that came with my Linkys router that you can't disable fully unless you turn off the service. It uses less resources to so thats a plus. Sorry to give little reviews on stuff.
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  9. Dialup problem

    Yeah I restarted it and it still wouldn't work. It only brings up a window to connect when I launch my browser(FF3). So it has to be in my dialup networking I have read somewhere about deleting it and putting it back on with the CD but like I said I don't have an installation cd. I guess that will do for now. I recently switched from Firefox to k-meleon since it runs faster on that old computer. So now I gotta start firefox just to get it to connect to the internet then close it and open k-meleon lol. Its bugging me but I'll wait to see if anyone else has any ideas. Thanks for responding mara On another forum someone had the same problem and asked for help and 5 people said contact your ISP. Those people didn't understand that its not that it won't connect its the fact it won't open up to let you connect. He tried explaining that to them and they didn't understand so I gotta chuckle out of my own problem. Thanks again
  10. Dialup problem

    Here is my problem guys I hope you can help me. I have two computers the one I am on right now(XP) and my Win98se computer that I use for old games and some old software. Here is what happens. When I click on the dialup icon to dial out it does nothing it won't open. I used to be able to go into dialup networking and click on the icon in there and it would connect me to the net. Tonight I disconnected and tried to get back on it did the same thing again so I go into dialup networking and click on the icon and it doesn't work either. I can right click on them and go into properties and I can make a new connection but they don't work either. I haven't tried automatic dialing when I open up my browser that has worked before but that is beside the point. I do not have a win98se cd either. I sat on that problem to long and now it won't work at all lol. Thank you for taking your time to read this.