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  1. Well i am buying Vista soon, as my secondary computer system, for those newer games and newer software. But its no harm in fully maxing out my computer. I am using the BFG Geforce 6200 256MB OC card and its great, but hey obvious that card is better, so if i can get it, why not. Seems like i cant get it, so i'm just going to keep the card i have now. Looks like a great card tho, just wish it would sell over here in the united states.
  2. WOW, that does sound scary , glad you are ok. My PSU unit is only 90Watts and i have use a Radeon 700064 in it, a Geforce 5200 128 in it, a Geforce 5500 256MB card, and now i am using a Bfg geforce 6200 256MB OC card. Never had any problems so far, infact my card and tower stays cool all the time, unless its hot in the house, then it becomes warm. How much is your PSU and do you have AGP or PCI-E slots or both?
  3. First , i cant find it in the US to buy, second what does passive cooled mean? and last, why wouldn't i pick it? I have PCI slots and obvious its the best PCI card out , ever, at this moment.
  4. !!!!!!!!!!!EDIT!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, i fixed the problem, had to install DirectX9C again and i had to turn on Vsync, and WOW Videos/Movies looks better then ever, like a million times better then the 81.89 drivers, the 82.89 seems to be working perfect on my Geforce 6200 OC card and once again i am loving the new features Thanks for the drivers
  5. Is anyone else having trouble playing videos with the 82.69 driver? I just finish installing it correctly, love the new features, overclocking features, extra graphic options, etc. But i cant watch videos in any media player, it takes a long time for it to load up, and when it does load up, i can hear it, but cant see it. Can someone fix it, if possible?
  6. http://www.sparkle.com.tw/product_detail.a...&sub_id=160 Wish i could find this card in the united states, would be cool to test out EDIT: http://www.microdirect.co.uk/ProductInfo.a...ProductID=24557 fOUND it in the uk, but no US.
  7. Those 3 games which i couldn't play before using the 82.16, i can play with ease without any problems going back to the 81.89 drivers. So i guess with this card, the 81.89 works perfect, while the 82.16 is clearly meant for the 7 series or whatever.
  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814103031 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814129062 I have a BFG Geforce 6200 256MB OC PCI card, between all 3, i think the ATI cards a tad bit faster, but the 6200 OC is the second best. I would buy either one of those cards, but wanted to see is it possible can someone make a driver for it, or if one already exist. PEACE
  9. I know the difference between PCIE and PCI lol. Those 2 cards been out for years, look: Here is the X1300 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1188558965098 http://www.techspot.com/review/15-visionte...deon-x1300-pci/ X1550 http://www.diamondmm.com/X1550PRO256P.php Both these cards they sell pretty much everywhere, but at high prices. I know where to get both of those cards at under 100 dollars.
  10. I have 2 quick questions. My Computer has 4 PCI slots, i was wondering could i add a secondary PCI card and use 2 cards at once in my computer? Also, a while back i was going to buy either the ATI 1550 or the X1300, most likely the X1300 because it doesn't required alot of PSU, but there was no drivers for those 2 cards, the Last ATI driver, 6.2 doesn't support those cards which i am aware of. So i was wondering, is there a unofficial driver to use either one of those cards? Thanks!
  11. There are 3 games which i cant play using this drivers, which i think i should be able to play. So i'm going to download the WHQl 81.89 drivers again and see can i play those games, if i can play them, well the 82 drivers doesn't work using the Geforce 6200 OC card.
  12. So this thread is about, how you cant install a internal HD later then 137GB on WIN98SE I was thinking about buying a HD , 160GB, i cant use it?
  13. Trying to play a FPS shooter called, Power of destruction. When i start the game, it crashes and a error message comes up: NVOPENGL.DLL Then my screen resizes into 640x480. Any ideas, or am i outta luck playing this game on win98se?
  14. Thanks for posting the direct link. Btw, you know these drivers work great. The 82.69 drivers may work great too, but i have major video/avi problems so i cant use them. EDIT: Btw where did you find that driver, do they have a driver archive or something? Because i go to site and it takes me to another page?
  15. Here you go , to whoever wants to use it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/y9lecx I made a cheap looking logo lol
  16. Btw, I forgot to add, the last driver is not 81.69, its actually 82.16, which i am using now. It shipped with my BFG Geforce 6200 Card. If anyone wants the file, let me know and i will RAR or zip it up for you!
  17. I download a 400MB direct X 2007 file from the main site, but it says its corrupt when trying to install it? Any secondary links or options
  18. Do anyone know where i can find some new themes, maybe vista or xp themes so i can add them to windows98se and when i go to the control panel and click on themes, those themes will be there? Also, is there a easy way to install them? I still have the same themes that ship with this OS, i would like to use more, but some of them which i came across are hard to install or either i don't know how to install them lol
  19. Yea i know now, thanks. I'm buying a new drive sat night
  20. I already have the kernel thing patch, but i think i found the problem. I'm using a DVD Combo Drive, HL-DT-ST-RW/DVD GCC-452IB. I just read that this combo drive doesn't burn DVD's. Its too weak or something, so i'm looking to buy another one soon, just trying to figure out which one will work on my system. If you have any links to buy one, let me know. Also, do i need one that supports PATA/EIDE or it doesn't matter?
  21. It is not meant to show anything, because the disk is blank. Also, since Win9x doesn't have built in CD/DVD burning, you'll have to use 3rd-part software for that. Just FYI, the size limit applies to files only, not CDs/DVDs or anything like that I have a Sony DVD+R 120Min 4.7GB Blank Disc, and i have nero smart install, and image burn, and i have a DVD Combo 52X Drive. I put in the disc, nothing shows up, meaning the freespace information which shows up. Like for example, i put in a cd r and it says free space etc. Am i using the wrong disc, should i buy a different DVD combo drive?
  22. Well those 82.69 would be nice if there was a updated PCI 7 or 8 series card. I think the last PCI card is the card which i own now, which is the Geforce 6200 OC 256MB PCI....... Unless i am able to find the Sparkle 7800 GT or 8500 GT which are like impossible to find for PCI online and offline. I am happy with the Geforce 6200 tho.
  23. What about with ATI, did someone make a update for win9x dealing with ATI? The last ati driver is 6.2
  24. Well ok i think the problem is this, nobody seems to sell DVD disc in 1GB or 2GB size, always 4GB or more. When i put in a Blank DVD 4GB disc, nothing shows up in the D or E drive, because of the 4GB limit. But i may be able to use a blank 1GB or 2GB dvd disc, but i can never find any
  25. Is it possible windows98se users can burn 1GB or 2GB files? I put in a 4GB dvd disc and nothing shows up, because of the FAT32limit, i was just wondering.
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