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  1. Need help with two computers on a "network" at home. What they want to do is view the m/s office outlook 2003 calender on each screen ,but be able to make changes to dates and have them show on each monitor. Also the need to be able to edit changes on each system. We do not have M/S Exchange Sever installed and really don't wish to, can we work around it? thxs in advance
  2. Well I consider those proper download sites as "legal" which are not providing illicit stuff, cracks, and blablabla...... illegal pirated things. Millenx, nothing wrong with pirates, if you pay good money for a program or system, you want it to work without any wrong doing's, but we all know when it comes to computers or software or programs ,nothing is 100% perfect, pirates just prefer not to pay, for screw ups, Just food for thought, a hoi me hearties and shiver me timbers
  3. Like alot of things in windows, this could not be just one easy fix,but could be any number of fixes to get it right: 1 hit start, open printers and faxes, now see if your printer is there(make sure it is set to default) click on your printer to highlight it now right click to bring up its properties, now cheek what settings are in place for your printer, mainly look at what port it is set to, all the ports listed can be tested to see if they work with your application, ok if your happy with those settings close out . Now open your print program, this is the program listed in all programs open it then open properties, these are settings for your actual program, make sure access is granted to all windows programs. Check and make sure your print drivers are up to date and any patches you need also up dated. For up to date drivers for your printer go to the manufacturers home page and make sure its for your model and for windows xp ops system. As for knowing your model only you can know that.
  4. First of windows firewall doesn't automatically add access to the net , you have to grant access.I went to the D-LINK.CA site . Hers what you do, up top you will see "Quick find" type your router's name in here,,,,,,,,,it is the rangebooster correct. This will take you to another part of the site, this page you see is not the page you want, but, you will see ,"support", put the routers info again in here, it will then ask you which type of router you are after, then goto knowledge base ,again type in the details of router, then on the left side you get all the info on your router, you just pick what you chasing. Now if you cant work it out sorry i cant help ps bit commet is not the best p2p application
  5. Just stopped by and seen your having a few problems. From what i have read your port forwarding doesn't seem correct. I tried to view the data for you modem/router, and may i say please view the D-Link site for your country,this being Canada if im correct. There you will find a step by step instructions for your help. Im in Australia so the info i would give may not be correct. Besides have you checked your firewall setting, even if your just running the widows firewall you have to grant access for your torrent program.

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