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  1. Spywareblaster3.5.1 Install help

    I am not sure I made it clear what I am trying to do. I am trying to install Spywareblaster silently when I am doing an unattened install of windows. So I want Spywareblaster to insatll without any input from me. When I try that I get the error message above. Thanks Kenny
  2. I am trying to get Spywareblaster3.5.1 to silent install. I have already searched on the forum. So far everybody says to use /verysilent. When I try this I get: Thanks for any help. Kenny Ps it has been a while since have been here. Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
  3. I wish to ask for some help doing Office 2k install. Ive seen the transform method repeatedly mentioned. What I'm looking for is a way to just add the office cd into my windows unttend cd, then copy the files into a directory I wish, then run the setup unttended from the hd. When all setup is done and the system reboot's my office cd would still be where it was copied to. This way when doing office updates it wont ask for a cd. Could this also be done for Office XP or Office 2003? Thanx
  4. Question.....

    1st, everythng. I am looking into doing windows mce unattened and wanted to know if it was possible to do the setup I am after (see above). I have done an unattended setup of xp pro before, was just going to switch a few things to make it work for mce. 2. next time I will try to be more specific. Thank you for your help
  5. Question.....

    Stupid question? If I partition and format them first, then with setup can i make the partitions be something other than D: And E:. I like to use P: and Q:. Or does windows automatically assign them D and E. Thank you for any and all help.
  6. I have a question with MCE2005 and setup. I am looking to setup mce unattend but i want to put my all program files on a seperate partition and my Documents and Settings on 3rd seperate paration. I have two hard drives, 1st WD 36gb, 2nd WD 200gb. I would like to have windows on 1st drive, Programs on 40 gb partiton of 200, then Docs and \settings on rest of 2nd drive. I would like to have Windows partition= C:, Programs= P:, Docs and Settings= Q: . Am I making any sence yet. So my question is can I have all this done with a totaly unattend setup. I have been able to move the Docs folder before But serious pain in the but. Would be easier to have done while settng up windows. The reason I would need do do this is that I have 1 game that takes up 5GB, not to mention my music files = 25gb. PSS. I do not want my windows on 200gb-Too Slow..
  7. Which version of Windows sucks the most?

    I Vote Me. But let me say this, it all depends. Meaning that if the OS is loaded on unstable hardware it wont matter what the OS is. I can speak from experince. I am not speaking of bad hardware, just unstable. I have also seen that a system can be unstable from one reload of windows to the next with the same hardware and software /drivers. Been there, done that. I reformat my system about every 1 to 2 months. (Dont ask, it's just my habbit.) I also will ask/say that this poll needs clearing up on something. Are we talking about when the OS first came out or with all SPs/fix's? IF when first came out then remember that Win2k needed something like 100 fix's in first couple of month's after it's release to fix lots of holes. It also occur's to me that pourly written /bad drivers can bring down a good OS. With all I've said..... ME still Suck's B)