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    vista spy

    How can I block vista from sending info to MS? I mean, which address should I block. i use legitimate versions of windows, but I don't feel like sending info to MS.
  2. There is no stand by mode in Vista, it's called "sleep". Meanwhile I solved it (partially) by putting the machine in to hybernation.
  3. Hi, I have Vista RC1 running on my 6400. It works great except when I close the lid and the system goes to sleep mode. When I open the lid, the system goes up, but I can't see anything on the screen and the only option is hard reboot. Did anybody have a similar problem? Is there's a solution in RC1? Thx
  4. Hi, Is it possible to remove the "Windows security alerts" icon from the system tray? I've disabled the security center service but the icon's still there. Thx.
  5. Hi yronnen! Got ownership before editing the permissions? It´s recommended that you take ownership of the user32.dll.mui first and then edit the permissions. Of course...
  6. Yeah, the link didn't work for me either so I took the address of the French version and removed FR from the file name. It worked, here is the English link: http://eoxus.free.fr/files/RC1_desktop_tag_patch.rar I'm trying to change the properties on the dll, but when I try to add "full control" or any other type of permission , I get a permission denied error. I have admin rights.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to create an unattended install for Flashget 1.71. The /s works fine, but as a "bonus" it installs the Google toolbar. Does anybody know how to install the application without the Google toolbar? Thanks.
  8. If you need it for an unattended CD/DVD there is a simple solution: You can download the zip version of Cdex, because it does not require an installation. Extract the zip file to the $OEM$\Progs\cdex folder on your unattended cd source and create a shortcut in the $OEM$\Docs... folder.
  9. Depends on the size of the installations, I guess. I use a multi-dvd and install plenty of applications. Copying these applications to the HDD and the installing them will take much longer than installing them directly from the DVD drive.
  10. Did anybody do it yet? How should it be done? Thanx
  11. Hello. Whenever I connect my pc to a router, IRC starts giving me error 10053 and disconnects me. It happens sporadically and in any type of IRC client. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Hi. How can I sliently install Symantec Client Security 2.02? Thanks.
  13. Well, I saw a thread in this forum regarding naming a PC differently according to its MAC ID. It's in this forum, however I couldn't find it,so you need a little work to find it here. However, in this thread there is a small utility which identifies a computer according to it's MAC ID, so you can decide what to do next in a batch file. I know that this is not a winnt.sif file, but you can add a batch during installation or at runonce, and configure your computer according to your needs. Hope it helps a little.
  14. I had the same problems. I've used Wise package studio 5.1 (a 30 day trial is available) and created a msi file which can simply use the /qb switch for unattended installations. I even entered my registration to the installation. Quite easy.
  15. I don't think it's possible to rename the Administrator account. Usually sys admins create a new user with administrative priviliges and simply disable the Administrator account.
  16. Hi. I'm installing SCS2 as part of my unattended installation DVD. Is there a way to silently restore the security settings which I've exported to an XML file (feature of SCS2)? Thanks..
  17. Hi, Does anybody know the switches for installing Steganos Security Suite 7.03 in English? Also, how can I silently register it? Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the info. By the way, can it be done with the full Symantec Client Security 2.0 (which includes NAV 9.0CE and client firewall)?
  19. Hi. I'm trying to create an unattended XP installation cd with SP2 slipstreamed. I've tried to slipstream SP2 to my existing SP1 unattended installtion, but the setup says that it cannot integrate with an image that contains update files. So I've slipstreamed into an original SP1 CD, placed my existing sif file in the i386 (with some of the new SP2 related entries), but it simply won't work. I keep getting the standard installation screens. Does anybody have the same problems? Thanks.
  20. Hi. I've added SP2 installation to my unattended installation. How can I make sure that the firewall is disabled after installation? Thanks.
  21. http://news.com.com/Windows+XP+update+dela...ml?tag=nefd.top Hold your horses...
  22. Thanks for the rel m8, saved me some work..
  23. Hi. I'm starting to build my multi-boot dvd. I want to add the option of booting to a command prompt with the cd drivers loaded and all the files are in a ram disk. In short, I want to boot to an image of the win98 rescue disk. The guides however, show options of booting to OS installations only. How can I boot to this image? Thanks.
  24. Hi. How can I silently install ver. 6.01 of ACE Mega codec pack? Earlier versions worked with Installshield, but this one doesn't so the setup.iss solution does not work.. Thanks.

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