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  1. I linked permanently removal and default features list. If you selected in the right then it will be disabled in the left side. If you want to select something on left side then you have to unselect that feature from right side. I will make ISO bootable section available in next build. If you have any doubt please check the video tutorials on rt 7 lite website.
  2. *Unable to choose 7 Lite TEMP location...always greyed out *7 Lite tries to force default Un-Attended settings even if i already have my own custom Autounattend.xml file in DVD root.Un-Attend is unselected from Tasks and section cleared from config file prior to 7 Lite start but it still happens.Why? *Seems i am unable to integrate themes.No matter what theme i choose i get this cryptic message: *Not enough size reduction?.Removed lots of stuff but size went down only 400-500MB.Also did wim export with max compress. TEST1 - Nothing removed TEST2 - Removed lot of stuff(see spoiler): * Did u installed WAIK of windows 7? It will look for wimmount.sys file in system32\drivers or for 64-bit syswow64\drivers * Temporary folder is not always greyed out. Once you open the application first enable that option by clicking that check box "Change temporary folder" after then it will be visible and change the folder. * I check the components you removed " It seems you didn't selected the components which is more bigger like Windows Media player, Windows Media center, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Help....The components you selected all will be less than 300 MB. Thats y the size remains like that. * Autounattend.xml file will be created not only if you selected unattended section. It will also be used for customization and tweaks * App will look for that theme msstyle file. If its not in the same directory then that error will popup.
  5. Check your inbox, reply was dated March 17th, but I never got reply back. Did you find a solution or is that still on the list for version 1.05 ? I fixed that in this 1.04 itself. Error is "User profile cannot be loaded". Its a small mistake i made. I didn't got your reply. 1.05 will be final for Beta and adding some more new feature in RC. Things I need to fix is * If components is already removed from the windows using RT 7 lite and again loading that same windows, those removed components is still visible in components list. * I will force some of the important system files not to delete.
  6. @Ben, If you force 7Lite to auto protect wer.dll in the next version, users will be able to remove "Windows Error Reporting Service" without having to remember to protect wer.dll. There are a few more in this list (post #1) SYSTEM files to PROTECT and REASONING wer.dll (have to protect this file in order to remove the error reporting service) msdrm.dll (have to protect this file in order to remove digital rights management) browcli.dll (have to protect this file so net start/stop will work by command prompt) msoert2.dll (protect this file only if you are going to use and install msn messenger) winipsec.dll (have to protect this file in order to remove the ipsec policy agent service) Magnification.dll (protect this file if you are not removing Snipping Tool or it won't work) Not sure about the rest, I have seen a few different ones posted in various vLite threads. Maybe we should try to collect all this info + reasoning in a single location (instead of losing the information 100 posts deep in vLite forum). I know there are more than 5-6 of these, can anyone remember the ones we are missing. Did u got my previous PM?
  7. List of components can be removed safely This components passed the test on Beta 1.04 Accessories: Action Center Aero Cursors Calculator Character Map Disk CleanUp InboxGames Chess FreeCell Hearts Shanghai Minesweeper Moregames MultiPlayer PurblePlace Solitaire SpiderSolitaire Sticky Notes Mobility Center Notepad On-Screen Magnifier Windows Contacts Paint Welcome Center Windows sidebar Windows Fax and scanner Drivers: Display - Nvidia, Intel, ATI Media Managers - High Definition Audio Driver (Default), ATI Technologies, Aver Media Technologies, Conexant, Hauppauge (Choose all except for your device) Network: All except AIO drivers Modem (Choose all except for your device) Scanners (Choose all except for your device) Printers (Choose all except for your device) TV Tuner (Choose all except for your device) Floppy driver Languages: (Choose all except your country language) Note: Do not delete Chinese simplified and traditional Multimedia: Autoplay Windows Aero themes Mobile PC Presentation (Delete it if you are using desktop) Sample Music and Videos Sample Pictures Screensavers Sound Recorder Windows DVD Maker Windows ISO Burn Windows Media Center Windows Media Player Windows Photo Gallery (shimgvw) Windows Photo Viewer Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard Windows Sounds Windows wallpapers Network: Connect To Network Projector Internet Information service (IIS) Telnet Client Telnet Server Internet explorer Services: Windows defender Windows card space Themes Windows Phone dialer Windows Fax System: Narrator TabletPC On-Screen Keyboard Windows Anytime Upgrade Windows PowerShell Zip Folder Windows Easy Transfer Windows Anytime Upgrade Extended copy utility IMAPI v2 Burning support (If you remove windows ISO burn then you can remove this)
  8. I checked lego from wincert made .msu to .cab converter. Its converting msu to cab. But its converting with errors. I tried to convert this "Windows6.1-KB947821-v2-x64" which is 94MB but after conversion its shows only 400KB. So people sometimes may use that app for conversion like I did but it brings error. So currently I didn't gave support for .cab
  9. UAC which is from Microsoft is a best thing but not all of them like that. I can change the manifest settings but everytime you have to run the app as administrator. Its upto the users hand whether they like it or not. @ gusdi12 : You can change the RT 7 Lite temp directory only not system temp directory. 1.04 will be released on Saturday.
  10. Its good not disabling UAC but just give a try dism and mount with that by enabling UAC at full level. It will give you a privilege error.
  11. Had I known it would be that simple, I would have started my own 7Lite Tool™ back in August. At least this way, I don't have to do any work, much easier to just push Ben in the right direction. LOL, unless reducing WIM size isn't a priority for 7Lite. Yes my friend...This issue is solved in my next update. So far i didn't set to reduce the size of WIM even after selecting "Build current image only". In 1.04 you will get some more updates like * Add multiple drivers * Change temporary directory * Tweaks didn't applied correctly in previous versions [Fixed] * WIM size not reduced even after selecting "Build current image only" [Fixed] * USB bootable not worked in other language except English [Fixed] * Errors in Unattended Answer sheet [Fixed] * Tool tip for each components says size of the application and needed for what. * Previous settings error [Fixed] * Some exception errors [Fixed]
  12. That's nice, but not what exactly what I was getting at, it would be simpler if 7lite could be programmed to know which important DLL's to keep, without requiring every user to be a brain scientist. you are right....i will make a list and make it in a popup window
  13. driver may be for 32 and tried to add in 64 bit and vice-versa. i will update .cab in next release my friend....
  14. Download the new installer my friend....i uploaded a new package. Sorry for any inconvenience
  15. Tool is working in all languages. If you are facing Required files are missing then, * uninstall all old version folders from program files * disable UAC settings completely * Disable antivirus completely * Keep the temporary folder in C drive not any other drives. * Install Adobe activeX If you changed temp folder from primary parition to any other location then it will give that error. I checked users via team viewer and all made the same mistake. Now the problem is resolved. No errors in coding wise. I will put some list like what are the components can be removed safely. In this new version you can add files not to be deleted.
  16. I know nuhi used "wimgapi.dll" for the image processing....instead of that we are using dism and imagex. Those two files are being used only integration part and getting info from WIM. But for removing components and registry is all our own codings. In my view, if we create a bypass for windows activation is a true piracy. Other than that modding a system files and customizing windows is not piracy. See not all the people love same default wallpapers, icons, etc. All need some tweaks and components needs to be removed. RT7lite or the developers of other windows customization tools not giving any cracks or bypass activities for windows activation. So please leave this kind of talk and enjoy the tools developed by blue4603, maxXPsoft, MrJinje, stefanRTR, nuhi.
  17. This is the test which I performed in beta 1.03....OS is win 7 Enterprise i hope it will be good....lets see....
  18. If you give me those exception errors list then i can fix that. For vista and server 2008 users...I missed to add some of the supportive files in installer so the vista and server 2008 users can't load or remove the package from windows 7.
  19. Thanks, think ill try it out again then. Edit: Now i downloaded the app again and installed.. guess what ? same problem.. again I not yet uploaded beta 1.03. The size i now completely reduced to 6MB. I found some bugs like, app didn't mounted the image if WIM has only on1 image inside. This gives "Select a bootable OS". 2ndly, If WIM has more than 10 images then it stopped working. 3rdly, if someone selecting the DVD directly it will copy the contents to HDD. But if it has one image then it says "Select a valid windows 7 OS". These errors now rectified in 1.03. Someone faced out of memory problem. This is due to more resources and took 1.4GB of memory. Now it will take only 25 - 35MB of memory. Lets see...i don't know whether i can post app here.....Thank you
  20. I don't know whether i can reply here but i saw RT seven lite here. I know bugs are ther. I'm working hard for beta 1.03. The size will be reduced to 10 MB now. Its 190 MB becoz of flash contents and other avi files. @grabben: I mentioned in array as max of 10. I changed it to infinity now. So this time you will not face this problem. Thank you
  21. RT Seven Lite - RC build 1.7.0 and Beta build 2.6.0 RT Seven Lite website - www.rt7lite.com what RT Se7en Lite can do with windows 7 operating system? * Integration * Components removal * Tweaks * Unattended installation * Customization * Create Bootable ISO or DVD or USB Requirements: WAIK - Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for windows 7 (Only for Windows Vista Users) - WAIK for Windows 7 DOT NET Framework 3.5 VMware Workstation 7.0 or Virtual PC (For testing your customized OS virtually) - Download 30 days trial Hardware requirements: • 1GB Minimum physical memory for 32-bit windows and 2GB for 64-bit windows • 20GB Hard disk space • DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM • Dual Core processor with 64-bit capable • Virtualization technology enabled(For testing your customized OS virtually) • Onboard or external graphics card with graphics memory of 256 MB Minimum System requirements: • Supported Host Operating Systems: Windows 7 • Windows Vista SP1 - SP2 • Windows Server 2008 family • Windows 7 family • Windows Server 2008 R2 family FEATURES: INTEGRATION: You can Integrate windows updates like security updates, hotfixes Integrate drivers Integrate language packs and Integrate 3rd party applications (Only silent installers). COMPONENTS REMOVAL: You can remove all unwanted components from windows like default drivers, services, language packs, windows applications and other features. TWEAKS: Disable or adjust system services, Enable or disable registry tweaks, Change power configuration, Set control panel view and other component tweaks. UNATTENDED INSTALLATION: Create unattended installation (Integrate product key, change UI language, Time zone, Skip automatic activation, Currency, Add OEM information's, Change network type, change Update type, Enable or disable upgrade option, Enable or disable Windows live, Skip EULA agreement, skip OOBE user creation, Enable or disable firewall, Change Display screen resolution, Disable Windows defender, etc.) CUSTOMIZATION: Customize windows by Change and add multiple themes, Desktop background wallpaper, Add sidebar gadgets, Add screen-savers, Change logon screen, Add your documents, Change icons (Preset), Add sample music’s, Add wallpapers, Add OEM logo's, Enable or disable welcome center, Enable or disable uxtheme patch, Change windows frame colors, Set your favorite gadgets as default, etc. CREATE BOOTABLE ISO, DVD and USB: Create bootable ISO image, Burn image, Split image, Export images, Give CD-Label, etc. CHANGELOG: DOWNLOAD RC BUILD 1.7.0 AND BETA BUILD 2.6.0 Note: Windows Vista and Windows Sever 2008 users must download windows 7 WAIK and installed. Adobe Flash Player ActiveX not needed from build (Beta 1.05) Warning: YOU MUST UNINSTALL ALL PREVIOUS BUILDS BEFORE YOU START INSTALLING THIS NEW BUILD. CHOOSE WISELY WHILE SELECTING COMPONENTS TO REMOVE.
  22. Hello guys...could anyone tell me how to change the strings, bmp pictures, icons in the vista 64 bit system files?...I tried Resource tuner, resource hacker, PE explorer but all these resource editors are not opening the 64 bit vista system files. Anyone know which resource editior i have to use for changing the images. I tried Restorator 2007..i can able to change the strings and dialog's but i dont know how to replace the images. Anyone help me with this issue? I hope some one will help me. Thanx in advance
  23. Guys i cannot see the folder named as "SOURCES" inside boot.wim. I can only see winpe.bmp but there is no spwizimg.dll inside boot.wim. Help needed. Please guys tell me
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