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  1. Yeah I actually got confused, I do not need to restart, I do need to run more than one window though To run more than one window I would just add the RunOnceEX2.cmd to the end of RunOnceEX.cmd correct ? I did not have time to test before work, I will continue testing tonight. Thanks for the help and the great app.
  2. I will test and report back Thanks EDIT: I am not sure if it was to do with the last bug, I am not very familiar with RunOnceEX, how would I install some apps from RunOnceEX, reboot then start some more apps from the same spot ?
  3. This is awesome, great job mate. I have one problem, I noticed when my apps were installing one tried to uninstall, meaning it was already installed, I did not think anything of it untill my next test and I dragged the window and there was an identical one behind it, so I have two of the same windows installing the same stuff. I have looked around but have no idea why this would happen any idea's ? Thanks Sull EDIT: I notice in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\run I see RunOnceEX.exe /r why is this here ?

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