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  1. Antivirus for W2K8

    SEP11 works fine for me. What version are you using? I'm running MR2. Also, the SEP install tends to say that alot, for any little thing that might have installed. All I can say is try the latest version or reboot a few more times. Do you have any devices installing on reboot?
  2. XPer, I have to give you major kudos! That guide you made is the single most comprehensive "2K8 as Workstation" guide I've seen anywhere on the Internet. I've seen plenty of other guides, but ALL of them are missing some sort of key information, except yours. A major example: The audio tuning for 2K8. That "SystemResponsiveness" registry tweak is CRITICAL for sound performance in 2K8, yet most of the other online guides don't mention it at all! Your guide is precisely what is needed for less experienced users to get their 2K8 workstation running great. I've already bookmarked it and I plan to pass the link to all my friends who are looking to get 2K8 running as a workstation. None of my friends know as much about computers as I do, but with your awesome guide I don't have to configure all of their machines myself! You've saved me AT LEAST 16 hours of my life I would have spent configuring friends' machines! If I could, I'd buy you a beer!
  3. Antivirus for W2K8

    I understand. It's too bad you can't buy Symantec's corporate stuff in individual licenses, because SEP is very nice, and I like it a lot better than Norton. And yes, I'm using it legitimately.
  4. Antivirus for W2K8

    Iceman, was I in violation of the rules suggesting SEP? I didn't provide any links or anything, but I wasn't sure. If so, I will refrain from suggestions like those from now on.
  5. Antivirus for W2K8

    You can also (removed) search for Symantec Endpoint Protection 11. It works on and was designed to support WS2008. I'm running it right now on 2k8 x64.
  6. Media Center on Server 2008

    Dexter, I tried running the registry files in your ZIP, and I get an error when it tries to import them. Are you sure they are formatted correctly? When I open the "Add" registry file, some of the paths have truncated names in them with "..." replacing what should be there.
  7. Server 2008 over 2003

    DEFINITELY 2008. According to MS, they've been running Microsoft.com on 2008 servers since Beta 3. It's rock-stable, and super-fast. Plus, Hyper-V is awesome!