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    Yes a clean install is when you boot from the DVD/CD and format.
  2. How you are Applying the changes? Because when you click apply in vlite, it ask you how you want to rebuild it. Are you rebuilding a whole thing DVD or just the particular version. I found that rebuilding only particular version and adding languages to it causes some problem like yours. I don't know why...but When i rebuild the entire DVD it worked for me. Note that I don't have the same version as you. Instead I have the Official Vista Ultimate SP1 with English and Russian.
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    Windows Easy Transfer is use upgrading the OS. If you do a clean boot install you won't need it. Manual Install is when you insert the CD in windows, you can click on upgrade. Both of these services are needed to be able to have the upgraded feature. I disable both of them since doing a clean install is always best. I don't know much about Distribution Link Tracking Client Windows Defender scans your computer to see if there are any problems. It is not needed since you can get a 3rd party software to do the fixing. Do not remove Windows Firewall as it might cause some connection and update problems. Just disable the service if you don't use it. You can remove Security Center. It is safe. I have no problem so far with it removed.

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