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  1. You are welcome. But I still beleive that you don't need KB905915. When you are posting the last message, I edit my previous post, I add KB912945 and KB905915 links.
  2. I understand your points. 1. KB912945 does not work (run). 2. You succeeded in installation of KB905915. 3. .NET FRAMEWORK 2 (NF2) ran silently from RunOnceEX.cmd (ROE) when you use /c-switch. You are (or were) facing problems that I’ve never experienced in installing. So it may difficult for me to know the reason why you get such errors during installation. I succeeded in installation of KB912945 , .NET FRAMEWORK 2. and KB912945 in HF1 can be run without KB905915. NF2 can be run from ROE without using /c-switch. After the installation of all hotfix files that are mentioned by MS (shown in the first page), no file is required by MS in the update site. Let‘s verify your status step by step. 1. Files : Are you using the same file as me? KB912945 NF2 KB905915 2. Folders HF1 =KB912945 A new folder =NF2  Not in i386 nor other folders that are set in XP CD. Make a new one. In my case, it is named “Application/_HOTFIX” 3. File status KB912945 = Just download from MS. Put the file in HF1 as it is. NF2 = Yes, you must unpack the file, as you said. Pls refer my ROE.cmd in the first page again. I mentioned please do “\dotnetfx\install.exe /q /f” and change my folder information “%CDROM%\SETUP\WindowsXP\SP2PRO\APPLICATION\_HOTFIX" as you need. After extract dotnetfx.exe by WinRAR (or something), you can force to run the setup file silently (install.exe) which is in the created folder “DOTNETFX”. Point: All files that are run from ROE should better be extracted (unpacked) before running. Some of them can not be run from DVD because there is no writable disk space to extract the file. So, you’d better to start from install.exe, not start from dotnetfx.exe + C-switch if you are going to use DVD. OK, now you may have no question except KB912945, I hope.   But I have no idea to solve this problem if you are using the same KB912945 as I have, sorry.
  3. Quick answer, 1. The new KB912945 in SVC-HF1 is the successor to KB905915. Therefore, you do not need to put KB905915 in HF1 nor HF2. KB905915 should be deleted if you have KB912945. So, Try again without using KB905915. Do you have the same trouble again? I will clean up the first page of the thread later, but pls have a look again, there was 2 versions; March 20 and March 15 for SVC-HF1. Pls refer March 20, in case of HF1 and MRT. 2. .NET FRAMEWORK 2 (22MB : dotnetfx.exe) can not be installed from the latest XPCREATE. So, you have to find other way to install it. For instance, "RunOnceEx.cmd". See the first page of this thread. Be careful, “NET FRAMEWORK 1 and 2” have the same name installer. You need to put “NET FRAMEWORK 1 (23MB : dotnetfx.exe)” in SVC-X2M.
  4. Dear all, I’m afraid we should not discuss this serious topic any more without any legal knowledge. I want to keep current situation. I mean, GM offers Free version for us and he may offer commercial version. If a guy who want to purchase a commercial version, he must ask GM directly. We should not touch his business, I think. Only a people who is a lawyer in the US (for Microsoft) (or in Australia (for GM) or international) can give comments, but not in the forum, I think. Don’t you think so? There was no reply from the thread owner. There was no reply from GM. No need to discuss this matter any more. Shall we stop? Tinywoods
  5. @havoc77, Pls refer the first page of this thread.
  6. jobbie, Thank you for your comment. Yes, I forgot it. I also add and delete some files in SVC-HF1. Pls refer the first page of this thread.
  7. Why don't you let us the name of Hotfix, such as KBxxxx, Qxxxx or somthing else? It's more easy to understand your needs. Most on folders support qn command.
  8. NEW --------------------------------------------------------- [ SVC-HF1 ] --------------------------------------------------------- * 710KB : windowsxp-kb892130-enu-x86_7e1189ce89fb0c693cad6432a4c2f982dcea49a0.exe OLD --------------------------------------------------------- [ SVC-CF2 ] --------------------------------------------------------- * 442KB : KB892130-WGAINSTALL.exe (wgainstall_9160b6b3929938243b7d18417810677d9b9983b7.exe) KB892130-WGAINSTALL.exe was placed with windowsxp-kb892130-enu-x86_7e1189ce89fb0c693cad6432a4c2f982dcea49a0.exe which should be set in SVC-HF1 Cheers
  9. Copy all files in CD to a certain folder. For instance, C:\WinXP Change XPSOURCE "XPSOURCE=C:\WinXP" I never use XPCREATE to install drivers because my WXPSPOEM_JA.ISO (XPCREATE.ISO) is combined with WPI. I install all drivers from WPI. But $OEM in XPCREATE should be similar as my folders, I think. In case of SATA, you may need to modify TXTSETUP.SIF and make a cab file. In my case, I add below information at the bottom line of txtsetup.sif, and prepare some files. 1. txtsetup.sif [scsi] UlSata_net = "Win2003Promise SATA378 (tm) Controller", UlSata UlSata_xp = "WinXP Promise SATA378 (tm) Controller", UlSata UlSata_nt51 = "Win2000 Promise SATA378 (tm) Controller", UlSata UlSata = "WinNT Promise SATA378 (tm) Controller", UlSata [HardwareIdsDatabase] PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373="UlSata" PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373="UlSata" PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373="UlSata" [SourceDisksFiles] UlSata.sys = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1,,,1,4 Check your SATA.inf 2. Make a cab file which should be put in i386. In my case, makecab UlSata.sys D:\winxp\i386\UlSata.sy_ Put "UlSata.sy_" in i386. 3. Put all SATA files in $OEM$\$1\Drivers\PromiseSATA378 That's it.
  11. Wow, .... WindowsMedia10-KB911565-x86-JPN.exe is updatefile. I mistook it. I revised it.
  12. I got the same error message when I modfy .INF files in i386. So your files are corrupt, I'm afraid. Or Didn't you use another steem tool before performing XPCREATE?
  13. I edited the top of my thread. Cheers,
  14. I edited the top of my thread. Cheers,
  15. * 4168KB : WindowsXP-KB883939-x86-JPN.exe (Deleted on Nov.28 It maybe old file)
  16. Japanese version is also at this moment. You can jump to the Media Player 10 download page from here. Choose language
  17. @JASpurrier3 Thank you for your information. I did not know that. GreenMachine, I gave up to install above 2 files from XPCREATE. Again, don't you have any idea?
  18. Hello Finally, I gave up to add the 2 files in XPCREATE. The runonceex batch method is the best way for me at this moment as Bitfrotter said. @carrot, sorry my late response. *Q282784_WXP_SP1_x86_ENU.exe --- It is nice to have for me, Qfecheck tool. No impact on Windows update. But you can see whether Hotfixs have been install completly or not. *WindowsXP-KB883939-x86-JPN.exe --- Security patch for IE. It may be an old file, as you said. *WindowsXP-KB885222-v2-x86-JPN.exe --- IEEE1394 patch (SP2) It's depend on your PC. You can delete it. I use XPCREATE + WPI in DVD (8.5G DL DVD) for my 4 PCs, so I use the file for safe. *WindowsXP-KB885626-v2-x86-jpn.exe --- CPU support patch. It's depend on your PC. You can delete it. (It is a patch for Prescotte and Celeron D) *WindowsXP-KB886677-x86-jpn.exe --- For Two byte OS only. *WindowsXP-KB899588-x86-JPN.exe --- Security patch for SP2 Plug and play weakness. Yes, we should better to add it. But I've never been asked to install when I perform Windows update.
  19. Hello Bitfrotter, Yes, unonceex is one of solution, I agree. But I think dotnetfx.exe V2 can be integrated by XPCREATE. (I may need to modifiy the cmd file, I'm afraid. It is out of rule of XPCREATE, sorry) Only kb902344 should be installed by a patch, because there is no Media Player10 in the original WinXP CD. (MP10 is just installed by XPCREATE. So, there is no chance to install update files such as kb902344 in XPCREATE, I wonder.
  20. Hello Carrot Thank you for your feedback. I'm pleased to hear your ideas for Hotfix. I'm tring to install the latest Hotfixes without any problem. After that I'll try your Hotfix list. Thanks!
  21. Hello GreenMachine I'm facing 2 problems. (1) Media Player 10 update http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/e...44-x86-intl.exe Which is the folder should we use to install kb902344? I tried to install from some XPCREATE-folders but did not work. (2) Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/6...5a/dotnetfx.exe I replaced the dotnetfx.exe V1 with V2, but it seems the XPCREATE.ISO does not work. I have not installed XP itself from the ISO, however, when I execute the ISO and click the bottun "Install.NET Framework", but nothing has happen. Then, I made another ISO with dotnetfx.exe V1+SP1 and dotnetfx.exe V2, to update version from 1.1 to 2.0. Though I install XP from the revised ISO, only NET Framework 1.1 works in my PC, no NET Framework 2.0 works. Could you let us know your idea?
  22. @p388l3s Thank you. I found there is no Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) Japanese version today. So I could not reach the site. You ca download English version from here. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  23. Thanks jobbie, http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/e...44-x86-intl.exe Do you know the download site address of KB829019 FRAMEWORK 2.0? I could not reach the adress. @ironside I've not found the way (a XPCREATE folder) to install kb902344 at this moment. File integration maybe much easier for us. Do D:\windowsmedia10-kb902344-x86-intl.exe /integrate:D:\test ....like this. However, I've not checked whether an ISO image that is integrated work or not. I have no time to check KB891122, moreover, I do not know the site adress. If it is an integration file as kb902344, it is a same story.
  24. My answer is not the right answer what you want hear, I know. But I recommend you to buy a DVD-RW DL support drive. We can buy a DL drive about 70US$ in Japan though I don't how much is a drive in the US. Win XP files are getting big and big due to update files. Windows Vista may also become big one. (I know the beta version is not so big at this moment) In my case, I merged XPCREATE and WPI, then the image size becomes 8GB. Only DL can support till 8.5GB, today. If you need to use CD-ROM, the best way is nLite, I think. You can delete some useless files from Win XP.

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