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  1. hi Is there any way to schedule a task "inside an image" ? i want to schedule an app to run at every starup and i was wondering if this can be accomplished via Task Scheduler...and also the task must apply to all users.. PLEASE HELP! Thank you!!!
  2. how can i open that dll after mounting the image with dism? i mean it wont open with res hacker....i have tried with take ownership but is the same .... please help
  3. hi i want to change the default logon screen of a windows 7 ultimate image...is that posible? and how? thx
  4. hi is it possible to make an answer file , but give the user the option to choose his own username/password? i want to make an unattended dvd for win 7 ultimate , but i want to be prompted to choose the username and the password. another problem is that i need some applications to install during setup ... would this be possible??? PLEASE HELP!
  5. isn't there a way to copy files like the $OEM folder in xp?
  6. i can barely wait for the 1.1 release..does anyone know when will that be?

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