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  1. Vistapack 2.6 released

    damian, will this work with windows xp64 bit?
  2. vista windows 7

    you have to install Vista First then Windows 7, I know I done the same thing, just messin' around
  3. How to disable Windows Messager on Start up.

    If your using windows xp pro go to Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, Administrative Tools, scroll down to Messenger and disable it
  4. Worst OS Ever?

    Hey Geek What part of the State are you from I'm from the same State (East Central Oklahoma)
  5. Windows Vista OEM Activation count

    thats a possibility (the kms headaches) ive just been using MAK keys on machines that arent on domain and machines that are on domain are all permanently fixed so if they saw 180 days off the network, theyve prolly been stolen anyways. either way dealing with activation every 180 days > cracking windows and dealing with broken windows at who knows what interval but yeah id say backup your reg if you can do it reliably on Vista but if your reinstalling so frequently to set of a 20 install limit, something ain't right. By the way geek, howdy from a fellow Okie
  6. Windows Vista OEM Activation count

    Tell them your mobo fried and took the cpu with it. I did, and upgraded from socket A to 939, same ram a video card though.. yep, I know that to.
  7. Windows Vista OEM Activation count

    you can reinstall it as many times as you want without having to call Microsoft. I've reinstalled about 20 times without calling them, just as long as it is the same motherboard.
  8. Tar Heel Bassplayer Living In Tx

    hey bassplayer, i guess we have something in common i play guitar (acoustic) bluegrass, tryin to learn how to play the Banjo right now dang its hard i just thought i'd drop a line im your neighbor up to the north in OK.
  9. What city are you living now? (North America only)

    im like filer i live in a small town in East Central Oklahoma right on the border with Arkansas. The town is called Pocola, which is a Choctaw word meaning Ten. Pop: 5100, closest biggest city is Ft. Smith, AR
  10. howdy ya'll

    lol im used to the bs part anyway im an Okie
  11. howdy ya'll

    howdy ya'll I'm a new member from Oklahoma right smack dab in the middle of tornado alley so if i can help u out without gettin blown away let me know