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  1. ok..sorry about the codebox dealy. Now I know.Should I erase the looong file (above) are you done observing it? No problem getting into the SETUP MANAGER , the problem is, that the options are f10 accept quit = ESC other than that the screen looks the same. Believe me, I have checked and re-checked all the menus and F1 help. doing the : Force compatibility mode as instructed still the only way I can get the system to boot in NORMAL mode,after it freezes... is to go into CONFIGSYS and change something/anything..the reboots to normal I let windows manage my swap file..it's checked Mikey
  2. edit: ---[ Summary ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer: Operating System Microsoft Windows 98 SE OS Service Pack None Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 (IE 6.0 SP1) Computer Name PAULCOMPUTER User Name Default Motherboard: CPU Type Intel Celeron II, 566 MHz (8.5 x 67) Motherboard Name Compaq Compaq PC Motherboard Chipset Intel Whitney i810E System Memory 384 MB (SDRAM) BIOS Type Compaq (04/18/01) Display: Video Adapter Intel i752 3D Accelerator Intel i752 Multimedia: Audio Adapter ESS Technology Allegro-1.COMM AudioDrive Partitions: C: (FAT32) 7618 MB (3346 MB free) D: (FAT32) 1901 MB (856 MB free) Network: Primary IP Address Primary MAC Address 14-0E-75-02-74-28 --------[ ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... [ DMI ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BIOS ] BIOS Properties: Vendor Compaq Version 686C3 Release Date 04/18/2001 Size 256 KB Boot Devices Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, CD-ROM, LS-120 Capabilities Flash BIOS, Shadow BIOS, Selectable Boot, EDD, BBS Supported Standards DMI, ACPI, ESCD, PnP Expansion Capabilities PCI, AGP, USB [ System ] System Properties: Manufacturer Compaq Product Compaq PC Version N/A Serial Number xxxxxxxxxxx Universal Unique ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wake-Up Type Power Switch [ Motherboard ] Motherboard Properties: Manufacturer Compaq Product 0588h Version None Serial Number None ----[ Motherboard ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motherboard Properties: Motherboard ID <DMI> Motherboard Name Compaq Compaq PC Front Side Bus Properties: Bus Type Intel GTL+ Bus Width 64-bit Real Clock 67 MHz Effective Clock 67 MHz Bandwidth 533 MB/s Chipset Bus Properties: Bus Type Intel Hub Interface Bus Width 8-bit Motherboard Manufacturer: Company Name Hewlett-Packard Company Product Information http://www.compaq.com BIOS Download http://support.hp.com --------[ Memory ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Physical Memory: Total 382 MB Used 87 MB Free 294 MB Utilization 23 % Swap Space: Total 1665 MB Used 0 MB Free 1665 MB Utilization 0 % Virtual Memory: Total 2047 MB Used 87 MB Free 1960 MB Utilization 4 % Problems & Suggestions: Suggestion Install more system memory to improve applications performance. --------[ SPD ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Kingston 6MX64PC100CL2 168P ] Memory Module Properties:
  3. Hi there, I am soooo sick of this problem. UGH Install another partition trick..yeah I'm willing, and YES I do have a 'burner' The burner doesn't work - it also 'freezes' if I try to burn anything. Actually I do a lot of burning on this computer. I collect rare music, an am forever burning CD's and Data Cd's. In Safe mode - DOS I can access the screen you linked to HP (above) problem is my options are: Accept values =F10 or QUIT = ESC. There is no F5 command or any other type of option. re: Report.txt and 7-zip files. If I try to access them to import to my message , the computer freezes. I can access it when I'm in DOS or Safe Mode , but then can't go on the internet (catch22) ****, I forgot to list the Compaq PlSS-sorry-oh machine # it's 7585. Actually it's a pent 3 /566 I misunderstood that it was an early Pent4 - my bad it's DRIVER 11.CAB not River or RVR - sorry typing error My HD -about 10G (snicker) is partitioned currently 2.5 Gigs 'D' drive (system sav. and system files.- 856 mb left open. On my Main 'C' drive Windows takes up another gig or so - and my files 3.5 Gigs - leaves about 4 gigs or 44% of Hard Drive free. I will try and post the sections of report.txt , you requested, after closing out this reply (since-as noted above- I can't access both at the same time) And I will check the install directory with the you commands listed. back in a while . I will then EDIT this message edit: (I will delete this , as soon as you review it) ok 3,681.59 MB free
  4. submix ...rainyshadow ..you still with me.?? The computer is my life line, with the outside world. I live in a wheelchair, that's why it's so important to me.
  5. still feeling dumber than a bag of hammers.. well, well, finally , apparently, I have detected a 'pattern' After I am forced to reboot in SAFE mode, I go into CONFIGSYS and change ANYTHING, just change something...uncheck some items in the startup tab, or switch from selective to normal. or back again. When I reboot.., it seems to boot 'normal' the next time,(6 times in a row) , after doing this, --> but the 'lockup/freezing' problem, affecting the computer ,while operating in normal mode still exists. The 'pattern' only seems to affect the 'freezing' in the startup process . ?? a clue perhaps...
  6. ok, this is what NOD32 found: win386swp - locked can't open OPTIONS\CABS\BASE4.CAB EBD.CAB - NEXT ARCHIVE VOLUME NOT FOUND OPTIONS " RIVER11CAB.HPSCNTST.DLL - " OPTIONS " .STRN.DOS - " OPTIONS " PRECOPY.CAB.SUWIN.EXE - " OPTIONS " WIN98_21.CAB..TVXDUP001 - " WINDOWS\WINDOWS UPDATE SETUP FILES\IE .S1.CAB IE_1CAB.MSHTMG.TLB - NEXT ARCHIVE VOLUME NOT FOUND ..AND LOTS OF AD-AWARE - PASS PROTECTED FILES ********************************************************************* still can't import 7-zip to this BB The BIOS menu does not have the same options as pictured on HP site link (above) still working on things - Mikey
  7. ok, a couple of things, I can only get on the internet (and this board) if i get it to boot in normal mode. Which takes several tries. I can fiddle around and make changes and produce files in Safe mode. I follow instructions---> but cannot find a way to attach report you wanted to this post. If I try to import REPORT7Z from 'my documents' - the computer freezes, or it doesn't recognize the cut-n-paste function... ctrlC and ctrlV don't work either I have to boot and reboot , scan disk , defrag, throw garlic over my shoulder , summon the rabbi ...etc... to get it finally to boot in normal mode ...again...no stinking pattern. re: Bios and settings. here it is... as i claimed before..NO Bios setting in the CCC StartupMenu. My setup is different than what was shown at the (link) my columns are as follows MAIN STORAGE SECURITY ADVANCED ENGLISH I have looked inside the menus. I found an IDE Self Test - (which was successfu)l . Other IDE info : IDE drive transfer, Enhanced IDE transfer, Ultra DMA, Primary & Secondary IDE controller ..all show: accept = F10 or ESC..no other screens beyond. So there must be another similar screen or a different place the BIOS is on my machine. hmmm... am I getting stooopider or what? oh yeah, My floppy drive doesn't work, never has. I have no floppy or CD disk other than a Compaq 'recovery disk CD'
  8. Actually Mikey is an 'old geezer' self taught... almost 60 years young. I know a fair amount about the inner workings of a computer, but not as much as most of you guys. Several places in this post I stated , Being a n00b and indicated when instructions and comments were-over-my-head. That being said ..... Yes,I am able to download off the internet, actually all internet functions are normal, quite snappy actually. The problem remains freezing at startup at the M$ screen 8 out of 10 times, no apparent pattern. Starts in safe mode everytime. When I'm not on the internet and I go to , say , MY COMPUTER icon..it locks up. When I fiddle around with the msconfig settings - (in Safe mode) it seemed to increase the odds of booting normally, but again, no pattern. I had downloaded the 'patches' service packs..in hopes that they might replace anything that might be causing my problems. I won't download or fiddle with anything until this is resolved I have printed out your comments (yes, the printer works - while I'm on the internet). I will follow your instructions carefully, and report stuff more accurately. Thanks for having patience and breaking this down for me.. Mikey
  9. Thanks guys, Happy New Year. we'll look at it tomorrow. edit: when I tried to install another antivirus program, I got this.. Application requested runtime to terminate in an unusual way..bla..bla. In checking on the internet ...its supposedly has something to do w/Google toolbar, which I don't have (it's already present in upper corner of firefox. Anyhow, I tried an LSPfix tool and it said 'no detection'. edit2 : upon bootup I now get a message: ATAPI IDE CD-ROM driver detected...bla ..bla ..then it continues to boot. (I haven't installed any new software or hardware relating to CD-ROM) Still can't find BIOS settings ..I tried the F1, F2 F5 10 all of them. Besides 'safe mode boot' I can only access: Compaq Computer Corporation Startup Menu (DOS) no BIOS settings there. I'm just noting anything I see out of the norm, in hopes it will contribute to solving the problem.
  10. This site has a great view (weather permitting) of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl, from the mountains above Pasadena. Specifically from Mt. Wilson. The camera moves to City View, every few hours or when activities warrant. http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~obs/towercam.htm A great place to bookmark. Some good screensavers there. (Look at the archive section) Happy, Holy, Merry New Year
  11. agreed (PlSS-SORRY-OH) cannot find BIOS auto detect setting -dumb it down for me WINDOWS\WIN386.SWP (from DOS prompt) doesn't work - did I enter it wrong Plenty of space on HD and kept clean , empty using CCleaner & RegSeeker I have been checking spyware and virus check almost daily - I use Dr. WEB & AVG - sometimes Anti-Vir should I try another /better program?? If I try to open any files or backup anything - right now , it almost always locks up the computer. VNETBIOS.VXD 4.90.3000 Millennium?? BIOS.VXD 4.10.1998 - Should i have both of these? with 98se system. Ram memory is '383' Thanks for the comments and help - Mikey
  12. Thanks alexanrs! Your suggestions are a bit over my head If you could dumb it down , or walk me through it, that would be great. Right now I can get to boot past the M$ logo screen - most of the time, but now, any program I try to open immediately LOCKS UP the computer , except the mouse can move, but it can't perform any functions. I have to hard reboot the system and scandisk runs - now it's saying the volume of C drive is being reported incorrectly..bla bla...do I want to fix it...Yes ...and it completes... and usually boots up now, only to repeat the cycle. I can get on the internet , but that's it. I've downloaded 2.0a patch (Gabes) and the October service package. Are there any issues with these , that could be contributing to the problems, I'm having??
  13. download link at the top - doesn't work.
  14. Thanks for the input. But right now, I have some computer problems , that need to be solved , before going forward.
  15. Thanks RainyShadow, for the response.Hardware seems to check out perfectly. Watson and the internal Compaq diagnostics (yes, I know , it's a p***-Sorry-O) all tests pass..memory, HD...everything. voltages in BIOS?? (over my skill level ) I clean the inside of the computer every 2 months. With proper tool and safeguards , as you mention. Recently I cleaned & re-seated the memory cards (see earlier in this thread) ... thinking the problem might have to do with memory. (It doesn't seen to be the cause) I looked around carefully inside,inch by inch, looking for anything unusual. Nothing. Fan works good, no burnt or tangled wires or ...unseated cards..no burnt smells...etc Once I get it to boot NORMALLY, (other than the Internet) , anything I then try, freezes the machine. Sometimes the: PROGRAM NOT RESPONDING / END TASK box appears, but doesn't respond , even to ctrl/alt/del, or numlock HDD stays lit..until I hard boot the machine. I have current backups of my files and program files, and my system.sav D drive . If I try to boot in safe mode, with bootlog.txt option, it won't boot and freezes. - even though it's in 'safe' mode. Earlier in this thread I posted the failed items that showed up before in the bootlog. The random nature of this problem get me the most frustrated. I've tried to use common sense , logic , process of elimination, and re-tracing my steps, but can't seem to find any pattern.. The more I try to solve this problem, the worse it's seeming to get. RainyShadow, I appreciate your help and advice - Mikey edit: ran: System File Checker, no altered or corrupted file listed , No ASD failures, Nothing in Version Conflict.
  16. uh...oh.. dammit... after several successful boots, the problem returns...and now even worse. I incorporated all the suggestions in this thread, and thought we had the problem licked. Heres what I know: The computer freezes 1/2 way during boot process -randomly it reboots OK in Safe mode. There is no evident pattern - although messing with the configsys startup seems to help - sometimes Now, when normal boot is accomplished - any program I try to run FREEZES & the 'end task' box comes up..then even that freezes. cntrl/alt/del/ doesn't work , so a hard boot , back into safe mode is the only way back. During Safe Mode boot -the scan disk then tells me that the volume on C is incorrectly reported , do I want to fix?..Yes..then scandisk finishes I'm frustrated as hell, I must be overlooking something obvious , maybe.. I don't want to format, if I can help it, since I don't have an 98se disk (98se came preinstalled on this computer) I was too stupid, at the time, to make them give me the disk, for situations like this. oh..well If anyone has any ideas... Please feel free to advise me.
  17. Hello , Is the Me>98se patch/fix stable? I have seen comments to that effect. Comments ?? Also, where would one get an ME disk that's required for the files migration ? TIA edit: the 98se upgrade 3.0 alpha 2 , is still in testing stage , and not a stable release yet? -right?
  18. I appreciate all of your help! Looks like it's solved..well..it works now Being new here , I am amazed at the knowledge and your collective patience in helping me. On some other boards they would have run me off, but you guys are the BEST. I'm glad I found this board and hope to help anyone, any way I can! Mikey ( my friends call me Mike - Mike Hunt )
  19. I've used autoruns for a while. Now M$ will find a way to mess it up...no doubt. Thanks for the tips, trying them. I appreciate you staying with me on this ..ahem..fairly trivial problem. When I grow up, I wanna be like you guys edit: ok, after doing everything and clearing up my start menu, it's booted 3 times in a row !!!! on bootup a DOS screen tells me to:: T-SHOOT the 2 items rem'd (ESS and AVG) should/could I delete those lines or correct them??
  20. PTSNOOP < If you have a PCTel modem AND you don't use it, you can disable this. If you never installed such a modem, check for spy/add-ware! TWEAKUI RUNDLL32.exe c:\windows\SYSTEM\TWEAKUI.CPL,TWEAKMEUP < You can delete this. TweakUI always recreates it when started (and i always delete it afterwards ) KB891711 c\windows\SYSTEM\KB891711\KB891711.EXE < usually you don't need this (unless you are a virus-paranoic), so disable it. HP Digital Imaging Monitor C:\ PROGRA~1\HP\DIGITA~1\BIN\HPQTRA08.EXE < I'd advice you to create a shortcut to this and run it only when you use your scanner. C:\ESSAUDIO.SYS < If you don't play games in pure DOS (not a DOS window) and if your soundcard works within Windows without this, then you don't need it (add a REM at the line begining) C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS < You could cut some startup time by adding /TESTMEM:OFF at the end of the line. CPQIDECD.SYS < You don't need this unless you spend too much time in real DOS, so REM it. C:\ESSAUDIO.COM -BLASTER < See my comment on ESSAUDIO.SYS above. These two probably work together, so if you disable one you should disable the other too. C:\PROGRA~1\GRISOFT\AVG7\BOOTUP.EXE < disable this for a few boots, just to be sure. How much RAM do you have? If it's 384MB or less, you better reduce this. Try MaxFileCache=65536 You could also add NoWaitNetIO=On to the [386Enh] section of system.ini , not sure if it'll make any difference though. HTH Ok...did what you suggested. Yes, I had a PacBell modem but now am on an ethernet connection. Some of the bootup process seems to go faster, BUT it's still freezes a about 2/3 of the way. The only way it will bootup (other than safemode) is to do a selective start with only SYSTRAY or nothing checked. I know thats crazy , but when I next try to add LOAD POWER PROFILE or anything else in the start menu it freezes when it boots --> go figure ??? 1) how can I edit/delete items in the (configsys) startup menu? 2) when putting REM in front of a line, should it be in caps? ...and should there be a "space" between it , and the rest of the command line.?? Thanks, Mikey da ' n00b edit: during bootup now, I get a DOS screen telling me to 'troubleshoot' rem ESS Audio , which I disabled per instruction. Is this normal and will it go away..etc??
  21. If I do a selective startup, with load startup items unchecked - it seems to start fine.So now it should be easy to isolate.. right? Wrong! I can try adding different entries one at a time, BUT , again no cular pattern. I add only 2 it boots... try again it freezes ...and so on. My question.. is there a way to delete and replace my startup entries, or a better way to check them for corruption?? Which two work? Any two? Which one/ones cause/causes freeze? No help if you don't give specifics... How about listing the following -system.ini win.ini autoexec.bat config.sys start menu->programs->startup (has a list of items loaded for your user profile any items listed in the registry as Run/Runonce/Runservices, etc. (may be listed in msconfig; AFAIK, all items above will be listed in msconfig) these are the main items that load drivers/etc at startup. please use "insert codebox" function under "quick access" during "reply". go here - http://www.geocities.com/~budallen/bootboot.html for an explanation of what we are looking for. also here - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/127970 for particulars on ndis2sup.vxd. it may not even matter for that VXD; see here - what's the use of ndis2sup.vxd. in other words, something is being loaded that's clobbering you and if that's all that's showing in bootlog.txt, then we need to look somewhere else at what item is causing it. surely "random" changes via msconfig can/can't cause it to boot/not-boot. please be more specific (make the lists)... I just saw your response. Thank You. I agree with your prognosis, but some of it is over my head The system will boot ok, with just SYSTRAY checked on a selective startup. But any other additions may or may not work. I have tried adding 1 by 1 (startup menu entries) Sometimes it still boots with a few more entries checked, but not twice in a row. I then have to uncheck back down to SYSTRAY only, to be able to reboot ok How strange is that?? My startup entries: SYSTRAY PTSNOOP SCANREGISTRY c:\windows\scanregw.exe/autorun TWEAKUI RUNDLL32.exe c:\windows\SYSTEM\TWEAKUI.CPL,TWEAKMEUP LoadPowerProfile Rundll.32.exe powerprof.dll,LoadCurrentPwrScheme KB891711 c\windows\SYSTEM\KB891711\KB891711.EXE HP Digital Imaging Monitor C:\ PROGRA~1\HP\DIGITA~1\BIN\HPQTRA08.EXE CONFIG.SYS: DEVICE=C:\ESSAUDIO.SYS DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS DOS=HIGH,UMB,AUTO FILESHIGH=80 BUFFERSHIGH=40,4 DEVICEHIGH=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CPQIDECD.SYS /D:IDECD001 SHELL=C:\COMMAND.COM /P /E:2048 AUTOEXE.BAT C:\ESSAUDIO.COM -BLASTER C:\PROGRA~1\GRISOFT\AVG7\BOOTUP.EXE @ECHO OFF SET Path=%Path%;"C:\Program Files\Executive Software\DiskeeperLite\" edit: more info: [boot] oemfonts.fon=vgaoem.fon shell=Explorer.exe system.drv=system.drv drivers=mmsystem.dll power.drv user.exe=user.exe gdi.exe=gdi.exe sound.drv=mmsound.drv dibeng.drv=dibeng.dll comm.drv=comm.drv mouse.drv=mouse.drv keyboard.drv=keyboard.drv *DisplayFallback=0 fonts.fon=vgasys.fon fixedfon.fon=vgafix.fon 386Grabber=vgafull.3gr display.drv=pnpdrvr.drv SCRNSAVE.EXE=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\FLYING~2.SCR [keyboard] keyboard.dll= oemansi.bin= subtype= type=4 [boot.description] system.drv=Standard PC keyboard.typ=Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard mouse.drv=Standard mouse aspect=100,96,96 display.drv=Intel® 810e Chipset Graphics Driver (DC133 FSB133) [386Enh] ebios=*ebios woafont=dosapp.fon mouse=*vmouse, msmouse.vxd device=*dynapage device=*vcd device=*vpd device=*int13 keyboard=*vkd display=*vdd,*vflatd PagingDrive=C: MinPagingFileSize=392192 MinSPs=16 ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 DMABufferSize=64 PageBuffers=4 [NonWindowsApp] TTInitialSizes=4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 22 [power.drv] [drivers] wavemapper=*.drv MSACM.imaadpcm=*.acm MSACM.msadpcm=*.acm wave=mmsystem.dll midi=mmsystem.dll [iccvid.drv] [mciseq.drv] [mci] cdaudio=mcicda.drv sequencer=mciseq.drv waveaudio=mciwave.drv 4 avivideo=mciavi.drv videodisc=mcipionr.drv vcr=mcivisca.drv MPEGVideo=mciqtz.drv MPEGVideo2=mciqtz.drv [vcache] MaxFileCache=393216 [Password Lists] DEFAULT=C:\WINDOWS\DEFAULT.PWL [MSNP32] [DISPLAY] BusThrottle=1 [drivers32] msacm.lhacm=lhacm.acm VIDC.VDOM=vdowave.drv MSACM.imaadpcm=imaadp32.acm MSACM.msadpcm=msadp32.acm MSACM.msgsm610=msgsm32.acm msacm.msg711=msg711.acm MSACM.trspch=tssoft32.acm vidc.CVID=iccvid.dll VIDC.IV31=ir32_32.dll VIDC.IV32=ir32_32.dll vidc.MSVC=msvidc32.dll VIDC.MRLE=msrle32.dll VIDC.IV50=ir50_32.dll msacm.iac2=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IAC25_32.AX msacm.msaudio1=msaud32.acm MSACM.voxacm150=VCT32150.acm VIDC.YUY2=msyuv.dll VIDC.UYVY=msyuv.dll VIDC.YVYU=msyuv.dll msacm.l3acm=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\L3CODECA.ACM [TTFontDimenCache] 0 4=2 4 0 5=3 5 0 6=4 6 0 7=4 7 0 8=5 8 0 9=5 9 0 10=6 10 0 11=7 11 0 12=7 12 0 13=8 13 0 14=8 14 0 15=9 15 0 16=10 16 0 18=11 18 0 20=12 20 0 22=13 22
  22. Well, I'm just going to leave it on selective startup with all entries other than SYSTRAY unchecked. It boots this way. Unless someone has any more comments or solutions, that's where I'm going to leave it. Thanks to all of you for helping this n00b Mikey
  23. If I do a selective startup, with load startup items unchecked - it seems to start fine.So now it should be easy to isolate.. right? Wrong! I can try adding different entries one at a time, BUT , again no particular pattern. I add only 2 it boots... try again it freezes ...and so on. My question.. is there a way to delete and replace my startup entries, or a better way to check them for corruption??
  24. I posted this (above) edit: checking bootlog failures: C:\ESSAUDIO.SYS (re-installed successfully, but no bearing on the problem, it would seem) LoadFailed=ndis2sup.vxd initcompleteFailed=sdvxd ??? still working on this. Thanks guys

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